Friday, October 1, 2010

Update II

Things continue to be crazy here at my house. Are you sick of me saying that yet? As I rarely have time to read blogs let alone post I thought I would just simply post pictures with a little info about them.

Max is depressed as usual. You see his Father has been away for a few days and we have had a baby in the house. This combination is just too much for him to handle.

Yes, this is the baby. My great niece has made a visit to Florida to meet her family. Is this not the absolute cutest face you have ever seen?

On to other news. Last weekend my oldest was in a conference swim meet. He won both his events and his relay team won both their races, and actually broke a meet record. Here he is being interviewed by Brooke Bennet the famous Olympian, who now works for our local news channel. Many of the high school swimmers were interviewed. No he doesn't usually dress like this after a swim meet, it was also the evening of the Homecoming Dance.

This is an update on the blanket I am knitting my son (see above photo). I am a few skeins past this point but this is my most recent photo. He likes it and it is not a bad knit, just a bit boring. And like I said in a previous post it is really important to him, so I knit on, and on, and on. He asked me why it was taking so long, so I added the number of stitches, multiplied by the number of rows per skein, and found out that by the end of this blanket I will have knit over 46,600 stitches. That is why it is taking so long!

This is a prayer shawl being made by my knitting group for one of our members. She is in Germany for special treatment for esophageal cancer. She is doing great, but we miss her. Everyone is knitting six inches. I think she will be touched.
Other news includes my next door neighbor. She is doing so well since her bone marrow transplant she may be able to come home early next week. That is at least a month early. She will still need to go back and forth to the hospital several times a week, but that is still a lot better than staying in an apartment an hour away from home.
My Mom seems a tiny bit better. I have arrived the last two days to catch her in the middle of therapy. She is walking a bit better and longer. Hopefully she will be coming home, with help, soon.
Hi to all my blogging friends. I miss you all and wish you a wonderful weekend.


Beth said...

Hi Meredith. What great photos in this post. Everyone's face is so expressive!! Cuties all around. Glad to read that your mom is a little bit better. Sometimes baby steps are all we can do / hope for. The prayer shawl is a really nice group project idea. I'll have to keep that in mind. I'm enjoying our fall weather...makes me want to knit. And congrats on your Rays winning the division title. Hopefully my Yankees will win the conference ;-)

Claudia said...

How did I miss this post? It didn't show up on my reader. Of course, I already know all this, but it's nice to see a photo of my handsome nephew and my great niece who is ADORABLE. Oh, and my Maxie, too.


A. Warped, knitter said...

Glad to hear that your mom is doing better. Prayer shawls are such a nice project- working on them is a kind of therapy for the knitter and using them cheers the recipient- two positives.