Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a Mess!!!!!

Can you even begin to guess what this is? This lovely mess was the weaving on my Scriggs 7 foot Adjustable Loom. It has been on my loom for a very long time. I had made a mistake and spent several hours over the last few months trying to fix it. My lovely weaving teacher has moved away so I couldn't ask her. I took apart many rounds of the weaving and still couldn't fix it. I left it alone for a couple of months hoping that it would decide to fix itself. It didn't. I talked nicely to it, I scolded it and still nothing. I planted plants, I knit, I drove my kids everywhere in the state of Florida and simply tried to ignore my loom. I have to say it is a bit hard to ignore a 7 foot loom in your bedroom. I vacuumed around it, and dusted it. I cleaned the carpet around it.

Finally I just had to take off the weaving and start over. And do you know what happened? I found out how I made the mistake quite quickly. Actually it was a simple mistake made when adding in a new ball of yarn. I have written down what to do now so if I happen to take a break from weaving, as I am sure to do (life is busy), I will know how to add the yarn the right way. It is amazing how much time I lost by just ignoring the whole situation. Sometimes the easiest answers come from starting over from the beginning.


Claudia said...

Oh good, I'm glad you found out the reason for the problem. Now you can start again, especially when you want to flee from the boys!

Was Dina always the name of Rhoda's doll? As I wrote that post, I thought again how much I would have loved to know her. Don't you just know she would have been fun?

Beth said...

I would love to learn how to weave. Though space for a loom would be hard to come by in my house. Once you resign yourself to starting all over, it is interesting to see all that can be learned from de-constructing.