Monday, May 4, 2009


Since I am home today from work with a very nasty cold I thought I would show you some of my beautiful Gardenias. I imagine they smell wonderfully, I will have to rely on my memory for that. I have filled my home with them and given lots away to friends and teachers. There isn't anything better then a little homemade bouquet. Enjoy!


Claudia said...

Oh boy, I can almost smell them! Gorgeous! Feel better, sister. By the way, my face is more than a little full! Go visit Don's blog (he's on my sidebar) and become a follower. Then I will make him become your follower! (He's only done 2 entries so far.)

Beth said...

Oh, they are so beautiful! I think I can smell them thru the monitor too. How nice to be in a tropical climate where they just grow outside. So exotic!! Hope you feel better soon.