Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rhinebeck with Claudia Part I

My sister Claudia of Mockingbirdhillcottage@blogspot.com and I made our annual trip to Rhinebeck for the The New York Sheep and Wool Festival. This is our third year in a row. As I live in Florida where it is still fairly warm the trip is a wonderful break for me. First, I get to visit with the most wonderful sister in the world Claudia, my fabulous brother-in-law Don and Scout and Riley. I also get to experience fall. This year I actually got to experience more like early winter temperatures. When I got off the plane it was raining, by the time we made it to Claudia's it was snowing. It was cold out the whole trip.

Besides all the amazing hand dyed yarns available at the festival both Claudia's and my favorite part about the festival is the animals. We are both crazy animal lovers. The sheep are all so different. This baby really loved Claudia as did the Alpaca below. I think they can tell when they find an animal lover. They like to smooch us as much as we like to smooch them. Can you tell that Claudia is in heaven?
Even though the festival is stocked with beautiful sheep, alpacas and llamas my favorite animals are Claudia and Don's babies Riley and Scout. I think they know I am their Aunt. They are very affectionate with me. Riley has matured so much. He isn't skittish at all around me anymore. He is very trusting, he even let me scratch his ears!

Scout has always been a bit obsessed with me. She is almost always at my side. She gazes dreamily into my eyes. She is very dramatic, hmmm... wonder where she gets that from? I miss them both already.

I was spoiled rotten with wonderful dinners, lovely conversation, time to knit, and rest. I got to get wonderful sister hugs that have filled up my tank and should last me a bit. I have been very overwhelmed with my children being so ill and trying to help them catch up. I have been very worried about them, working, and trying to keep it all together. This trip was an oasis in the craziness of my life. More soon.


Claudia said...

Oh, I love this post, sweet sister! The photos of the dogs are great - I may steal the photos of me and the animals and put them on my blog - is that okay with you? I will also link to your post. I miss you terribly - I texted you yesterday. Check your phone! I'm off to Wilmington and you can reach me on my cell.

Love to the best sister in the world.


Donna said...

Awww, I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit with Claudia and her family, despite the COLD weather!! What incredible gifts you made and picked out for Claudia. You are incredibly talented!

I knew I could come here and find more great photos of your trip to NY so I followed Claudia's link! I LOVE the photos of Claudia with the animals at the fair, and your photos of Scout and Riley! So precious!!

I'm glad you had a safe trip back to FL and I hope your children are feeling better in no time at all. .. All my best, Donna

Beth said...

I think the animals do know when they are around loving souls. Great shots of the sheep as well as the pretty pups. I'm so glad you had a great time with Claudia at the fair and at home.