Saturday, November 28, 2015

This resting at home is going to kill me......

Okay you all know me by now, I cannot sit still and rest.  Unless I am down for the count with the flu I can't rest.  I am trying to be a good girl with my back but it isn't working.  I actually think I need to be in excruciating pain in order to sit my behind down and rest.  See those steroids I am taking are giving me a false sense of what I can do, and well to be honest I am paying for it today.  In my defense I never, ever, get two or three days off in a row where I am home and I can get some things done.  You know how one thing leads to another.....  I will take Little Buddy outside and sit and knit while he walks around puttering with his walker.  Ooops I see these things in the garage that need to be thrown out before the garbage gets collected.  Soon I am organizing the shelves and tossing out things right and left.  Hey, maybe I need a little shelf to put my work bags on now that I have cleaned a little area in the garage, I can get them off the middle of the floor.......  Maybe Little Buddy and I should run to Target to find one, it is only a short trip, and I should try to see how I feel driving......

There has been a LOT of that going on here and I need to behave!

There has been decorating, no tree up yet but other Christmas themed decorations are up.  I have decided that less is more this year.  As you know this is not my favorite Holiday, I decorated my big mantle with lights and my Santa collection.  I have a few other decorations up but that is it, the rest is staying up in the attic this year.  I figure the less I put up the less I have to clean up come December 31.  I am a scrooge through and through.  Plus I just don't feel in the spirit this year, it has been a busy and emotional year for me,  I think that I can go easy and no one will even notice but me!

Watering plants led to pruning and sweeping up all sorts leaves and dirt.  How does this mess pop up so fast?  

While at Target for the shelves for the garage another little sheep jumped in my basket, How cute is this little one up in my wreath?    She is peering down at me while I type with a cute smile on her face.  

After my ridiculously busy morning I did manage to sit and work on my Hitchhiker with a heating pack on my back.  I am thrilled that Teresa decided to make this scarf and invited us all along for the fun.  It is a little confusing in the beginning but after that it is a very fast knit.  Come and join the fun.  

There has been blog reading while drinking loads of tea.  This is a treasure for me as my busy and crazy life does not allow me with as much time to do this on a regular basis.  Yes that heat pack was strapped to my back all the while I was reading away, catching up on all of your happenings. 

There is a bit of worry about this boy of mine, he has been awfully quiet lately.  I started him on glucosamine  tablets to help his bad hip. I wonder if that is upsetting his very fragile system.  I will keep my eye on him that is for sure.

There has been playing with this little one who never, ever stops chatting.  I remember when we were thrilled when he put three words together in a row.  Now it is chat, chat and more chatting.  He is very excited about the Christmas decorations, and he is going to ask Santa for a big boy red bike!  I hope Santa is listening!!!!!  While I was working with Little Buddy on Thursday, (no taking the Holiday off in our house), he stood up for 8 seconds all by himself.  A world record for him!  Before that we had only got to 4!  I hope to make it to 10 soon and then maybe taking a step or two in my direction without a walker or canes.  I think he deserves a big boy red bike don't you?

Today I am determined to be a bit more restful.  No sweeping outside, no organizing the garage, climbing into the attic or on a ladder for decorating. or suddenly thinking I had to fix Little Buddy's hair which led to a hair cut and a floor to clean.  I am going to be a good girl and get some Christmas decorations made.  More glitter and glue, and you know what a mess that is so there just might be some vacuuming to do, but I will take it easy.  There will be sitting with a heat pack on and playing with glitter.  Oh and I hope there is a Christmas photo opportunity for Little Buddy in the schedule too.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. 


kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, busby busy and more busy-hugs I know the feeling. Now that I am a senior I have to slow down lol always so much to do -I know-hugs

handmade by amalia said...

I hear you, Meredith. You try to rest and your to-do list keeps running in circles in your head, getting bigger and bigger. Rise above it!

Stins said...

Hello sweet busy bee, you must have a lot of energy or no brakes ;-)!
Hurray for Little buddy!! So good of him to be standing alone for much more seconds, well done you cute determined boy :-). Ofcourse ne needs a big boys bike now ;-).
Big hugs from Mirjam.

Anonymous said...

Oh Meredith! You make me laugh. Your "resting" would make any normal person exhausted!!!!! LOL

I certainly DO think that Little Buddy should get a big boy RED bike from Mr. Claus. It would be a great reward for all his hard work learning to stand.

Have fun with your glitter project and for the love of back ---- please rest just A LITTLE BIT today.


Betsy said...

Meredith you sound like me! It's always I'll just do this little thing. Before I know it another project has begun. I'm glad that you're trying to take it easy though with your heat pack. I did pretty well yesterday. I sat and knitted on my mittens with a heating pad on my back for part of the day. And yes, I do believe little buddy deserves his big boy bike. Eight seconds is amazing! I hope Max is feeling better. Our Chloe's acting a little strange this weekend too. Not sure what it is with her. She doesn't seem to want to go down the stairs , which have never bothered her before . Enjoy the rest of your weekend Meredith. And take it easy.
Blessings, Betsy

mamasmercantile said...

You so remind me of me, always on the go. I would say take it easy, but like me I know you won't. So what I will say is take care and don't over do it. The Christmas décor is looking good and I am sure Santa was listening to Little Buddy.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

You are too cute: not your favorite season, not feeling your strongest, and you've had a rough year, but you are decorating and making more decorations. You must have a very strong spirit indeed!!!
I know how a little project can turn into a huge one though, and how a day intended for rest can be rewritten with another mood. Keep up the knitting and blogging with that heat pack!
I hope that back eases up very soon!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh Meredith the back thing is so hard isn't it!! I have been bad the last few days and got my Christmas decorations out and then put other things away. There isn't anyone else to haul for me so I do it! Now my back is a bit sore so I must rest some. It's so hard to be good! :)

Anne said...

I hope your back will be better soon!

It certainly sounds like Littly Buddy deserves a red big boys bike - I hope Santa listens.... :)

Take care
Crochet Between Worlds

Janet said...

Well done Little Buddy for standing for 8 seconds, that is a very great achievement. A big boy red bike would be a fitting reward.
Love to you all, Janet.

Neighborhood Watch said...

I am sitting reading blogs with an ice pack on my shoulder because I overworked it and had to get a cortisone injection. I know just how it is to have an impulse to keep moving and accomplish things. A difficult impulse to ignore! I made the hitchhiker scarf this summer. It is a fun and pretty project. Sometimes I fell asleep doing it, it was so relaxing, haha! Hope you feel better soon.

busybusybeejay said...

Look after yourself and take a little"me" time.Tough I know but do it!Hugs Barbarax

Shirley said...

Hi Meredith, I decided I was going to be up for a little while. I have taken pain medication and had my nap now it is time to figure out what I want for my lunch. The doctor wouldn't let me have a heat pad instead I have one you put in the microwave. They said I could get burned by the heat pad which doesn't shut off. I just see another bruise. I am so thankful that I didn't break anything. Your buddy is growing and such a cutie. I can see him thinking it was funny to lock momma out of the house. All little ones goes through that. Try to rest you need to take care of yourself. I enjoyed catching up with you. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

Caffeine Girl said...

I'm no better than you a sitting still -- unless knitting is involved! I've been walking around with the heating thing (I don't know what else to call it) on my neck and shoulders while I cook and clean. We had five family members here for T-giving so I couldn't possibly sit still!!

And, yes, I'm typing with the heat thing on my neck. I hope you are able to take it easy today!

kathy b said...

Laughing Mere....we are our own worst enemies. Im the same way. I wish I could send you for a hour long massage. That would help your back!
I think however much one wants to decorate on any given Holiday is perfect for them.
YOu have been through so much and grief is very hard work.
Glad Lil Buddy wants a bike! SO happy he's standing a bit! WOW

CJ said...

I'm exactly the same, can't sit still, there's always something niggling to be done. Well done Little Buddy on 8 seconds of standing, a big red bike is definitely deserved I think. I hope you have a restful Sunday (try, please!) and a good week. CJ xx

Teresa Kasner said...

Tsk tsk.. up ladders to the attic? What am I going to do with you!? :-) I'm excited that LB is doing better at standing.. I just know he's going to one day be running all on his own. Wow, your HH is getting BIG.. you're so fast.. my yarn is so thin it's taking forever.. but it's fun. Today I'm boxing up my turkeys and pumpkins and getting started on the big C decorating. I never got my Nativity put away, so it's already up! LOL! I hope your fur-boy feels better. My Buddy worries me how he's aging. OK, miss. Take it easy and get better. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Debby said...

I am so sorry about your father. I haven't been reading blogs lately. I sure feel bad about not knowing. It's so hard to loose a parent. We are sure to hear any day about mil. My mom is not well with her leukemia but she that thinks she has been cured.
What did you do to your back. I hope it mends soon.
I bet your son is celebrating the big win. Last week was not good.
Little Buddy keeps you going, such good therapy. Big hugs for you today.

20 North Ora said...

Mere - So sorry you haven't been feeling well. You must take time to heal (doesn't that sound like a Mother?). It's so hard to just sit and try to be quiet. So proud of LB for standing on his own. I'm sure most of it would be attributed to the love and care he gets. I'm sure he will be running soon.


HollyM said...

I was sidelined a week ago with back and leg pain.its an on going thing right now while I wait for a couple of surgeries. I'm familiar with prednisone as I'm on maintenance cortisone permanently. You have to be very careful because it makes you feel great and hyper and you can overdo it sometimes feeling the pain again when you taper.
My goodness how Little Buddy is progressing!
I'm feeling a little better about Xmas this year than in recent years. I've started decorating a bit outside with some naturals that I've gathered. It makes it fun.
I'm going to have to go back and read what you did to your back now.
Oh, I discovered last summer while at my son's (he doesn't have a microwave) that the old fashioned hot water bottle is much nicer, holding a nice even heat for longer.
Take care!

Babajeza said...

You should really really really take it easy! Hugs, Regula

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Rest! Don't vacuum. That's how I threw my back out. Yay for Little B standing on his own. Healing wishes for you and for sweet Max. Blessings, Tammy

Jennifer Hays said...

I totally understand, Meredith. It's hard for me to rest too. I hope you're able to settle down and relax today. It was nice to see what you've been up to, even if you weren't supposed to be up to it. :)

Danette Bartelmay said...

Take good care of yourself Meredith... and your happy about your Little Buddy's standing record :-)))))))))
Love your knitting and pretty decorations too,

Anita said...

I have just pulled the inner shoulder blade at gym a few days ago and boy
I'm in pain!!! I can only imagine what you are going through. Every time I
sneeze a shooting pain goes up my shoulder!! I'm feeling for ya girl! How exciting that little Buddy stood by himself for that amount of time and I do hope Santa is listening about that red bike.
Cheers, Anita.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Mere, I'm so sorry to hear that your back is not behaving. Don't listen to those steroids - they will lie every time. Just gently smack yourself on the cheek and remind yourself to REST.

Glitter and glue are so much fun - hope you will show us what you made with yours (while you were taking it easy and keeping the hot pad in place of course).

I think LB definitely deserves a Big Boy Red Bike. :)

Gracie Saylor said...

Hmmmmm...if this is what you are going to do after I cheer you on to rest, maybe I should use reverse psychology on you and stop cheering! Our Christmas tree is up and I played with glitter and glue on Saturday, but have not done any stitching since Wednesday. Yay for Little Buddy's progress and more love pats for dear Max. [ More hugs for you, too, Meredith, even if you are rest resistant :) xx ]

Unknown said...

Yay for Little Buddy's standing! : ) I hope Max is better by now, and let me tell you I love these two Santas you posted... xx