Sunday, October 25, 2009

Unfinished Business

Here is a picture of my drop stitch scarf/shawl I made from the wonderful raspberry silk I purchased at Rhinebeck last year. It was beautiful to work with and a breeze to make. It is so soft against your skin. I wore it as a scarf at Rhinebeck last weekend, it blended in with my Noro coat just a little too much, but it kept me warm. It looks nice with my scary Halloween spider don't you think?
Another drop stitch pattern in silk I bought a couple of years ago from a yarn store that was going out of business. It is a sad day when a yarn store has to close, but I got this beautiful silk yarn with little sequins in it for 70% off. This is my car project. Always in my car, ready to make a row or two in car line, heavy traffic, or unexpected meetings I have to attend. I took it to my sons mandatory PTA meeting last week and finished it there. Not bad use of my time!

I bought this beauty at a little town I went to in New York, with Claudia and Don. She is lovely. I love Halloween, I decorate my whole house. My oldest son has a birthday on Halloween so that makes it even more special. This year he turns 16!!!!! That is very scary.

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Claudia said...

I love the way the witch looks in your family room! I hadn't seen the blue silk scarf - so pretty and it has sequins? Ooh la la! You are becoming a fairly regular blogger, Mer! I'm proud of you!