Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

I know it is a little early, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.
I love the fun of Halloween, when I was little it was my favorite holiday next to Christmas of course. It even ranked higher than my birthday.

When my children were younger I loved to make them costumes and decorate my whole house. They are older now, but I still decorate. It makes me so happy to see all the fun Halloween items looking at me.

I also want to wish my oldest son a very Happy Birthday. Yes, his birthday is on Halloween. It explains a lot about his personality. He is extremely funny and very scary sometimes. Happy Birthday David, and good luck in your High School District Swim Meet. (He needs it after being so ill this year and missing three weeks of swimming).


Claudia said...

Happy Halloween, sister! I love all your decorations but the I'd Rather Be Knitting sign being held by the Mummy is too funny for words! I love it! I'll talk to you on Dave's Birthday.

Mrs. Staggs said...

LOL! Well, you were a little early, and I'm very late! I hope your Halloween was great fun Meredith. It's a favorite holiday of mine too, and my friend Liisa especially loves it.

Hope the birthday boy had a great time. Happiness to him in his new year!