Monday, May 18, 2015

Things on my mind on a Monday...........................

I can honestly say I am not ready to start my work week.  I am trying to prepare myself for a very full four days ahead of me.  Seems like the older I get the longer it takes me to regroup from a busy week with long days at work.

I tried very hard to take some time to sit down and crochet this weekend.  This is another Jamie short sleeve vest by Vicki Chan.  You knew I had to make another one didn't you?  I have to make it again so I feel like I have mastered the pattern, and so it fits a reasonably sized human being. 

Made from Berroco Boboli Lace that I had in my stash.  I am just loving this stash shopping.  I seriously have not bought yarn in over five months.  That does not mean I have not been gifted yarn, I just have not bought any and I am so happy about that.  

We have finally had rain this past weekend.  My flowers and grass are so happy.  I know we are not having a severe drought like many places, we just needed some rain and it appeared in big, booming, thunderstorms, late in the day.   One storm hit last Tuesday when I went to pick up Mr. 21 from the airport and his flight ended up circling over Tampa for an hour and then got diverted to Orlando to refuel.  He arrived three hours late even though he was supposed to arrive 20 minutes early.  I had a lovely time in the airport chatting with several people and listening to my audio-book.   Did I have anything to do with my hands, nope left all my projects at home because I thought it was going to be a very quick trip.

Mr. 21's girlfriend arrived yesterday afternoon.  You know who was having a lovely time with the extra attention (not that he needs any).   These two have been an item for seven months, that is like seven years is real time.  She is a delight and I am glad they have found each other.

I have many cucumber flowers blooming on my plant and even some cantaloupe flowers, too.  I moved my container garden to an area where it got more sun.  My tomatoes have gone wild in this new space, thank goodness only 1/3 of my tomato plant is still alive or I would have to open a tomato stand.  

Max enjoyed a quiet moment by the pool this morning while I tried to coax Little Buddy to eat.  His appetite is still down, his nose still stuffed and his cough still coughing.  But he was well enough to go to school this morning.  I know he will be tired by this afternoon and will take a big nap after his speech therapy session.  Thank you for all the well wishes, we are both doing much better.

This past weekend I also started the Nevis Cardigan by Stefanie Japel.  I needed a project I could work on that did not take a tremendous amount of thought.  A good project to pick up while watching TV, or listening to a book.  I have had this cardigan on my list to make for several years and actually purchased yarn to make it 3 or 4 years ago.  I will see how it works up and just might knit it again in the yarn I intended to make it with in the first place. This Berroco Folio yarn was purchased a while back to make another Berroco pattern that I just could not stick with.  I think it will work beautifully with this pattern.

This gorgeous hawk landed in my yard right outside my office window.  I climbed up on a chair and took his/her photo through my very dirty window.  I asked it nicely to leave a feather for me but it declined.  

I am now dreaming of being done with my work week even though it has not technically started yet.  I am severely in need of some alone time and that is not going to happen any time soon.  Summer is quickly approaching and Little Buddy will be home all the time.  Mr. 18 will be too, well that is until he leaves for his new college.  So much change and so little time does not make me a happy person.  

How are you?


MaryLynne said...

Hi Meredith,
I commiserate with your needing more time to regroup before heading to work. A few more hours at home is always welcome. Its a holiday Monday here in Canada and I'm unfortunatly working. I have on my sad pouty face. I'm glad that you and little B are both on the mend. Isn't it nice to have your Mr. 21 home:) My girls are both away this summer, so its going to be different for my husband and I. No kids, no dog, no fish, gosh I think I could write a sappy country tune out of that. Life is changing and I don't always like it either. Your plants are looking great! Max must not like to eat tomatoes, unlike the strawberries!


Mary Lynne

kathy b said...

Oh Mere. You have such a full plate. Can you ask for an hour in the evening to yourself? Ask mr. 18 to take Lil buddy for a swim or walk while you chill?
I think having Mr 18 home will be a good thing.

How about my age old trick of shhhhh, Paper plates for a month. No dishes to load or unload. Just one less THING to do.

If you can send LIL buddy to me I could play with him for 3 days I'm sure!!!

Be good to you!

RURAL said...

It never seems like the weekends are long enough,but I hope that your workweek goes fast, and that you get a moment to breathe. You have a lot on your plate right now, and are doing a wonderful job of balancing it all.

Rain is a wonderful thing, we finally got some yesterday...after a month of too much dry. Thank goodness.


Unknown said...

You sound like you have been very busy. Especially with being ill. Glad that you are both feeling better. Looks like a full house again. But I know that you like it that way. Everyone under one roof. At least for awhile. LB seems very happy with Mr 21 year olds girlfriend. He better watch it or LB will steal her away. I think I need a vacation or just to run away. I have been so cranky lately.

Caffeine Girl said...

I know what you mean about alone time. I don't think I could face a summer with a kid fulltime! You are so generous to take Little Buddy into your home and heart because children do come with a cost in time. Don't get me wrong; I wouldn't trade my two for the time I lost -- I also can't see doing it a second time! You are amazing.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you are feeling more yourself soon and get into the mode for work. Your plants look to be thriving you will soon be rewarded with the bounty of your hard work now they have flowered. Great to be still using yarn from your stash, it must be some stash with all the beautiful things you keep on making.

Betsy said...

I, too, cherish my alone time even more as I grow older. Right now I'm at the lake with Chloe and will be all alone until tomorrow evening as Dennis has a late meeting for work.
Mr. 21 and his girlfriend look very capable of entertaining Little Buddy while you get some "me" time. Gosh, I remember the days of toddlers, car pools and never time to sit down and just "be". I hope you can find some of that time soon Meredith. I'm also glad to hear that both of you are feeling better. I've been praing for you two.
Blessings always my friend,

Teresa Kasner said...

Both of those skeins of yarn you're using now are gorgeous.. what joy to work with, I'm sure! LB and your son look very happy with such a cute girlfriend to spend with! :-) I hope your summer brings you some "me" time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Debby said...

Love the picture of your Buckeye. Little Buddy looks so excited. Handsome couple.
Glad you are trying another go on that pattern. Pretty yarn.
You will have your hands full this summer. Did your other son graduate this year.
I'm glad you are feeling better. I just read something last night that there is a new virus that appears to be like an allergy and lasts a couple of weeks. It makes sense with some of the illnesses that keep hanging on.
I'm really not any busier than other people. And, I'm not working right now. Should be but not. NO time, hah.Im so glad that I am able to help our kids with their kids. Hugs

ellen said...

Here's hoping that Little Buddy will soon be eating you out of house and home and that you will have some quiet alone time. I do love the photo of L.B., Mr. 21 and his beautiful girlfriend. Dear Max looks so contemplative. I'm happy to hear that all your plants are doing so well.
Thinking of you and sending love,

Home Meadows said...

Hi Meredith, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I hope you'll get some down time that you need. We all need some time to ourselves. Sometimes I go out on the wooden swing in the backyard to get some fresh air and a few minutes to myself. It does a body good. What a wonderful picture of your eldest, his girlfriend and LB. They looks very happy. Have a good day my friend, Heather

Jennifer Hays said...

How nice to have Mr 21 home, and with a lovely friend! I hope everyone has a nice time. I hope you get some more time to yourself soon too.

Helen said...

I hope that your week goes quickly and you manage to have some me time :) Little Buddy looks thoroughly happy with his big bro and girlfriend. I hope the hawk comes visiting again and leaves a feather! The vest looks great, I love that yarn. Have a great week! xx

CJ said...

Sorry you're facing a busy week, I hope it goes well. Your son and his girlfriend make a gorgeous couple, and Little Buddy looks happy to be with them. Fantastic cucumber flowers. Half of my plants died, I put them out too soon, they don't much like this chilly spring we're having here. I hope Little Buddy continues to mend and that his appetite improves very soon. CJ xx

Between Me and You said...

Holiday Monday here too but I was working. Taking it next week instead, for I am like you, Meredith, longing for some 'me' time. I seem to be spreading myself thinner and thinner (wish I looked thinner and thinner!)the older I get when, in theory, these are meant to be my 'golden' years! Imagine me, a Golden Girl, I wonder which one I would be, not the tall, lanky one that's for sure!Glad you're all on the mend from that 'lurgy', which seems to have had a very long tail this year. Our littlest girl-baby has just had it too and I must say, it made her very miserable when I was looking after her last Wednesday. Hopefully, this week will be a lot better. I hope you have a great week, Meredith.
ps A Handsome Couple, your son and his beautiful girlfriend make. xxx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Great to hear you are feeling better and LB too. Loved seeing all the kids together, girlfriend is a cutie! You always have a project going, you are admirable in my book! Love both yarns and the colors are super. Hope you do find some time for yourself, maybe 21 year old can babysit! Take care, thinking got you, xoRobin

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Life has piled a bunch up on my plate here lately! A new grandbaby, my oldest daughter in an accident and while she is OK she was slightly injured. My Mom was put in the hospital today with low blood pressure and low blood count. She is in good hands but it's another stress. Hanging in there is about all I can do! Wishing you some alone time! Hugs!


Carla from The River said...

Today is my youngest son's birthday. He is 13! So I now have two teens. :-) Sam passed his Driver's Ed text portion! We are so proud of how well he has done in the class.
I am excited to garden this weekend.
It is cold,cold,here in Wisconsin. Only 45 degrees for a high!!

Sending HUGS,

My Garden Diaries said...

So much happening indeed...the constant life changes barely leaves anyone time to catch up! I hope that the week moves steadily by for you and you find yourself ready to hop into the long weekend with a bit of time to yourself! You cracked me up when you said 7 years real time...sounds like she is a sweet girl and they look adorable together! Oh and your first piece up there is the most stunning yarn I have ever seen! Just love the colors in that one! And happy gardening to you!!! So much growth happening with your veggies!!! You take care my friend! Wishing you all good things! Nicole xo

Unknown said...

Wow, I just love the yarn you chose for this new Jamie short sleeve vest!
I'm glad to read that you're better, and that Little Buddy's better too and busy having a good time! : ) I know far too well what it means to not have enough time to just assess a bit with the changes going on... but I think we'll make it through, won't we? xx

Babajeza said...

I often think on Mondays how I will possibly go through a whole work week. Weekends seem to get shorter the older I get. Hihi! But when the first day is over I often think it could be worse. I hope you feel the same. Stay strong and take some time for you alone! Hugs, Regula

kristieinbc said...

It's an interesting experience meeting our kids significant others. You end up walking a fine line because there's no way to know just how significant that "other" is. She looks lovely, and Little Buddy seems to have given her the seal of approval.

On the needing time to yourself, and the exhaustion you feel at the prospect of a full work week, I'm wondering if there's any possibility you could cut back your work hours. ??

Lynne said...

Oh my! Sounds like you need a break! It's always harder to get back into the routine after being sick.
I love all your knitting/crocheting projects. The Folio yarn is a beaut.
Your son and his girlfriend are such a cute couple, maybe they can do a little babysitting for you?
Take care!!!!

elns said...

Oh my goodness Mere! I thought my May was busy! I am glad LB is feeling a bit better, I wish him a speedy recovery to good health. Mr. 21's gf is very cute. They make a lovely couple. And well, if you like her, I like her :)

The hawk is beautiful what a visit!

I'm amazed you have found time to knit and crochet in the middle of all of it, but I have to say, it all looks great.

Annie Cholewa said...

Oh, how I know that longing for downtime, I do hope you can find some hours/days in which to nuture yourself very soon my friend x

Wainwright and Wright.Co said...

Gorgeous photo of 2 sons and one girlfriend! Umm, I get v little, if any time to myself at home now, I think we all need it sometimes don't we? Hope LB is soon eating properly again.
Caz xx

Jo said...

Oh Meredith, your first paragraph is ringing true with me too. I need regrouping time in buckets!! Still plodding on though. Jo x

Ana BC said...

Lovely thoughts on monday ;-) Hope your busy week goes fast and easy!
♥ Ana BC

WildflowerWool said...

It's so nice to see roses blooming! Looks like you have 2 great projects on the go.

Handmade and off-centered said...

Hello Meredith! I am glad you two are on the mend and that your oldest boy is home. In case you have not realized, let me be the bearer of good new....its almost the end of the work week! Yay! I am seeing this post late. On another note I just love all the things you make. You are such a talented knitter. I am working on knitted socks and cast on a knitted shawl. Both new methods of knitting I have not done before. I admire skillful knitters like you and I am hoping to make a cardigan soon for myself.

I hope you get some time off this weekend for yourself. A little silence is heavenly.

Birgitta xx

Tanna said...

Your life is so full, Meredith. Big changes in my schedule always tax me, too. I hope your work week has gone well and that this coming Memorial Day weekend provides some good R & R time for you! I think Mr. 21 has good taste in his ladyfolk. She has a beautiful smile and appears to have a relaxed grace... always a good thing. Glad Little Buddy is starting to feel better!!
LOVE that hawk! And, look forward to seeing more of your beautiful projects. Bravo for the stash busting! blessings ~ tanna

Anonymous said...

That's two gooooood looking boys you got there Meredith! I love little buddy, sweet sweet smile.

Ladybird Diaries said...

Sounds like you have a lot on at the moment and it's harder when you don't get any time to yourself. Lovely photos though, your current projects are lovely and I love the photo of little Buddy, your big boy and his girlfriend.
Marianne x

Neighborhood Watch said...

Well, here's a comment about your Monday coming in on Friday! Monday's are so hard--but a busy week is usually a fast one. Hope yours was! I am wondering if I could knit that Nevis, if it would be easy enough for me. Such happy family pictures here.

Gracie Saylor said...

You are so amazing, Meredith....even when you are feeling overwhelmed, I am so impressed with all you accomplish. I love the yarn you are working with and it will be fun to see what you create with it. The photo of Mr. 21, his girlfriend and Little Buddy is precious :) Hooray for your garden and please give Max some love pats from me. xx

Suzan said...

With the mixtures of colors in your crochet vest by Vicki Chane is marvelous!! As a ball of yarn, the colors are interesting, but the pattern of the vest really plays with the colors and blends well!!
Know you're thrilled to have your son home!! An extra set of hands is always helpful and enjoyable!
Sweet Max!!!
You DO have a full platter and not sure how you ever fit everything in!!
Bless you and your family!!!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

About hawks: I like them, too, but this spring we had a hawk swoop in and snatch three baby robins out of the nest. I was in the yard and didn't hear the hawk, was only alerted when I heard the two adult robins squawking and chasing it. I know hawks have to eat, but I'd much prefer they stick to mice and other rodent-like things.

Son and girlfriend look very happy. I like the yarn colors very much. I bet it's going to turn out wonderfully (as all your crochet does).