Thursday, October 14, 2010

Up Late

It is that wonderful time of the year when my oldest has to make a visit to Hall-O-Scream at Busch Gardens. I am the unlucky parent who is on pick up duty so I thought I would post, to keep myself awake before my very, very late departure. Halloween is really my favorite Holiday. I love the fun of decorating and not having to buy presents! My oldest son was born on Halloween, which as I always say, it explains a lot about his personality. The cat hat above is my only Halloween purchase this year. I couldn't resist.

Last year while visiting my sister I found this beauty. Doesn't she look lovely on my cow? Every year I visit my sister on this weekend so we can go to The New York Sheep and Wool Festival, or better know in the knitting community as Rhinebeck. Due to the situation with my parents I thought I had better stay at home this year. But I will be imagining the beautiful Fall weather, the crispness in the air, the beautiful faces of the sheep and alpaca's, the amazing yarn and of course spending time with my sister. To all those attending Rhinebeck I wish you the very best, buy some yarn in my honor.

Last Friday I was cruising through my many blogs and came upon this lovely crochet heart on While on Knitpurlgirl I was lead to the creator of the heart, Teresa Kasner, of Teresa provides the directions for this heart on her blog. The directions are really easy and extremely clear. I am a beginner at crochet. I made a baby blanket of granny squares and some edging around a blanket or two, but that is as far as my experience goes. So if I can make this, believe me you can too.

I have to admit I got a bit obsessed and made several out of different kinds of yarn to see how they would work. The thick yarn made some really fun, folk like hearts that would be great for trivets. The silk bamboo, made tiny heats that are very beautiful. So now that I have had a bit of crochet fun I have to go back to knitting my sons blanket. I have 2 1/2 skeins left. Give me strength, I am almost finished.
Have a great weekend.


Claudia said...

Wish you were here, sister! It just doesn't seem right for you not to be sitting on the sofa knitting with Scout obsessing about you every moment.

The hearts are beautiful. I downloaded the directions and maybe I'll get my crochet hook back out!


tina said...

I never did the Halloween thing----- living in 'paradise' it just didn't gel somehow. Now that I've been a mainland girl for several years I find myself enjoying the BOO Scene quite a bit. Love your things---- super cute. Take care, be gentle on YOU!

BRSMaryland said...

Hi Meredith. I figured Rhinebeck wasn't in the cards for this year.
Sometimes it's nice to try something different, like crochet a heart. Keeps your mind and fingers nimble ;-)
Have fun prepping for Halloween and a bday.

Monica@The White Bench said...

Love your witch! And the hearts are simply adorable... thanks for the tip, I'm off to explore Teresa's blog... even if I shouldn't crochet AT ALL!!!!!!!
Thanks for your fun and lovely comment too!
P.S Belly rubs to that handsome boy in the previous post!;))