Monday, August 23, 2010

The Sheep Are Here!

When my sister Claudia was working in San Diego, CA. She was antique shopping and found these lovely little sheep. When she posted about them on her blog I immediately had to have them. You see, as a knitter and profound yarn-a-holic, and I love everything sheep. I also love everything alpaca, but that is another post.

These babies are about an inch and a half tall. They are just so tiny. They have little legs the size of a wooden match. They have been living on my shelf for a several weeks waiting for Claudia to come for a visit.
She dressed them in these darling hats and helped me put them in the case with Dinah. I think after about 100 years she deserves some friends.

They look so happy in their finery at Dinah's feet. She won't look so lonely now. Aren't they adorable?
To learn more about Dinah, visit my post on Jan 23, 2010

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Claudia said...

I love the way the sheep look with Dinah. It is as if she is the shepherdess and they are the sheep she is protecting.