Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Have you ever wanted to knit socks? I hear they are all the rage but I guess living in Florida I really don't have much need for them. I spend ten months of the year in flip flops. I see sock patterns everywhere in every knitting magazine or on knitting blogs and I usually think how nice, but that is it.

Last year in some weird moment I ordered this sock yarn from Knit Picks. Why you ask, if I never intended to knit socks? I really have no answer. So here is this lovely yarn, just buying its time in my stash, ready and willing to be knit up, when my lovely friend Stacey calls to tell me her sister Anna (also very lovely), intends to teach us how to knit socks.

Great I thought, a new thing to learn about knitting. I have my supplies so why not? Anna has been knitting for approximately 3 years. I have been knitting for around 22. Anna is a wonderful, patient teacher. She has the Provisional Toe Cast On down to a science, and she is willing to share her knowledge.

We arrive at her house Friday evening after swim practice drop off. We have our crochet hooks, double pointed needles, and junk yarn to practice. Anna is terrific. She holds our hands and walks us through this wonderous thing called sock knitting. When we leave her house we have this toe thing that actually looks okay. We are sent home with instructions to complete a toe with sock yarn and knit until we are ready to do a heel. No problem, right?

I think nothing of this as it really didn't seem that difficult with Anna sitting right next to me. I attempted this toe thing on this sock thing about 4 times on Sunday. I forgot to slip knit stitches purl wise, I miscounted. I called Stacey who gave me instructions over the phone. I looked up sock patterns on the Internet, and finally I found the simplest pattern and made this toe. The pattern can be found on www.knitlist.com/2002/ToeUpSock.htm. I even watched a few episodes of Pride and Prejudice to calm my nerves.

I gave up. I can actually admit, I gave up. How can this be so difficult? I am a college educated adult who has been knitting for 22 years!

Monday, after work I decided to give it one more try. It may not be perfect, it may actually be all wrong, but it is my first toe, of my first toe up sock and I love it.

By the way isn't Colin Firth just the best?


Claudia said...

Good for you! You have journeyed into the world of sock knitting! That path is one I probably won't take, but good for you! Keep at it!

You'd better believe I brought my copy of Pride and Prejudice with me. Colin Firth is the best Darcy. Ever.

brsmaryland said...

I love knitting socks. In the cooler climates, there is nothing quite like wearing a pair of handknit socks. So comfy, so warm. I've made a few dozen pair but have never tried toe up...all of mine are cuff down. Good for you to try this 'other' technique! Once you get the hang of it, socks are a nice mindless project.

Donna said...

Well, I'm not a knitter, so I can't leave a comment regarding toe socks, but I am an expert on Colin Firth!! Love, love, love him... Since yours is a truthful blog, I'm forced to admit that I strayed slightly when I 'met' Gerard Butler on-screen in P.S. I Love You, but there's no one like Colin (although most of my friends would disagree as they only have eyes for Johnny Depp!)... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage