Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm In Love!!!!!!

Maybe a better phrase is, "I'm obsessed!" Once again I was blog stalking Teresa Kasner's blog at She has some amazing crochet skills. She was making the Queen's Anne Crochet Scarf. Well I took one look at it and thought, I can do that. I googled the scarf. Came up with a pattern, and became incredibly obsessed. I am still working on the one above, but it is scarf number 3! This one is made from Kaffe fasset Colourscape Chunky. Pulled from my stash. It is fun to see this pattern in a chunky yarn. It has a much more 3-D effect. It will be perfect for my friend Lynda who lives in North Carolina.

Here is a picture of the three I have made so far. On the bottom in Noro Silk Garden. Another one of my stash yarns. It took a full skein and made a very light, airy scarf. Just above that is the one made with Mochi Plus, from Crystal Palace yarns. Smaller in diameter, more intense in color, and very, very, soft to the touch. The Kaffe Fassett is at the top. You can see the difference in size, but they are all great in ther own way. I made the Mochi scarf as I was waiting between prelims and finals of my sons state swim meet. It kept me as calm as I could possibly be. He made it to finals in both of his events. He ended up 5th on the 200 Im and 3rd in the 100 Breast. The top three got to go up on the podium. What a treat to see. His relay teams got 3rd and 4th. So he was up on the podium getting a medal in two events. What a stressful day! These kids will never know how hard it is on us parents watching them perform.

This was the start of it all. I downloaded the pattern for free. The colors are so fascinating in how they blend with each other. I am sure you can make it in a solid, but the color change was just what I needed especially after finishing the Big Red Monster.

Yes, here it is. 64 inches long, 62 inches wide. A Big Red Pain In My Butt. But my son really likes it. He came downstairs wrapped in it Sunday morning. So tired after his big day on Saturday. He reminded me of when he was little, sleepy and wrapped in a blanket. It was worth every minute of knitting, and worth every stitch, even if there were over 46,600 of them.
Thanks for all the positive swimming thoughts. They really helped.


by Teresa said...

Hi Mere! I loved your blog today, and how sweet of you to mention my blog and that I've inspired you! It just made my day! I bet your are proud of that son of yours, and I just love swimming too! I love your 3 scarves and I agree, that pattern just thrills done in the mixed colors. Hugs, from Teresa

Claudia said...

I've already downloaded the pattern and you can bet I'm going to make one. or two. or three. I'll call you later today, sister.


Toni S said...

Oh, the scarf is wonderful!!! And the blanket does look quite snuggly. Good thing after all that knitting!

by Teresa said...

Hi there! I was given the "Beautiful Blogger Award" today and have selected YOU as one of my BBA recipients! Stop by my blog and receive your award! :-)