Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Trip to North Carolina

We took a quick trip to North Carolina while my oldest son was up at swim camp. The waterfalls we saw were so amazing.

While we were up there we met Wilber a 550 lb. pig. He is the family pet. He has a deformed back right leg so he was bottle fed as a baby. The family kept him in a play pen in the house. He let me pet him behind his very pink ears. I even got to rub his dirty snout. Then he had had enough of me and walked away.

We also met these babies, just a few weeks old. They were adorable.
Hope you had a good weekend, by the way my oldest son had a great time at camp. He worked his tail off!

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Claudia said...

Oh that Wilbur is so adorable! And the babies - you know I would have been obsessed with them! Thanks for the photos, sis!