Friday, May 1, 2009

Mootherhood Slump

I work with developmentally delayed children two days a week. I rejoice in every skill they accomplish. My work is very rewarding and important to me. These little ones try so hard to succeed in their life even though it is very hard for them. Some of their biological Mother's did drugs or alcohol, some just have impairments that no one can explain. They are trying to work in a world that is difficult for them.

My son's are blessed. They have both parents at home loving them everyday. They are smart and talented. That is why I find it so hard that they don't always try to be the best they can be. How can you as a freshman in high school just simply not do homework? How can you think your Mother won't find out. How do you keep from going over the top when your kids aren't exactly honest with you? When they don't even do the bear minimum to get by.

As you can see my knitting slump has turned into a Motherhood slump. I never thought Motherhood was easy, in fact I think sometimes it is ridiculously hard. You have all these personalities in your family that you have to work with, including your spouse. Everyday you have to be putting out fires at home and giving praise when needed. You need to be able to help, then know when to back off to let your child fall on his face, so he learns a lesson. If you are lucky he learns a lesson.

I wish it was easier. I wish my children realized how lucky they are. Being a child in this day and age is tough. When I see the little ones I work with try so hard to succeed , it is tough not to see the difference in my own children.

Sorry this sounds a bit depressing. I really love my children, they are my life. They are beautiful, smart, funny and gifted in their own ways. It is just hard to see them not putting out their best effort. It should be so much easier than this.


Claudia said...

Thinking of you, sister! Hang in there.

Claudia said...

How is it that Grandma aged so well? She always stayed so skinny - what happened to me in the gene pool?

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I stopped by from Mockingbird Cottage. Why? I should knit, but I found a mom. Don't give up. My son is now 19 and a wonderful man. But for 5 years, I lived in ... that bad place. A brilliant child, that didn't do homework, and endless fights. He finally did quit prep school. We moved to VT. He tried public school, lasted 2 weeks. The next year he finished high school at a community college. All this time, he did not do his homework! Last June he received a HS diploma, college credits with a GPA of 3.8, and, nope, he didn't do the homework consistently. BUT, now he is in a wonderful southern college, receiving lots of attention from his professors for his writing, and helping to set up a Master's program for film writing (all related media). This was a prep school kid with every advantage available and we thought he would do nothing but play video games. Guess what? This semester he is taking all junior and senior college courses in Philosophy and writing. He will earn mostly A's, he works closely with his professors, and NOW...drumroll please...he DOES his homework. I firmly believe it is about finding the right place. It will happen and NEVER EVER give up!