Saturday, May 1, 2021

Worries and a big laugh............

 Hello my friends.  I hope you had a wonderful week.  I did not take the week off from work to rest as I guess I implied in my last post. I took the week off of blogging so I could rest for the weekend.  Don't ever let me rest again because as you know as soon as you say that something is going to happen.

 Let us start with this guy.  Who if you know anything about Minecraft is making the face of a Creeper.  They have no facial expressions so they look like this if they are happy, sad, mad, excited, you get the drift. He had to get picked up early on Monday because his belly was upset and if you vomit at school you are automatically out for two weeks due to Covid restrictions.  I drove from very far away and picked him up and thankfully he did not get ill.  It was probably one of his abdominal migraines that makes his belly upset.  He was back at school on Tuesday but was a real pistol all week, not getting work done, not being nice, calling his assistant names......well I could go on and on.  That means we had extra work to do in the evenings which is hard on all of us. It isn't easy to get him focused when I get home late.  He has therapies and needs a bath most days so often homework does not get started until later.  We ate dinner at the computer several nights this week which is no fun at all. I am working on modifying Little B's medication once again to make his life and everyone around him easier.  We go to Neurology on Monday to make sure I have it right.

This is a photo of my beautiful Hank two weeks ago.  Monday when I got home early from picking up Little Buddy I was shocked when I saw Hank.  He had extensive hair loss on both sides of his head.  It wasn't there on Friday and Saturday because I brushed him both days and I have to pay a lot of attention to his face because he gets hair mats very easily. I didn't notice it on Sunday when he was around me all day.

I immediately called the vet and was informed I could come in sometime next week.  Ummm, no that won't work so we eventually got in the next day and he was scheduled for four biopsies on Thursday.  This is how much hair he has lost, they did not even have to shave him for the biopsies.  He may have a very rare skin condition that causes hair loss, thickened skin and sometimes other infections secondary to the thickened skin.  As I read up on it and frankly cried a bit it, it sounds like this is likely yet we do not have an official diagnosis yet.  As typical of me I felt bad for a bit and then got to work researching how we can help his immune system handle this challenge.  There are some vitamins he can take, I am switching him to a immune boosting food that is very pure, very gradually of course.  I have started a regime of essential oils that are safe for dogs to have on their skin. Made with water, coconut oil, vitamin E, rosemary, cedarwood and chamomile pure essential oils.  If nothing else it makes me feel like I am helping him.  My beautiful boy may never look the same but he is still my beautiful boy.  He is not in any pain and frankly does not know he looks different.  It has been such a drastic change is such a short time. 

If you look at last weeks photo compared to the one above you can really tell the difference in my darling boy.  Poor Hank and really poor Bear having to deal with his brother going to the vet not once but twice without him.

Crazy girl is here for the weekend while her father, Mr. 23 and Miss L celebrate the completion of his first year of law school.  He is starting an internship on Monday, I am filled with gratitude he found one because due to Covid his resume is not stellar and internships have been restricted.  

Today while at my favorite park while Little B was at social gardening club I spotted this beautiful stingray and watched it glide along.   It was so peaceful to watch.

There have been so many worries this week.  So much to deal with on top of my busy schedule. I have been having trouble sleeping, one night with no sleep at all.  I haven't pulled an all nighter since I was studying in college.  It is amazing I made it through the next day but I did with lots of help from caffeinated tea.  I am thinking of you my friend Linda as I know you have been fighting insomnia. As I walked around my house in the middle of the night and finally got out of bed for good at 3:30 to get paperwork done, I thought about you far across the pond and was hoping you are able to sleep better than you have been.

It hasn't all been worries and sad stories.  This guy even when he is a pistol makes me smile.  Well most of the time anyway.  After playing in the pool and swimming to the deep end and back four times today he wanted to relax on his sloth.  He said to me, "This is the life just floating on a sloth."  Yup, it sure is. 

And this beauty was found on my screen while Little B was in the pool.  It was flying around my plants then landed here for a bit, just opening and closing its wings.  Butterflies and stingrays move much the same, gliding and floating so peacefully.

And if you made it this far I will share the biggest laugh of the week.  My husband and Little Buddy were having a very difficult time with each other on Thursday.  It isn't easy to be patient with this darling boy when he has his feathers up and all ruffled.  When I walked in from work he informed me his dad was so mean and not very nice at all.  He was the worst!  These are frequently things I hear about myself by the way.  And then he said, "Mom, I am breaking up with Dad and I am never going to fall in love with him again!"   I swear I laughed out loud.  Oh Little Boy, yes you will because you have a kind and loving heart and you have a father who adopted you at the age of 59 when he was well on his way to being done bringing up little boys.  By the way I feel they are back on track again, being nice to each other and, "being in love."

Now I am not going to say I am taking a blogging break because look where that got me, but my reading and responding will be limited as I try to regain my energy and get rid of the headache I am currently treating.  Stay safe my friends, I miss you.


Araignee said...

Wow....what a week. The worries just keep on coming don't they? I am exhausted and overwhelmed too and not sleeping well either-and I don't come close to carrying your load. Take care.

Dee said...

Oh those little ones of your have been challenging this week, but still much love and laughter.

Raising boys of any kind ..........well, kind of hard work sometimes, but the payoff is great.

Hope you have a better week this week and hope that nasty ol' headache goes away.

Chy said...

It's so hard to have difficult moments, hours, days .... but sharing and moving forward often helps. I'm so glad you can also find the good in the small things. Take good care of yourself Meredith. You deserve it!

X Chy

Betsy said...

I sure hope this is a better week for you. It sounds like this one has been exceptionally challenging. Congratulations to the big boy for his internship. That's a great blessing that he found one in this difficult days. They are lucky that Luna loves to visit her "uncles." :-)
Little B knows just which buttons to push doesn't he? Most kids do and I think he is a very bright boy.
Poor Hank. He's lucky he has you to push when it's needed to get into the doctor.
Mere, I sure hope this coming week is easier for you. I think it's time you got a break in life.
Take care and rest. Put your feet up and get your yarn out.
Blessings, love and hugs,

Gracie Saylor said...

Three o'clock in the morning is the time I often see on my iPhone...trouble sleeping...sigh... I sympathize with those who struggle for good rest. I care about your many challenges and pray for you and yours. Your youngest's reported comments prompted me to laugh out loud!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You certainly have enough going on to keep you on your toes. Lord knows we all have our bad days, so I don't blame Little B. As adults we filter our feelings, but kids just let it all hang out. Poor Hank. Sure hope all your TLC will help him to heal and cope well. I'm digging that pool sloth. Take care!

Crafty in the Med said...

Dear Mere, When will you get time for yourself! Your agenda is full again!
So many worries. However,so glad you are able to get those quiet moments in the park too.Very sorry to hear about Hank and having to adjust his diet. I hope that helps. He certainly is a lovely lad!
I got to the end and that was really worth it because I had to laugh about what Little Buddy said about his Dad. I must admit I feel out of love with my Sr P sometimes but don't we all have those moments. Insomnia is the worst but I seemed to have been able to beat it now and am sleeping better. I think in my case it was stress. Do take care of yourself Hugs Amanda xx

CJ said...

Oh my. This taking it easy malarkey is tricky isn't it. Where to start? With you I think. I really hope your headache eases and that you don't get any more insomnia. I've never been awake all night, but I do have plenty of nights when I'm awake for 2-3 hours and it's really loathsome. It happened the other night, with waves of anxiety, one problem after another to think about. And of course none of the staying awake helped. In the morning I realised that things weren't that bad at all of course. Poor darling Hank, I hope all is well with him and that it isn't the ongoing problem you're anticipating. In any event, I hope that it isn't something that irritates him. Your dear little man has made me laugh again. It sounds like a very hard week for all, but the picture of him floating in the sloth is brilliant. Yes, indeed, that is the life. If only we could all float on a sloth for a while every day, I feel the world would be a much more tranquil place. Sending love and hugs and my very best wishes for an entirely uneventful week. Oh, and well done to your son for the internship, that is brilliant news. I imagine people will understand why he hasn't been able to add much to his resume over the past year. Law is a great subject. I did a law degree as a mature student and it has enabled me to be a freelance writer at home - there really are so many opportunities that arise from law. Look after yourself my friend. CJ xx

linda said...

Oh my Meredith what a week! lots of worries indeed no wonder you couldn't sleep but being awake all night is the worst. Thank you for thinking about me, my insomnia comes and goes for no apparent reason, last night I slept for wait for it because I can hardly believe it myself...8 and a half hours! I have to say that is maybe a first ever, the only thing I did differently was have a cup of Horlicks, I really don't think that is the reason but I will be trying it again that's for sure as I feel full of energy today, what a difference a good nights sleep makes.
Congratulations to your son for his internship, I know how tough studying Law is and how difficult my son found it to get from one level to the next, places are always so limited.
Poor Hank dear me that came out of the blue! I'm hoping it's something that will clear up quickly it sounds like you are doing all the right things thank goodness apart from his appearance it's not causing him any distress. As for LB bless his little cotton socks he comes out with the funniest things but he certainly keeps you on your toes. I hope next week is a better one for you my friend, sending hugs and lots of love. xx

tammy j said...

this is ...
what is it? it is full of love and laughter and worry.
my heart goes out to your Hank. and I think your holistic way of healing anything is exemplary and combining it with modern medicine is never wrong. at least it isn't to me!
and what keeps you strong enough to withstand all that comes your way is your amazing Grace and Spirit and Understanding of LIFE and people. and your HUMOR! and stop me! I'm on a roll! but it's true Mere. you're not a complainer.
thank you for your posts. they're inspirational. at least to me they are.
and the pictures are fabulous. and you're so appreciated! XO

Babajeza said...

Hopefully your are having a peaceful weekend and getting ready for next week's challenges.


sewing green lady said...

What a challenging week you have had, I hope you manage to get some rest. So funny the things children say, they don't even realise the impact and quickly forget. At least it gave you a laugh. Take care of all of you including the fur babies. x

Anonymous said...

So sorry you've had such a difficult week - so many worries, as you say - awful to have sick little ones, whether furrry or not! They are so lucky to have you constantly caring for them so beautifully, whether you feel good yourself or not. I hope you're sleeping better now and that things improve with the little ones. sending big virtual hugs, Frances.

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, you've had a full plate. Sending good thoughts your way, Meredith! I've never seen a stingray in the wild. I love the way you compared its movement to the butterfly. Nature has a way of bringing calm. Hope you find lots more this week. xo

Kim in Oregon said...

Oh my what a week. When it rains it pours! I hope things settle down and that you get some good news about the family. Do you have a University-affiliated vet hospital near to you? Sometimes they have specialists who know more than our own local vets.

Christina said...

I think I am going to get myself a floating sloth. Oh and maybe a nice swimming pool and while I am at it, some good weather :-)

I am sorry to read this has been a very challenging week for you all. Some weeks are more tiresome than others, aren't they? So many worries all converging in that one point of time. I hope the new weeks brings a bit of calm, and a diagnosis for poor Hank. I don't suffer from insomnia but my husband does, I wish I could pass on some good sleep to you both. I am glad that Little Buddy is back in love with his daddy. His declaration of breaking up made me laugh. In my house, I am the bad parent (or so I am told). I get the blame for almost everything, single socks and bad smells and all.

Lots of love xx

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Quite the week. Sorry Hank has less hair and hope he gets better soon. Glad u found items that will help him. Sometimes child are just ok then later whacky. I know LB has mental issues but hopefully rough spot with smooth and love his dad again. I like to diffuse specifu YL pure essential oils day time and in bedroom at night. Good way to sleep. I'm waiting for butterflies to show up soon. I have a few new plants that butterflies like. New cherry tree as well. Looking forward to a good week with Megan. Sleep well. Smile. You're in candid camera!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฐ

Denise said...

It's funny how things look different depending on which lens you use... As a Special Ed teacher of many years, I rejoice that children call other people names which might not be "nice": because a) it means they are verbal (as opposed to the many who are unable to speak), b) they are "using words" rather than their fists and c) they know that other people exist! Gives me so many positive skills I can work with and use as "teachable moments".

Eileen said...

Oh dear, reading all this my heart goes out to you. You are one special lady to keep all those plates in the air!
I think of you often.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh gosh Mere, it never rains but it pours. I hope LB's meds can be quickly and successfully tweaked, and that Hank's condition will turn out to be treatable. And I hope your headache is gone, or on its way out.

Kudos to Mr. 23 on the internship!

May you glide through the coming week as peacefully and smoothly as the ray glides through the water. Hang in there, my friend.

Delighted Hands said...

Nice to hear your smiles in between so many of these lines! Sorry for the tough moments....take care.

Jeanie said...

Oh Mere, what a week. You handle it with such grace and I'm glad you had some park times in between worry on Buddy and the dog. I hope the results of the tests aren't anything that can't easily be managed and set right. And of course the same goes for Little Buddy's meds. I'm glad he and your husband are back "in love."

The sloth reminds me of my favorite big green floating thing up at the lake and I have to say, it IS the life to just float. Hugs to you -- I hope this week improves. Please keep us posted on Hank.

karen said...

wow have you had a busy week! I hope sleeps arrives restfully for you. When I sleep well enough I can conquer anything. Lack of sleep = a messy puddle of nerves.

Nance said...

Poor Hank! He is still handsome, however; he just looks like he's been groomed a little differently. Hopefully, you'll get a diagnosis that this is transient and, most importantly, not painful or life-threatening in any way.

Too funny to hear that LB has broken up with Dad. I must say that I'd find a bit of satsifaction in that pronouncement, having always been The Bad Guy Parent. My boys thought (and still do) that the sun rose and set on their father, whilst I did all the day to day parenting.

kathy b said...

I have missed you as well. I'm behind in blogging. i'm in the middle of changing how I behave if we travel. I could use something funny like Lil B's breakup. I have had to finish gift knitting on the no time but now, timeline. I don't like pushy knitting, but it was a must.
Now, To keep the RAIN acronym going all day.

I finalized a pair of fingerless by adding a few flowers, and I wove the ends in of a baby hat. I tried and failed to make a quick gift for 2 . It is wonderful to see people again, but I forgot about the gifts. One of my friends says they are having Christmas on July25t as a family this yea.r Gotta love them

Ellen D. said...

I am so sorry for your worries and hope things go better for you soon!

KSD said...

What to say? Your burdens seem so heavy, but you've made it.
Extra hugs to Hank.
As for your Big Laugh, I have always said that the hardest part of being a parent is keeping a straight face.

TheAwakenedSoul said...

Buddy is hilarious. He says a lot of the things that the rest of us think. I hope your dog recovers. That is so stressful. Floating on the water like Buddy is doing is very healing. He just cracks me up.

Melanie said...

Oh boy, Meredith...when it rains, it pours! I'm sorry you had such a crazy week. No sleep is not good - that really messes with you physically and mentally.

I feel for you with poor Hank with the missing fur. I have been going through that with my cat for the past few years. She also has kidney disease. Anyway, the fur loss got so bad (she chews her skin; I know Hank doesn't do that), I had to take her to a vet dermatologist. They $$ we have spent on this cat...OMG. Anyway, here we are a few years later and she's only slightly better on the millioneth medication they've tried. I even went the holistic route to try that with our regular vet who does holistic treatment and that didn't work either. Sometimes our pets can be almost as worrisome as our human kids! ;-)

Sending you lots of love and praying you get some good sleep.

handmade by amalia said...

So funny! Wishing you a long, quiet hour floating on a sloth, maybe even taking a little nap.

Needles and Wool said...

Good to take a week off here and there from blogging. I do that too if I haven't made much progress or don't have much to write about. I hope that Hank is doing better, it is hard when pets are sick. Have a good week! Looks like Buddy was having fun in the pool!