Friday, May 14, 2021

Filling the void left by a friend, a new sweater and fur boys.....


Last weekend I spent a lot of time thinking of dear Teresa.  I went to her blog and read every comment, well except for mine which did not seem to show up.  I read other bloggers tributes to her, so, so touching. I wanted a way to help fill the void of losing her.  Not that there is any way to fill it but I wanted to do something.  So I went on her blog and on her side bar is a list of blogs she used to read. I know everyone on that list is missing her every bit as much as I am, so I started to comment on a few I had never read before.  I commented and decided I needed to follow them so maybe, just maybe I could help ease the void that Teresa has left for all of us blogging friends.  She was so amazing at commenting, maybe I can help with that.  So if you want to join me in trying to make a few new friends and comment on some of Teresa's favorite blogs you can find them on her side bar here at Teresa Kasner.  Lets all pull together and reach out to others that are feeling as sad as we are, it is something we can do as a tribute for her, carry on her love for all of us. 

In other news I have a sweater finish.  Yes it is another Harebell and to be honest I have three more planned after this.  In a moment a weakness two weeks ago I ordered more yarn for number 4 and 5,  it came on the day I found out Teresa had passed away, maybe a gift for the Universe to ease my pain a bit.  

This is made with Berroco Summer Sesame yarn in the color mint.  I used 3 3/4 skeins of yarn to make this, size 7 needles for the body and 6 for the ribbing.  I think about 1,000 yards of yarn used to make this beautiful sweater.  Since I actually got gauge, or I am fooling myself into thinking I got it I made a size medium.  And it worked, it really worked.  I added an inch of length onto the sweater body and the sleeves, because I am tall and I still had yarn left.  No yarn chicken here my friends

The sweater is light weight, perfect for Florida.  I love the self striping yarn, it makes it so easy to keep knitting, what color is coming next?   The buttons are flowered shaped, craft buttons from Joann's.  I did have some problems with sleeve number two, for some reason I had a lot of holes, maybe I was not paying attention while using double pointed needles.  With a bit of thread and a needle  I closed them right up and no one will notice.  I hope to do better on number 3, which I have already started in the same yarn but in a variation of blues. 

My schedule was so mixed up for work this week.  I had a lot of kids out for various reasons, usually right in the middle of me day.  I know a few parks to stop at and knit while I listen to my audiobook.  This park is noted for its peacocks and boy did I get a full display.  I stayed far away from this guy but still got his photo.  He was strutting his stuff while the female near him did not even seem to pay attention.

I think I needed the rest because I literally had five migraines in five days.  Boy they were knocking my socks off then I realized, maybe a little too late they were occurring after I inverted my head, which I do all the time picking up kids, toys, stuff off the floor.  Anyway that is a sure sign I have a sinus infection. I am now on dreadful antibiotics that are making my stomach all messed up but soon hope my head will start to feel better.

The boys helped me write up a new evaluation on a very involved baby today.  She has been hospitalized for the first seven months of her life, isn't that so sad? They are sitting on my massage/treatment table behind my desk.  Lots of  noses bumping my arms as I was typing today to get attention I believe.  We finally heard about Hank's biopsies.  At this time he does not have that rare skin condition that causes extensive hair loss.  Really they have no idea what is happening. I revisited the diet change that the vet had suggested prior to the hair loss with the vet on the phone on Saturday.  It is the only thing that has changed.  He is now officially back on his previous diet and getting a daily treatment of cedarwood, chamomile and rosemary essential oils, and also Vitamin E and Fish Oil supplements to help.  If it was his diet, which she is not sure it is, it will be a while before his body regroups and his hair stops falling out.  As for now I am to keep and eye on him and see what happens. 

And while I don't have a photo of Little Buddy to show you I have this.  Little Buddy had a very rough week at home and at school, that in addition to my headaches left little opportunities for photo taking.  But this my friends was the highlight of my Mother's Day.  Mr. 24 came in and gave me these flowers, these dead flowers and did not even seem to notice.  They are dead, like really dead.  I swear even with my head hurting I almost laughed out loud.  He did not notice and I did not tell them they were dead because I would never hurt his feelings.  But oh my, have you ever got dead flowers for Mother's Day?

I will pop on this weekend and give you a picture of a cute boy, hopefully a cute and well behaved boy that is tantrum free. Stay safe my friends. 


CJ said...

Maybe it's a feature - you know, dried so it will last..? I have been thinking about Teresa as well, and in fact visited a few new-to-me blogs. So many people are missing her, she really was a ray of sunshine. I think about her every day and quite often when I'm out walking the dog the spring flowers like lilacs and rhododendrons will remind me of her.

So sorry about your migraines, I hope you get on top of them, very nasty to have so many. I am glad Hank doesn't have that skin condition and I really hope that his hair loss will stop. He is certainly being very well looked after! Bertie comes and sits by me when I'm working sometimes and nudges me until I stroke him. He has all the tricks.

Love the cardigan and the yarn is gorgeous, I am a big fan of non-wool yarn. Gorgeous colours and brilliant stripeyness. I hope you have a good and restful weekend. CJ xx

Karen said...

The flowers are hilarious! As mothers we are pros at overlooking things and seeing the heart with which it was given. I'm glad that Hank's condition isn't serious. Take care of yourself my friend.

Denise said...

Can I say "typical male" without offending anyone?
I think I can go one better: one Valentine's day, early in our marriage, my husband's secretary told him to buy me a rose or she would order a dozen of them and send the invoice to him. His solution? Bought me a plastic one so he could pull it out of the cupboard every year!
I too was so shocked by Teresa's death. I could never have met her, of course, but loved reading her blog.

Gracie Saylor said...

Appreciated: your lovely idea to reach out to remember Teresa; seeing the lovely sweater you knit; seeing the beautiful peacock, lovely Hank and Bear; and seeing the lovely flowers you received Meredith. ((hugs))

Dee said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

I love the photo of the peacock. We used to see a whole flock of them over near Merritt Island (River to River). They even had an albino peacock.

Araignee said...

I did the same thing on Teresa's blog. I didn't leave comments like you did but I read them. Many of them were a tribute. It's all so terribly sad. I keep thinking about Mocha. When my Mom passed away her little dog grieved himself to death.
The sweater is gorgeous!!! That yarn is just perfect for that pattern.
Those flowers really cracked me up especially those dried up ferns.

TheAwakenedSoul said...

I hope your dog heals. How sweet of your son to give you a bouquet of flowers for Mother's thoughtful.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I like your striped sweater. I've used yarn like that before that seems to make lines correctly. I almost bought yarn from knit picks as I liked the colors. But I decided not to as I've not used all the yarn that I have yet. Hopefully the baby girl will feel better soon. We had a friend whose daughter at 3 months had heart surgery and she is now doing good now and growing good as well. Have a good weekend -!!

Anonymous said...

I hope this comment gets through, I'm hopeless at tech! Thank you for this post, especially the thoughts about Teresa and how we can help heal the loss by reaching out to others. I never managed a comment on her blog but alongside hundreds of others looked forward to the thrice weekly posts and read them avidly. Thank goodness for these connections during lockdown times, they've helped carry me through.
Love the cardigan, sorry that your headaches have been so bad.
Alison ( Wales , UK )

Betsy said...

Good Morning sweet Meredith! I loved reading about how you're honoring Teresa by commenting on some of her favorite blogs. That was a brilliant idea. I still am having a hard time knowing that she's gone. I can't even begin to imagine how Dayle and the family are grieving her loss.
That sweater is gorgeous! I'm going to get the pattern and someday, when I have time to knit and crochet again, I plan to make myself one. It's exactly like I like to wear and the fact that it can b made a bit longer is perfect.
Poor LB is having a hard week. I'm glad he has you and his Dad and brohers to give him support and love when he's struggling. Also happy that you have something to try for your sweet furbaby.
I hope you get some relief from the migraines. You know I understand how miserable they are.
Take care dear Meredith and please know how much Teresa cared about you. Your name came up virtually every time we talked.
Happy Saturday!

Ellen D. said...

I think those roses are dried flowers so they last and last. I have a dried rose in a glass box that was a gift to my Mom years ago - probably 40 years ago at least. It is still beautiful!
Good way to remember Teresa - I have also been looking back at many of her old posts. She had such an interesting life!

Nance said...

Oh, gosh! Were the flowers in a vase and everything? Bless his heart; he probably hoped you wouldn't notice. Dead flowers from a grown-up son on Mother's Day with a migraine. Wow. That beats my Mother's Day snowstorm here in NEO. It was a crappy day.

Your sweater is lovely. It's reminiscent of that peacock from the park in its colours, yet more muted.

Always glad to see the pups. They smile wonderfully.

Cynthia said...

That is how I found your blog while searching Teresa's sidebar. Your tributes to her are lovely. So many people will miss her spirited updates, and heart goes out to her family and all her blogging friends. You updates on little Buddy,your other boys and your 4 legged boys are fun to read.

Ella said...

I like the colours in your new sweater, and the buttons you picked are really nice. It definitely says "spring" to me.
I found your blog through Teresa's blog a while ago but I don't think I ever left a comment before. You are right, we should reach out to each other so much more.

linda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines Meredith, I hope the antibiotics clear your sinuses and you get some relief. I'm so glad Hank hasn't got that rare condition and hope that his hair loss stops. I love your cardigan the colours are beautiful and those lovely buttons really finish it off. That's a lovely thing for you to do for Teresa's followers, I did look back at some her posts she was one special lady. As for the flowers oh dear men! but it's the thought that counts, son number 2 sent me a very expensive hamper from Fortnum and Mason for Mothers Day, it might sound ungrateful but I didn't need that, a phone call from him or a socially distanced visit would have been more appreciated. Looking forward to a Little Buddy pic. Take care. xx

bittenbyknittin said...

Those flowers are not dead, they are *dried* so you can keep them forever. ;-)

I really like that sweater; it's in my queue.

Hope you are feeling better, emotionally and physically. Take care!

Jo said...

I think it is because you are a 'dead good mum' It is a phrase from the centre of England that sprang to mind after I laughed a little! Your cardigan is so you, I am not surprised you had a moment of weakness in your sadness to buy more yarn. It is what you need to do. Jo x

kathy b said...

The loss of Teresa is lingering in sadness here. I love your idea indwell try to chat with her other friends. I just can't believe she's gone. Your Mothers day flowers are PRESERVED, not dead. Hahahahah Too cute.
I love all of your sweaters. Im sorry for your migraines.
I stopped crying yesterday. Leaving and saying goodbye to zach just killed me Mere. And fireman too. Tonight he's texting photos of his Bo cat and his girlfriend. Im happy Ive met them both!
Knitting is helping me.
I wish I had Teresa to help me with where I am right now: unsure of going back to the barn, unsure of fostering a cat with kittens, unsure of so much. One thing I have worked on are my gardens.
lil b is due for a good week. I feel it in my bones

Jeanie said...

Well.... at least you got flowers on Mother's day. I got a text from the grandbabies' mom!

I'm so glad Hank doesn't have a malignancy and I hope the treatments will help the hair. And that sweater -- Drop dead gorgeous. I love the colors and the yard, it's beautiful.

My blog friend Diana died probably six or seven years ago. I still have her blog bookmarked and return to read it occasionally. Some people just leave bigger holes in our hearts than others.

Crafty in the Med said...

There are those involuntary split seconds that I turn,without thinking, to the thumbnail image of Teresa's blog on my own list of blogs expecting to see a post from her or go to Mail looking for the reply to my email that I sent her on the day she passed away. Hollow incredulous sad moments!
I have also been reading other bloggers tributes on Teresa's blog list and I have commented on a few. I think it is a lovely idea to reach out to other bloggers who are missing her too.
Very sorry to read that you are having migraines again.Do hope the medicine gives you relief.
As for the flowers they did look a bit dry to me and it may just be a type of dried flowers arrangement which will certainly last. At least your son didn't forget LOL! Glad your fur boy is doing well and hopefully you'll get to the bottom of the problem. Fabulous photo of the peacock! I do love that cardigan just the right sort of yarn and garment for the temperature here in Alicante at present. I heart those colours :-) look forward to seeing that photo of LB. Take care Amanda x

SpinningStreak said...

Your flowers were definitely memorable!
I too read all the comments for Teresa. I mentioned her on my blog last week, and gave a link to yours - but I referred to you as Meredith. I now can't see that name anywhere and am beginning to think I made it up. If so, apologies!

Tammy said...

Maybe Mr. 24 got a deal on a dried arrangement. :) I did the same thing as you, Meredith. Read all the comments as they were posted to Teresa's blog and visited some in her sidebar. I had planned to blog every day in May but haven't done so since I posted about her death. It's still unbelievable to me. I like the idea of connecting with others but have to get in the frame of mind to blog again. Right now I'm thinking about what's happening in Palestine so find it difficult to just blog about any old thing. Your sweater is really lovely. The yarn does work up nicely. Hope your migraines are gone now, that Little Buddy is having better days and that Hank will continue to improve. Take care.

Melanie said...

I did not know Teresa nor was I familiar with her blog, but I had heard of her and seen her name on social media before. Such a tragic loss...but by you reaching out, you are helping to heal not only your own wounded heart, but others as well.

Your sweater is gorgeous. You have such a gift. I think of you every time I wear my shawl. My mother has even borrowed it a couple of times to wear, as she loves it, too!

I hope with those antibiotics that you are on, that you're taking a probiotic for your tummy.

That is too funny with the dried roses. What a sweet young man you have raised! All that counts is that he was thinking of his mama.

I hope you have a good week. xoxo

Chy said...

I was so shocked to read about dear Teresa's death. I can't imagine the pain her family is feeling right now but hope they know the blogging community is holding all of them in our hearts. I loved her posts too and will miss reading them.

Take care of yourself and hug that sweet boy for comfort!

X Chy

Christina said...

I hope you had a good weekend, migraine free and full of fun and relaxation xx

Delighted Hands said...

The sweater is superb! Hope you have a good week without migraines!

Anonymous said...

Meredith , I want to thank you for the beautiful flowers that you sent. Things have been hectic, this was so unexpected. I am sorry your comment did not appear. I authorized all comment that came in.

Judy S. said...

What an amazing sweater! I love the buttons, too. Hope your headaches are gone, and you and LB are having a better week. I've been away from blogging for quite awhile thanks to craziness around here and was shocked and saddened to hear of Teresa's passing. Life can be so painfully short. Where did you take that great peacock photo? They are such interesting birds. Take care.