Friday, August 20, 2010


Max has been one happy boy. My sister Claudia has been visiting for the last 10 days and he has been in heaven. You see as you have learned about Max in the past he is a deeply caring, old soul. He loves very deeply and he loves his Aunt Claudie very, very, much. When he first saw her after 2 years, he cried, and cried, and barked, and jumped up to kiss her face. He couldn't get enough of her. Of course I have been cast aside, because he loves her. Just look at his face while he holds her hand. I finished my Debbie Bliss vest. Claudia was nice enough to take my picture both front and back. I know the grey t-shirt and shorts doesn't really look the best with alpaca/silk, but it was the best I could do on a very, hot day.

I decided not to put sleeves on as frankly I was sick of knitting it. I also live in Florida where a full sweater of alpaca/silk can be a touch too warm. I haven't blocked it yet, and the front of it feels a bit heavy where it crosses over, but I still like it. The pattern doesn't call for alpaca/silk rather a cotton yarn by Debbie Bliss. I understand why now as this is very heavy. But in keeping with my knitting mantra of late, I want to knit things I learn from and I learned a lot from this vest. I knit on a diagonal, and pieced it together without sleeves. I adapted the armhole and I think it works. I look forward to a cold Florida day when I can put it on and look dazzling. Right now I think it can wait as it is 91 degrees out with 95% humidity.

Back to my sisters visit. She came down to see my aging parents. Not an easy trip for her as she now sees what is really going on as opposed to hearing about it. They loved having her as did my family. The only problem is Max. This is what he looks like when she leaves. He goes into his "crib" and won't come out. He will venture out to go for a walk or to get a treat, but then it is right back in. Not even playing ball with my husband has helped much today. He just doesn't understand why people he loves have to leave. I think Max would love if his whole extended family lived in one house, everyone but kids of course.

I'd much rather see him looking happy, cuddling his Aunt Claudia. Please visit Claudia's blog at for more on our visit. Claudia, our house is sad now that you have gone back home to New York. Come back soon.
By the way my son did take time off in all events in California. He didn't do as well as he would have liked but it was a very good experience for him. I got to see him swim live on a web cast so at least I could experience some of it from Florida.


Claudia said...

I was going to call to see how Max is doing. He's breaking my heart! Please tell him I love him and I will be back soon. I am crazy about that boy. I miss you all!


Beth said...

Sweet Max! Animals are so perceptive. They know more about what's going on then some people give them credit for. I'm sure everyone is missing Aunt Claudia. Visits with loved ones are very special.
Your vest looks fabulous! I can feel the softness of the yarn through the monitor.
Enjoy the weekend,

tina said...

SUPER cute vest!!!!!! Love it! And what a sweet post!

Monica@The White Bench said...

The red vest is gorgeous, Meredith! You did a great job knitting in diagonal (not that I can judge!;)))
I understand sweet Max, Kim is always sad when my parenbts (she adores!) go away. And cries and cries and smiles BIG when they arrive!! You should see her.

do you mind if i knit said...

That vest is beautiful! Really, it's fantastic! Max is adorable! My Douglas dislikes children too, infact he hides from them, poor boy, so I understand where Max is coming from. Love Vanessa xxx