Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have finished my alpaca/sheep scarf. Isn't it adorable? I bought this kit in Rhinebeck for a whopping $10. It is supposed to be an alpaca, but most non-knitterly people probably don't have a clue what an alpaca is, so I will call it a sheep for them. It is a sampler scarf, but of course if you know me at all, I had to change the pattern. I decided to do the entire scarf in basket weave stitch, with a 3 stitch border. I thought it looked a lot more like fur, and frankly I don't need practice with stitch patterns.

This has been my car project. I always have a smaller project in my car that I can pick up at car circle, swim practice, orthodontist appointments, you get the drift. It is comforting to know that I always have something to do if I get stranded anywhere. I will have to find a new car project now, but that shouldn't be to hard. Hope you are having a lovely day.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Your Alpaca is so cute super knitting job.
I have a CT Scan Thursday they want to see what is happening inside my abdomen before proceeding seems my organs are not in there original spaces my mother-in-law asks me if I do anything easy I'm thinking nope.Hugs Darcy

Claudia said...

It is adorable, Mer. I forgot about you buying that kit. It sure turned out well!


tina said...

That is the cutest thing!!!!!! I won't go into the story about how when I'm an old woman (not far to go) I won't need a scarf at all but merely eyebrow pencil and, well I will stop there! Cute cute cute is your scarf!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica@The White Bench said...

OMG Meredith!!!!! How cute is that???
Hope you're enjoying May!

Beth said...

What a cute scarf! Alpacas are just the cutest. I took several photos of some of them at last weekend's sheep and wool festival. I will have to post soon.
My car project is usually socks...until I get to the heel!!
Have a great day!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I just read on Posie's blog that she loves Alpaca the best for many projects, and I think it does seem to knit and crochet very nicely. Your scarf turned out great!

I tend to keep a book in my purse, and sometimes a little bit of handstitching. Now, I'm thinking I should buy an extra hook, and put the baby yarn in my car for making preemie caps, when I need something to do. I'm often at hospitals with relatives. It can go on for hours and days sometimes, so it would be good to have a project for those emergency times.