Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rhinebeck Treats!

My obsession with all things Rhinebeck continues. I know I didn't post for a whole month because I was too busy with Son #1 having Swine Flu, Pneumonia, complications of Pneumonia and pulmonary effusion. All that time I was busy knitting and working, just not posting. Anyway..... Rhinebeck was cold and beautiful. The colors of Autumn were everywhere. U take a picture of the tree below every year. It is always dressed up in its finest for the festival. The crowds were manageable, probably because we arrived before it actually started.

Below is the barkcloth bag I purchased for myself. As far as I am concerned you can never have enough bags to put your knitting in. I love the colors and the size. It is smaller than Claudia's, but perfect for a scarf or socks. I like to keep a small project bag in my car for when I am waiting to pick up my kids. This will be perfect.

I bought this beautiful silk. I bought a beautiful raspberry color last year and I made a delicate drop stitch shawl/scarf, which I had on this year for another layer of warmth. I loved working with it so much, and I though it was very reasonable so I bought undyed cream and this silver/gray.

I also bought a beautiful yummy chocolate brown bulky wool, variegated blue to make another bag, and a kit to make a knitted sheep scarf. How can you pass that up for $10?

Last but not least was a little license plate cover that say,"I'd rather be knitting". I believe a more true statement has never been said!


beth said...

I have the same license plate frame!!
Looks like you did well at the festival. Can't wait to see what the knitted sheep scarf looks like.

I hope both of your sons are feeling better. It is pretty scary how this swine flu is affecting kids so severely.

Claudia said...

Hi sister! I love your post and seeing photos of all your finds brings back memories of last weekend. Can it really only have been a week ago?

Mrs. Staggs said...

I was just thinking that Beth needs one of those license plate frames, and then read here that she has one! LOL! Well, so much for that gift idea.

Your knitting is quite wonderful, so it will be fun to see everything that you will make with the yarn.

I love the bag that Claudia came home with last year. Yours is very nice too!