Saturday, February 6, 2021

Random bits.................


I feel like I have nothing to say but I am sure I will go on and on.  Why is that? You feel like nothing has happened and yet your life is so busy.  This guy surprised us all in the best way this week.  He got an incredible report card after the first one of the year was so completely dismal.  Lots has gone on to get these grades including medication changes, special testing, hours of review, lots of love, and lots and lots of homework.  Still he did it and I am just as pleased as can be. Third grade is ridiculous!  This week  he has a test on the Scientific Method, with questions, independent variables, dependent variables, data collection, bar graphs, conclusions, procedures, real world application, well I don't even think I could pass the test and believe me I have been studying! Notice the wee little baby peeking out of Little B's side?  This was my oldest sons baby when he was little.  I kept it and when Little B was little he wanted a baby so I let him borrow it. For some reason he got it out yesterday and it has been by his side since then.  It is so sweet!

Ms. Crazy Pants, Luna, spent the weekend with us last weekend.  She just makes me laugh. She is such a pistol and tired my boys out in no time.  They try to be good uncles and play but boy she never seems to get enough!

Although Bear has been much more involved with playing with her as of late he still tends to be dramatic about her playing with Hank.  He gets loads of attention from his drama so I guess it works for him.  Do you see the stripe on Bear's leg?  That is where he licked off his hair after his grooming in October.  It has grown back the color of an Irish Setter and it is straight!!!  It is so odd to see, he also has a patch on his hip.  It should go back to normal as it keeps growing but still it is amazing to see those Irish Setter genetics coming out!

And just because, here is my darling Hank.

So here is my random stuff:

The Super Bowl is in town.  My oldest literally is stuck at his apartment because all the news crews and their trailers and tents that are parked near his apartment.  He said it is a mad house down there in Tampa. Two random couples tried to walk into his building after him the other day, and when he asked what they were doing they told him they just wanted to sit by the pool!  No they do not live there and yes they were here for the game.  They told him he was rude because he would not let them in. If he can make it out tomorrow morning he might come here and spend the night and work from here on Monday. To be honest I hope Tampa loses, not nice of me I know, but Tom Brady has been a big trump fan in the past and for that I don't want him to win another game.  Plus they beat the Packers, so they must not be forgiven.  

Groundhog Day was this week and frankly I did not even notice it because every day of my life feels a bit like the movie, it is all the same, work, work, work, driving, homework with Little B, cleaning up, getting ready for work, reading with Little B, sleeping and starting over. 

No pictures of my current project because I can't seem to count rows or stitches. And I have ripped it out so many times it is ridiculous.   

Little B wore his 100th day of school shirt yesterday and he looked adorable.  No pictures though because apparently I can't count or think these days.

I am obsessed with leggings or yoga pants. I know I am very late to this trend.  I felt that at 56 I am not in the shape to wear them even if my behind is covered up, which I assure you it is.  But then a few weeks ago I was taking an antibiotic that really upset my stomach and regular pants felt really uncomfortable so I put on my one and only pair of leggings to wear.   It was bliss!  I am on the floor working with kids all day long.  I am lifting, crouching, bending, squatting and crawling and the leggings did all of this with me and not against me!  So now I have many pairs, lots of shirts to cover my 56 year old spreading behind and I am happy as can be!

Thank you for your tremendous response to my last post and I just want to thank you all for your donations to Pine Ridge Reservation.  It made me cry when I read some of you were preparing donations to send, thank you.

My dear friend Sue Perez has another gorgeous crochet pattern out. It is the Milflores Shawl, if you grab the link you can get it on sale.  You can find Sue's wonderful blog here at Mr. Micaber's Recipe for Happiness.  Well done Sue, once again you have amazed me with your creativity and incredible design skills.

Can you all say a little prayer for a little girl I evaluated yesterday?  I can't tell you her name but she is one of the most involved children I have ever seen.  She is 17 months old and can't move, her spine is already curved, and she is possibly blind. It is heartbreaking.  I will be working on my day off to see her until I can get her solidly on my schedule.  She needs help so much but I have hope, I always have hope!

Since I have been on this computer for two days straight working on paperwork it is time for me to get off.  For someone who did not have much to say I sure took up a lot of space. 

Stay safe.


Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks for the lovely update. The work you do is so important and courageous on so many different levels. I am thrilled to pieces about the good report card!

GO CHIEFS! Even though I want them to change their name, or at least stop doing the tomahawk chop.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wow, great job at school, LB! And great job Mere for all you did to help him achieve this. I'm so glad the school year is going better now.

That Luna has such a beautiful brindle coat.

Prayers said for your new little client.

Oh, and thanks for the shout-out on the new pattern! Wishing you a peaceful rest of the weekend.

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Mere! I'm glad to hear and see an update from you. Tell your little man that I say *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* for his good schoolwork! I enjoyed seeing all of your fur kids - Lunas fur has such a pretty pattern. Funny to see the Irish Setter come out of all that creamy fur. I am sending hopeful wishes for your new little patient. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

Congrats to Buddy on the great report! I taught third grade once and couldn't get wait to get back to first grade where I felt smarter than the
I hate the Superbowl because it means I lose my football Sundays. I've never watched a game but I like it when The Mister is out of my hair all day. Now I have to wait until next fall....boooo.

Vera said...

Nice update Meredith! Little Buddy is such a cutie - congratulations to him on such an awesome report card!!!

Dee said...

Stephen had one of those babies too. His was Cody Christopher.

I love my Bucs, but can't root for them since Brady got there. It's not just the Trump thing, but Brady's sense of entitlement.

So, GO St. Louis. I'm not very happy with them either since the coach's son was questions about a DUI last night that left one child with life-threatening injuries and another seriously injured. It's not his first DUI and his brother was a MAJOR drug dealer when they were here in Philadelphia. Maybe Andy should have spent more family time, eh?

As for pants....I have a new love. Steve had awards for service at the fire house and he chose sweat pants .....they are the most comfortable pants I've ever had and I live in them at home. They aren't appropriate for me to wear out since they say FIRE POLICE down the leg, but at home? TOTALLY mine!!!

Betsy said...

I'm so proud of our little guy. He has a lot of people out here in blogland cheering him on everyday and now we will be cheering for your new little client too. I can only imagine how heartbreaking your job can be. I will be praying daily for her.
Your fur babies are so wonderful and make me smile. I include Luna in that. Granddogs are ours too! Just too much cuteness at your house Meredith.
Love LB's baby. Our boys had babies too. It's important for someday daddy's to know how to take care of a little one too!
I mostly wear dresses because they are so comfortable and I love them. It makes getting dressed so much easier. But I do have one pair of yoga pants/exercise pants from when I was going to PT. They are so comfortable with a big t-shirt. But still not as comfortable as my dresses and the older I get, comfort is the key word.

linda said...

Congratulations to Little Buddy that school work sounds so hard! I wouldn't know where to start. Sending prayers for that little one how sad, she has a long difficult road ahead but I know she'll be in good hands with you there to help. Sounds like your boys have had quite a week with Hank, I love those photos. I love leggins but I have a huge tummy to hide as well as a backside 🤣 so I wear them mostly in the house with a huge baggy sweater to hide the lumps and bumps, we need to be comfortable Meredith who cares what we look like and if I can wear them at 68 then you can too! 😊 Have a peaceful Sunday. Xx

Delighted Hands said...

I live in yoga pants and a big top! I love them! The report card for Buddy is amazing--all of that hard work for both of you has paid off!

steph said...

so happy for those grades!!! way to go, Little Buddy!! I'm always amazed at what is taught at what level these days...and that the kids 'get it'. Our future is bright.

And go yoga pants!

tammy j said...

holy hannah!
I always loved 3rd grade. now I'm not even sure I could pass it! seriously. the concepts they're learning at 8 years old. just amazing.
kudos to him!!!
the picture of Little Buddy warms my heart. HE warms my heart. I think of him often. he is one courageous little guy. it keeps me from complaining about the silly things in my own life!
and the 'boysz... and little Luna Puppy! thank you for the wonderful pics always.
and yes. a prayer for the baby... and for your strength in giving All the children so much of your heart and knowledge. bless you Mere! XOXO

Nance said...

Hooray for a super third grader! It's great that he's settled in and is hitting a groove now. I'm so glad.

Black leggings are my staple in cool/cold weather months. Jeans make me feel chilly all the time, and I like having a "uniform" and not having to think about what to wear. I toss on a long sweater or a shirt and long cardigan and I'm ready. The only downside is CAT HAIR. I have lint rollers all over the place to combat it.

Christina said...

I practically live in yoga pants these days! I am dreading the day when I need to wear a proper pair of trousers.... Well done Little Buddy for doing so well at school, what an achievement. My heart is broken, poor little girl. It seems just so unfair that some children should have such a hard life. I am glad she is in your care now. Hugs to you xx

Jeanie said...

Your not-much-to-say is far more interesting than most who have plenty to say! Love the dog pix and agree about Tampa. Seeing the news footage is horrifying and I hope it doesn't turn into a serious superspreader. And I have the same Brady thing you do. Your son was so right to tell people they can't use the pool. Honestly! That takes nerve.

But the best news was Little Buddy's report card! Three cheers! When you listed all on the agenda, I thoguht I would flunk third grade if I had to do that. I couldn't do it now!

Have a lovely week. I know you will take good care of your little new client. I hope she will be able to have all the help she needs.

busybusybeejay said...

Big hugs to LB.What a star.He has done soooo well.You must be sooo proud.

KSD said...

Please congratulate Little Buddy on my behalf! That's fantastic. (By the way, I'm a college professor, and teaching the scientific method to my students was always a chore. Be thankful he's getting it now, and will retain it.)

I'm all about leggings with pockets right now. When I take my dog for a walk, I can put my phone and my garage door opener out of my way. Ideal.

Anonymous said...

It is good to catch up on your news even if you feel it is the same. Sometimes same is good because you know where you are. Sending prayers for your little client. Jo x

Melanie said...

I share in your pride of Little Buddy doing so well in school! I can't believe what he has to do for third grade. It seems as time goes on, they require more and more of kids. That sounds like something that they should be learning and doing in 6th grade. I don't even know if I'd be able to help with 3rd grade homework!

Unbelievable what's going on at your son's apartment. How incredibly rude were those people that tried to get in to use the pool! Wow.

Any team that beats the Packers are A-OK in my book. Sorry - that's coming from a suburban Chicagoan who of course, is not a Packers fan. But in all honesty, I don't care about the Superbowl. I'm not a football fan.

I will keep the little girl you mentioned in my prayers. You are such an amazing person to do the work you do. God bless. xoxo

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Leggings are the best! I have been wearing them since I was about 12 (I'm 42 now) and I will NEVER give them up. I am more often in dresses, but if I'm wearing pants, you can bet they will be leggings.

Ellen D. said...

Glad that all of Buddy's (and your's) hard work has paid off with a good report card! You are all on the right track!
Good luck with the new little one you can help! Good for you!

Eileen in Fla. said...

I didn't give a hoot about the Super Bowl until you mentioned Brady is a trump fan. You and I alike in that we carry our ideals over into everything. As a fellow Florida resident, are you aware that an heiress to a popular Florida-based grocery chain donated $500,000 to trump's 'Stop the Steal' rally? I'm boycotting - hope I don't starve. LOL

kathy b said...

That was an awesome interesting post!
#! Congratulations to the student with the improved great report card. Not easy. Shows that boy is going places.
#2 Hoping your son can stay over to Monday. People would pee right on others' lawns near Wrigley field. IT was so gross. So rude. So careless about you.
#3 Tom Brady bugged me and now I know why!

#4 That poor blind and paralyzed baby .You are magnificent because you always have hope.
Not all can do that.

Have a great week. As we watched groundhog day last weekend we made the same connection. But I am writing about these days for a family who I hope will read what their gramma ala had to say during COVID>

And hooray for pants that work and you feel comfortable in!!!!!!!

Lots of love, Mere. The pups are too funny.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I'm glad little buddy had a good report card. Congratulations to him and a hug from me! I like his little baby. I did clean out more from a overwhelmed room of stuff this afternoon. Found what was needed. We don't watch NFL football any more. Doubt it's ok Roku t.v. I made cookies Sat p.m. 😋 🍪 cool days and night. Some sunshine though. Have a good and healthy week!🌷

mamasmercantile said...

I have been living in lounge suits or leggings and long tops since the start of this pandemic. Comfort is crucial for lazing around, lol. Congratulations to Little Buddy and you for all your hard work and the great improvement. Nice to see the fur babies too. Prayers will be said for your new little patient, bless her.

Karen said...

I enjoy these random bits and peek into how you and LB are doing. Third grade is a challenge for sure. Keeping the little girl in my prayers. Hugs to you, Meredith.

karen said...

congrats to your son and his MOM on a great report card! That was hard earned by the both of you, I say it again, you are such a dedicated advocate for him :)

TheAwakenedSoul said...

Amazing how disrespectful some people can be with regards to property. That's fabulous news about Buddy's report card. The work sounds difficult. Saying a prayer for the little girl you mentioned. How sad.

Judy S. said...

Nice work on both LB's and your part! Are you sure he's not taking college courses? Hope your newest patient thrives under your care! Hugs to you.

Poppypatchwork said...

Wear your leggings with pride, I started wearing them a couple of years ago, and I'm the wrong side of 60, they are comfortable, warm and so good with so much of my clothes. Through winter months I love I can wear them with my knee high boots and be so warm.

handmade by amalia said...

Nice to be back! I got my second vaccine shot and it floored me, couldn't get out of bed, which of course put me behind on everything. The funny thing is, of course, that nothing much has changed, vaccine or not, all the restrictions are still in place. It is a crazy world out there.

Crafty in the Med said...

Bless!so sad... poor little girl such a very hard start to her life but very glad that she will be in your professional care. I feel we should evaluate our own lives more and be thankful for what we have got especially when comparing what this little darling will have to go through. This tears at my heart strings! Well done little Buddy! Wonderful that you have such a good report! Those seem like pretty tough subjects for the next term. You certainly have a handful with your two fur boys and Ms Crazy Pants. She is obviously fond of your fur boys! Wearing leggings is my creed! keep well Amanda x

Jo said...

Well done to Little Buddy, he's done so well to get such a good report, he must have been working hard. Lovely to see the dogs, they seem to have so much fun with each other, though I bet they keep you on your toes. Oh, that poor little girl, thank goodness she has people to love her and give her the help she needs.