Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear Children,
This is a picture of you both when you were so cute and actually got along. I keep looking at it remebering how cute you were before puberty. If I look at it long enough I may lose the feeling that makes me want to strangle you both right now.
It has only been two weeks of summer, and I get the distinct impression that it will be a long one. I am sorry you are tired from swimming. I am not the reason you are tired so do not take it out on me.
I am sorry that I actually make you put your dishes in the dishwasher as opposed to the sink, the counter, the table, next to the TV, etc.
I am sorry that you are both having to do some things around the house. My oldest is vacuuming out my car. I am a total slave driver.
I am sorry you have to read everyday. Your father and I want you to improve your minds and not lose all your skills over the summer. We are terrible.
I am sorry you each have three days a week to wipe down your own bathroom. You are 15 and 12, if you can't pee in the toilet, than I am thinking the only way to get you to have good aim is to clean it up when you miss. I am also a bit sick of scraping toothpaste off the sink. Maybe we can learn to rinse out the sink after we brush, do you think that is asking too much?
I am sorry that you actually have to put your laundry away after I wash and fold it. If I find one more hidden bunch of laundry, that is not put away I am teaching the culprit to do their own laundry. It is never to early to get ready for college as far as I am concerned.
I am sorry that you actually have to earn a little money to do things with your friends. Dad and I do not have an open bank account for you pleasure.
We understand that the eye rolling, heavy sighs, and sarcasm are truly to tell us how horrible we are. We get the message loud and clear.
I feel bad for you both that you were born into this slave driving family. I know you both have it so hard, its just terrible what you have to live with.
Is summer over yet?

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Claudia said...

You made me laugh out loud. I do remember those days when the boys got along - they seem like a long time ago. You and John are just so hard on them - or so the boys think! Keep it up, slave driver - they need it!