Saturday, April 17, 2021

And yet another week slips by, but there are blessings among the mess.......

 No matter all the crazy things that are going on in the news another week has slipped by.  I am a bit overwhelmed by all the news, more mass killings, police shootings, much needed protests and a huge trial that everyday has been fraught with stress.  Mounting Covid cases, continued Covid deaths, vaccine deniers and those who still perpetuate the Big Lie that has turned our Country into an even bigger mess.  It all seems a bit much and yet I know I am lucky.  I don't have to worry about my very white sons when they drive home being pulled over for something senseless and getting shot.  I know I am privileged beyond belief, yet I am still worried.  Worried for the world we live in, the world Little Buddy will grow up in, the country I live in that think guns are much more of a right than voting is.  The country that thinks it is okay to carry assault weapons with the potential to kill so many in just a few seconds, yet they want to squash the ability of people of color or people who don't vote like them to vote.  Voting is a deep and personal right for all of us no matter how you chose to vote.  It is disheartening and sometimes it just gets the best of me.  I know turn off the news, don't listen.  But I can't put my head in the sand or my fingers in my ears and not hear or see what is happening.  That in and of itself is a privilege.  Being able to turn things off for a while because my life or the life of my son's is safe for the moment, but I might feel to overwhelmed about the state of affairs here is a privilege. I know I seem to drone on and on about all of this mess but it is especially in the forefront this week in the United States.  A mess that needs so much help.  A mess that is frankly just so screwed up.  Anyway, I will get back on blog topics that are safe for everyone even though you all know how I feel about these issues.  

 Today is support your local yarn shop day.  And while I couldn't technically make a yarn store visit today I did yesterday.  I missed out on fun raffles and seeing samples but that is just fine.  I ran errands far from my home yesterday morning so I could end up at my favorite yarn store.  I got there when they opened and I was the only one there.  I knew what I wanted, more of this wonderful Berroco Summer Sesame yarn.  This will be for Harebell number 3.  I know, I know, what am I doing planning yet another one.  Here is the thing, I don't like pullover sweaters.  I am a cardigan girl all the way.  And this has been the best cardigan pattern I have found.  It is interesting enough to make you think but easy enough to take with you for a quick row or two when you are out.  The yarn creates the drama, not the pattern.  The silhouette of the sweater is perfect, an elongated round neck and adjustable length.  I like my sweaters long because I am tall.  And this yarn is light weight and gorgeous, perfect for Florida in all seasons.  Who knows there might be a number 5 on the horizon.

Speaking of Harebell, this is number 2.  Again made with Berroco Summer Sesame yarn in the colorway mint.  I am now at the increase part of the body after decreasing to the waist.  It is a fast knit if you get a chance to knit, that is always the tricky part. 

This morning I dropped off Little Buddy at his social gardening club and made my way to the bayou where I sit and knit in my car while I listen to my audiobook.  This is time I treasure, I will no longer allow myself to run ragged doing errands while he is there.  I need to just sit and relax for the 90 minutes I get before pick up time.  Well today was amazing my friends.  While I was knitting I saw a disturbance out in the water, usually it is manatees rolling around.  They are usually in the center of the bayou so you can't really see them.  But not today, nope this water disturbance was caused by a fin that kept popping up.  There was a dolphin swimming around.  I watched and found her here and there.  But suddenly I saw waves at the very side of the water near the wall coming right at me.  I popped out of my car just in time to see this gorgeous dolphin swim on its side right past me.  I knelt down and looked over the wall and it swam back and forth right under me.  It was gorgeous!  I was so close I could have almost touched it.  I saw its beautiful eye, its blow hole the scratches on its head, the beautiful coloring that went from darker on its back to a lighter on its  belly.  It was just incredible.  And on its final ride by me it popped out of the water and gave a big spray out of its blow hole.  A few yards down from me it caught a fish and came out of the water twice with it in its mouth, then threw the fish in the air and caught it in the water.  Poor fish, but that is the circle of life.  What an incredible moment to experience.  I did not run to my car for my phone to get a photo, I felt this experience was such a blessing I needed to be wholly present.  I have felt this way when I see big owls near me, just so blessed to have the opportunity to experience their majestic beauty.  This unexpected dolphin encounter was just what I needed to see after all that is going on in the world.  A message to be still and appreciate the beauty and wonder the world still has to offer.

More blessings this week are my gardenias just starting to bloom.  When I first moved in this house 20 years ago I had this bush transplanted and I had others planted on the side of my house.  This bush is ginormous and flowers first, then the bushes on the side of my house, so I have blooms for a few weeks. Last year a young yard person cut almost all my flowers off because it was time to trim the bushes.  I was so mad I could have just spit, those are the words my mother used to say.  I yelled at him and luckily it must have stuck because this year the blooms are intact so far.  I can't have them in the house because they cause me headaches, but I can walk outside and smell their intoxicating smell and look at their exquisite beauty. 

Luna Tuna the granddog is here for the weekend.  I would like to tell you she is calming down but she isn't.  I would like to tell you she has stopped pooping on my back patio but she hasn't.  And I would like to tell you she is not as bossy but she is.  Still she is loved and we adore her.  The boys are tired from entertaining her but they adore her, too.

The biggest blessing of all is this guy.  Oh how my heart is full when he has had a good week.  He had great behavior in the beginning and end of the week with just a few glitches mid week.  He did his work for the most part, well not with dad on Thursday and I had to fix that when I got home from work.  We got math testing results back and he ranked in the 96% for all third graders taking this standardized test.  This week they have a big standardized reading test that I am not even sure he will pass.  Oh he can read like crazy he just gets stuck on the wording of the questions and what might be the most important point by the author will certainly not be the most important point to Little Buddy.  I don't really care that much what the tests say, including that 96%, I just want him to learn to the best of his ability and FOCUS!!!!!!

After his gardening club he asked me what we were going to do.  I told him we could snuggle, smooch and I could eat all his freckles and he told me no way, that is Mom stuff and I don't want to do Mom stuff.  He does make me laugh.

Mr.27, Mr. 23 and Ms. L all got their first vaccines this week.  No one had any side affects for which I am thankful.  Ms. B, who is paired up with Mr. 27 got hers last week and did great.  We are on our way to a safer life, safer from the rages of this pandemic that has senselessly killed so many people. That is a blessing, a big one.

Stay safe my friends. 


KSD said...

I couldn't agree with you more about what's happening (and not happening) in this country. It wears out the heart.

What wonderful "other" things, though. I genuinely smiled reading about the Dolphin Encounter. And gardenias? My absolute all-time favorites.

Hang in there LB. COOL Captain America mask, dude.

CJ said...

Wow, a dolphin, how amazing, that must have been wonderful. A bit of wildlife drama here when a magpie ate all the blackbird's chicks. It was horrendous, they were so upset, but they just couldn't get it to leave. But as you say, the circle of life. The yarn is lovely, I am a particular fan of non-wool yarns as I can't wear wool (I know!). Sorry things are grim in the US right now, I am with you on the gun laws and very thankful for the situation here. The gardenia is exquisite, I think I recall that my mother was very fond of them. Hope you have a good (and restful) Sunday. CJ xx

Dee said...

What a cool thing to see a dolphin "oh-so-close". We had that privilege when we were kayaking in Mosquito Lagoon. For me it was probably a once in a lifetime thing.

BUT . . . it is possible that I may see seals. Did you know NJ has SEALS???? Hoping to see one sometime this year.

Love the photo of Little Buddy, who may need a new name soon. He's not so little anymore.

P.S. I didn't realize Luna was so much smaller than your boys. Bossy things come in small packages????? LOL

Betsy said...

How cool to see a dolphin so close. I think they are gorgeous creatures and so intelligent. How lucky you are to be able to see them AND manatees! I can only imagine.
That trio of pups look like they could be up to some mischief and they think by looking cute it will throw you off track. I can't imagine sweet little Luna's sweet face causing so much havoc. :-)
Great job for your LB to do well on his test. I know that each child is different and he has come so far already. It's really a miracle. Great mask!

Teresa Kasner said...

You know I am in complete agreement with the woes of our country. Sometimes I can't believe how far things are out of control. We all must do our part to do the right thing.

You little man's photo made me smile, such big eyes and long lashes!

Good job on your sweaters, I think it's great you found a pattern that you love wearing.

Bravo to all your young folks to get vaccinated.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

linda said...

I would have treasured that moment too Meredith, that dolphin was sent to you to sooth your soul. We have dolphins appear out at sea here where I live but I have yet to see them, nature just takes your breath away sometimes. I love Little Buddies mask and I'm glad that he's had a good week, I had to laugh at his answer, I would want to eat those freckles too. I love the yarn and your cardigan is looking great those are my favourite colours. Have a peaceful Sunday. xx

Araignee said...

It was a very trying week and I am so glad you got some down time. Sometimes I have to back away too because it is all so senseless and frustrating. Your dolphin adventure sounds magical. What a balm for the soul.

Nance said...

As difficult as it is for you, I'm so glad you made the choice to use those 90 minutes as down time rather than frenetic errand time. It's vital to your wellbeing.

Love your retelling of the dolphin encounter. It sounds magical and thrilling. Why distance yourself by grabbing a phone? Another good decision.

Terrific sweaters. That yarn is gorgeous.

Have a great week.

Between Me and You said...

I am convinced that the dolphin was a sign. I wish we could get that yarn over here but alas, I can't find a supplier. I love the new colourway and can't wait to see it knitted up. Take care and stay safe, Meredith and put that naughty dog on the naughty step next time he leaves you a pressie!xxx

Crafty in the Med said...

I so envy you having seen a dolphin so close up! I bet that was a fabulous experience ! I have wanted to see a dolphin/s in its natural habitat practically forever but have not been lucky. I have lived by the Mediterranean for over 40 years and still not seen one. Such a beautiful intelligent creature. I go whale watching in Australia and we don't spot not even one although seeing the mother whale and babe was a fabulous experience. There is an aquarium park not far from us but I absolutely refuse to see those gentle creatures in captivity! Lucky lucky you!
Wonderful too that you got some quality time for yourself. That yarn looks so lovely! So glad little Buddy aka Capt America did so well in his last test. keep well Amanda x

kathy b said...

THat little dog visitor is adorable and she look so small compared to the boys.

Oh how wonderful, a great score for LIL b. Please tell him I 'am proud of him.

THe world is a lot to beare right now, but just as there was a time in my life that my job required more than 100% attention to paitents, living in fear of making mistakes, and constant stress by management, I remind myself I have given a lot. Now it is time for those who need to step up to the plate to do so. The shootings are beyond horrific. The pandemic is still a source of stress. . I'm trying to find the helpers, Mr Fred Rogers. Im trying to be a helper to those I know are struggling. That's what I can do right now.

Delighted Hands said...

The gardenias look beautiful--I would love a sniff! The sweater is coming along beautifully--the new yarn is great, too! Plan ahead is a great idea! lol Capt America is very handsome!

Christina said...

How amazing to see a dolphin up close. I would have been equally excited by the manatees to be honest, I find these creatures fascinating. Standardised tests are frustrating for children that are a little different in the way they learn and understand the world. My boys don't do so well in this kind of test but I know they'll do just fine in life because they are kind and funny and thoughtful.

I understand your sorrow about the state of affairs in the US. I don't know what to say other than that, it feels wrong to comment from the outside but it is frightening to even read about violation of civil rights, gun violence, racially motivated killings and the anti science movement. Thinking of you xx

TheAwakenedSoul said...

I had a dolphin swim next to me when I was kayaking in Catalina. It was such a special experience. The news is upsetting these days. I try to stay up on things, but it's hard not to get depressed by what's happening. Your knitting looks beautiful.

tammy j said...

I agree with all you've said!
and then... the dolphin! I LOVE manatees but OH MY a sweet dolphin. they are so loveable. and you got a private show!
and you do know... baby Luna Tuna is a proverbial Puppy. LOL.
the furry boys are adorable as usual.
but ...
the eyelashes of the Super Boy Buddy! he is so beautiful!
and how wonderful your attitude is for him. the most important thing is that he LOVES to learn. and to read. and to keep exploring. and that he has. probably because of YOU. XO

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

It was so good to read the dolphin story. WOW!! That would make me feel happy and blessed. I'm glad LB is doing good at school and Hopefully it continues to happen. Have a good week.

Jo said...

Yes, it can be so depressing when you turn on the news and see what's happening in the world, it is a worry when you have children. How wonderful to see the dolphin, a real experience.

karen said...

isn't it nice to see the youngers getting their shots?? Things are slowly coming around. Thank goodness. Love to read about your son and his progress!

sewing green lady said...

What a lovely encounter for you while you were relaxing, you do the right thing sitting and having the time for you, we tend to try and cram too much in sometimes. Look after yourselves. x

Melanie said...

That is so magical with the dolphin encounter. How blessed you were to witness that!
I love the things Little Buddy says to you...he didn't want to do the mom things. Too cute and funny!
I am off FB again for an undetermined amount of time. So tired of seeing nothing but negative posts and the sad state of the world right now. I do not discuss the vaccine with anyone, because we all have our own opinions and rights about it. Too much of that crap on FB. All it does is cause divisions, which we certainly don't need more of.
Hope you have a good week!

Jeanie said...

I am so glad your tribe is getting their vaxxes. I had my pulmo appointment today and their prognosis of Covid in the area was grim -- the hospital having added a second Covid ward, most of which is filled with 20-35. The office is seeing many of that age group with what looks to be significant and possibly lifelong lung damage. So, good on them! I wish all would do it.

And good on Little Buddy and his 96 percent. That DOES require focus so well done! And good on YOU for that gorgeous sweater and for your words of big, wise, wonderful heart on our world. I couldn't agree more.

And perhaps best of all, the gift you were given with the presence of this magnificent dolphin. Oh, I think you needed that. What true joy. A new week ahead. I hope it is good.