Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feels like 110!

Today the heat index will make us feel like it is 110 degrees out. I grew up with wind chill. In Michigan I remember one Christmas Eve where the wind chill was 125 below zero. We had to go see my niece in her Christmas play before we went to our own Christmas Eve service. In those days my Mother would not let us wear pants to church. I remember feeling the wind on my legs and it felt like someone was stabbing me.

I know the whole country has a heat index, but I had never heard of it until I moved to Florida. I lived in Virginia for 18 months after college. It was soooo hot there in the summers, but we never had a heat index. Maybe it was better that we didn't know how hot it "feels like".

Summer in Florida can be very long and hot. Usually August and July are pretty brutal. It is the humidity that makes it feel so bad. August and September are to us what January and February are to those that live up north. We stay in and don't venture out unless necessary.

Today the high will be in the upper 90's. The humidity is somewhere around 80 to 90 percent, with little chance of rain. That makes it feel like 110 outside.

We have an outdoor swim meet to attend this afternoon, Hope we don't melt!

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Claudia said...

Sorry it is so hot. You know I hate that kind of weather - of course, Don is on his umpteenth day of rain. Its like a deluge up there. Here - the same, the same, the same. I'm not complaining, mind you. Have a great day and stay out of the sun!