Sunday, September 12, 2010


I know it has been a while since I have written a post so here is a small update on all the goings on here in Mereknits-land.

We have a new house guest. He is a lovely young man, 16 years old from Texas, here to train with my sons club swim team. I have been very busy trying to get him settled in, registered in school and on his high school swim team. When we were asked about this situation we left it up to my oldest son. He met this young man when he was here this summer training, but staying with another family. The first thought out of my sons mouth was his concern about his best friends feelings. Now that is a sign of maturity. We assured him that his best buddy will always be loved and welcome in our house, that will never change. He made the decision that this was the best place for our new guest to stay. Another sign of maturity, and if you have read anything about my blog before, you know I will take any sign I can get from my oldest. My 13 year old was fine with it all, so that was easy. Our guest arrived a week and a half ago, his Mother was here for the holiday weekend. I wanted her to stay with us so she could get to know us and see for herself where her son will be living. So now in a sense I am the proud Mother of three, all of them teenagers and frankly all of them with way too much testosterone.

My Mother continues to be a big focus. She has now been in rehab for 2 weeks and the progress is minimal. I finally figured out she was without two of her medications for 12 days, and was hopeful that once she was back on them that things would change. They really haven't. It is so sad to see someone you love give up. She doesn't have a medical diagnosis that would explain her downward spiral. Rather she has failure to thrive, a diagnosis I often see with the kids I work with. No one can motivate her to try and regain her strength, only her. We arranged a visit today with my husband and Max my wonderful, crazy golden retriever, even that didn't make her smile. She barely pet him and really wanted to go in to the facility after a very short visit. I know it is hot out, but I really think she just doesn't care. At my 4 PM visit, this afternoon she was already in bed. How can you fight with that?

As for knitting, well that is totally been put on the back burner. But before all the issues with our guest and my Mom,I had been knitting a blanket for my oldest son. He picked the colors red and white, and wanted stripes. He kept asking and asking but I kept ignoring him, as 16 year old boys often ask for something, then later not want it at all. I finally realized that it was important to him, so I started it a few weeks ago. It was strange I really felt this urge to kit it even though I really am not a blanket knitter, they take way too long to complete and my attention span just doesn't usually make it that long. But I really felt compelled to start knitting it. Now I think I understand. I think my son needs to see me knitting this blanket for him due to our new house guest. You see it is hardest on him even though it was his decision. Our guest is one of the best young swimmers in the country. My son while a very good swimmer is not quite there, yet. He works hard, and is improving all the time but still to have this kid dropped in his lap, getting all the swimming attention from his coach is a bit much. I don't ever want my boy to feel slighted, because he is my son and I love him more than he will ever know. So maybe a blanket of red and white stripes is the visual he needs to see that he is loved.

My next door neighbor is getting good news from test results performed last week. I finally got to visit her last Wednesday and she looks good, just weak. I know she is bored staying in an apartment near the hospital in Tampa, but she has no choice. I wish I could get over there more, but that isn't an option at this point.

I know I have been rambling on and on. With work and high school swim season in full swing I thought I would catch up now before I get bogged down with my week.

I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful, wonderful week.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Thankyou for visiting me and leaving a comment I was just thinking I need to finish up the papers for my daughters first grade teacher as well as bath the girls since tomorrow is a school day.
It is sad about your Mom maybe if she watched you knit it might peak her interest for helping with the blanket?
Sounds like a full house it is awesome that you can open your hearts and home to this young man:)Hugs Darcy

Claudia said...

I think you're right about D. I never thought about the fact that it might be tough for him with a house guest who is a great swimmer. Bless his heart.

What do we do with a Mom who doesn't seem to want to thrive? It makes my heart heavy. Thank God, truly, for you and John who are there for Mom and Dad. You are angels.


tina said...

HUGS HUGS and MORE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!