Saturday, June 19, 2021

#3 and almost 10.......................

 Hello my friends.  Did you have a good week?  Since my photos loaded all out of order this is going to be a weird post.  Hang with me if you can, I am working backwards on this post.

This morning the boys got face haircuts and Hankie got his minimal top hair fluff cut off.  He looks a mess but I am trying to make him look less grouchy with those bushy eyebrows and new hair growing in behind them.  It will be quite a while before he looks like himself but I am thankful for new hair growth that is healthy.  He reminds me of a child who has taken the scissors to their hair and given themselves an awful haircut.  I think we all did that, at least I know I did when I got gum stuck in my hair after my mom told me not to chew anymore.  It was on Easter and my SIL found a big clump of my hair in the trash.  Lord was my Mother mad at me.  I believe Claudia had to trim the other side to make them match. It was not a good look for me for many months.

Harebell number 3 is complete as of last night when the buttons were sewn on.   Made with Berroco Summer Sesame in the color, Ocean.  Size 7 needles to make the body and sleeves, size 6 for the ribbing.  I used about 1,100 yards to make this and I love it as you already know since this is three in a row.  I added one inch in length to the body and sleeves.  I am 5' 10 after all, or at least I used to be in my prime. I am starting #4 today because as I have said now over and over this is the perfect cardigan pattern.  It can be made any length and with any yarn, it has the perfect neckline, and is easy to make.  I made a medium size and it fits perfectly.

A special sunny yarn surprise came in the mail this week from a very, very dear blogging friend.  Little Buddy also got a book about race cars.  He immediately started to read it even though we were half way through another book.  Lots of reading is in store for the summer to keep his brain active.  Thank you my dear friend for the surprises for both of us. 

A surprise early birthday treat occurred yesterday after I picked up Little Buddy from camp.  We drove to my friend Lynda's for cupcakes, presents and time to play with Susan who was down visiting from North Carolina.  Little Boy had so much fun.  They even had a bounce house but I can't show you those photos because it was so wet inside it from all the rain Little Buddy had to go in there with just his underpants on.  He thought it was a hoot!  He rolled and rolled all over it with Susan who jumped and made him bounce.  He can't stand in it, but crawling and rolling were just perfect. 

Last weekend on Sunday Mr. 27 and Ms. B came for a surprise visit.  They had no electricity for much of the day so came here and had some fun.  They are both so wonderful to Little Buddy and ended up in the pool with him, throwing him all around.  It is getting harder to pick him up and toss him as he is gaining weight.  Very slowly gaining weight but still it is something.  

This photo just made me laugh at him in the bounce house.  Enjoy your weekend and Father's Day tomorrow if you are celebrating or remembering your Father.  It can be a difficult day for many reasons.  

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. 


Karen said...

Such a happy post, I'm glad all is well in your neck of the woods. That yellow yarn is a bit of sunshine. So pretty.

Betsy said...

Such a great post. All four boys and Miss B too! I adore your sweater pattern. I would love to make one for myself, but my body shape is not like yours. I've gained waaaaay too much weight during Covid and I'm working to try to take it off again. Why doesn't it come off as quickly as it goes on? Anyway, that sweater is marvelous as is the sunshiny yellow yarn.
The bouncy house sound like hilarious fun for a little boy.
Take care and try to relax this weekend. I still have a few boxes and then I might have everything unpacked. Not put away, but at least out of boxs.

linda said...

Lovely post Meredith, your cardigan is lovely, it's always great to find a pattern that fits, I don't think I've found one yet that fits me properly. I'm looking forward to seeing the next one. That yarn is such a beautiful sunshiny colour what a lovely gift. It sounds like Little Buddy has been having a lot of fun, I love that photo of him such a cute little cheeky face and those cupcakes look really good. Have a peaceful weekend. Xx

CJ said...

Lovely photos, and Hank is handsome all the way down, which is what I say to Bertie. When he's in my good books, anyway. Lovely to see Little B having fun with his brother, it must be brilliant having a pool. They are only for millionaires over here! Love the cardigan, really beautiful colours. I had a wander round Ravelry late last night, but my knitting skills are not generally up to anything that has to actually fit. Have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

Araignee said...

Everyone looks so happy!
I love that sweater so much. I am going to have to look it up because I have yet to make a decent cardi that actually fits the way I like which is long and slouchy. I also like the idea of using some fun yarn that does the colorwork for you.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Who doesn't love a good tumble in the bounce house!
The cardigan is lovely and I love your new yarn!

wendy said...

Fabulous and little Buddy sure had a good time and I also love that pic of him ❤
Enjoy your weekend. Here cold and wet lol Your pups are gorgeous. 😀😀

Jeanie said...

It sounds wonderful -- so happy, so full of love and joy and smiles. Makes me smile big, too! And I adore the dogs and your sweater. The new yarn is luscious!

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, I definitely see a huge difference in Lil Buddy's growth since I started reading your blog! The cardigan is perfection--good for you for starting #4!!!

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Such a nice look at the dogs and what you and Buddy has done through the week. I had issues with my post the other day I was working on for this week! I try to slowly put a few on at a time. Rearranging is no fun. Your sweater looks so nice and does the yarn from your blogger friend! Sweet! I hope to get a sweater knitted for myself one of these years with yarn I've bought a few years ago!! I miss my dad who's been gone for 34 years. Farmer. Let me try to milk a cow which I didn't do many times, let me help him with lambs and calves who need fed. I miss farm land but glad I am close to farm land. Have a blessed weekend!!

Jo said...

I'm pleased that Hank's hair is regrowing. I remember Eleanor cutting her fringe off, what a mess that was! A couple of her friend's mums weren't too pleased with her as when her friends saw what she'd done, they copied her! That looks like a great cardigan pattern, I like a longer length. Oh, the yarn your friend sent is gorgeous, I'm so drawn to yellows and I like all the different tones in this. I love that last photo of Little Buddy, what a cheeky face.

Dee said...

So much happiness in one post! Love that cupcake smile.

Oh those eyes! LB has just the biggest, brownest, most beautiful eyes. I have a similar photo of Stephen when he was little and climbing in one of those nets. It is one of my favorite photos. Your photo brought back such sweet memories.

P.S. I don't think Hank looks grouchy at all. LOL

Happy Father's Day to John. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

KSD said...

Seeing the length of the other Harebells, I had wondered if you were tall. Seems you are!

Hank has been on my mind since you first reporting about his hair loss. Please give him an extra head pat from me.

And, now I'm craving cupcakes! I could have one in LB's honor, right?

tammy j said...

holy moly!
to start a post with two of my most favorite dogs on the entire internet! I think Hank looks just FINE.
it was a delight from beginning to end.
your long cardigan is beautiful. and the rest of the post just filled my heart with happiness.
(where you slipped up... putting the chunk of cut off hair with the gum in the trash! LOLOL. if you were really sneaky you would have hidden it. then claimed innocence.)
and of course it Would have been on an Easter Sunday. LOL.

kathy b said...

Awesome Lil B and Brother photos! The pups are just like muppets to me. Glad you showed us the cupcake......If I can't eat them, I want to at least see them!!!!

I LOVE YOUR cardigan. I most admire my blog pals who can knit a sweater that is just right on them! Like my AL. She's good at that.

Nance said...

What charming smiles your dogs always have. They make me want to laugh every time.

Another great finish on a cardigan. I love my cardis long and loose, and that one looks perfect. I'm jealous.

I use a ton of mascara to get my lashes to look like LB's. Sigh.

Christina said...

Life looks good in your corner :-)

Such a cute photo of LB in the bounce house. Funny that, we call these bouncy castles. I like bounce house better. Shame about not having electricity but it turned out for the best for LB, having two fun friends playing with him in the pool

Have a good week xx

mamasmercantile said...

Such a great post, so much fun oozing from the page. Love the cardigan such a great pattern. Also loving the sunny yarn, what a great gift.

karen said...

your son is living THE best life! I loved seeing your family in the water and enjoying each other's company. Your sweater is beautiful!!

Jo said...

Lovely post Meredith. Your cardigan is amazing, I knew you had another one in you. My girls always like to see your dogs and they will love this post when I share later. Jo x

Crafty in the Med said...

Such a wonderful fun post Mere! Lovely smiles all round so much so that I can feel myself smiling too! That gorgeous yarn reminds me of yellow sherbet, such a lovely gift. Marvellous cardigan with a slim line look. It will definitely suit you. I don't think I am very good at making clothes my max is baby clothes so I am a bit envious of people who can knit or crochet their own clothes LOL! I don't think your furry boys look grouchy they look as if they are smiling too :-) Happy days! Amanda x

Melanie said...

Lovely post, Meredith...looks like a good week! Especially love that last photo of Little Buddy with his huge brown eyes and adorable freckles.


Gracie Saylor said...

Once more you inspire me to imagine I might knit a fabulous sweater as you have, Meredith! Thanks for letting us admire your work, your beautiful sunny new yarn, some of your dear family and friends, and your furry boys. I have issues getting my photos to load in the order I want them in the post, as well...sigh. ((hugs))