Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Things To Be Thankful For

Teresa Kasner of, was very, very kind in "Tagging" me.

She apparently does not mind me blog stalking her, which I really appreciate. As we are in Thanksgiving week, I have decided to put a bit of a spin on being tagged. I am going to write 10 things about which I am extremely thankful for. I challenge you all to do the same.

1. Yarn, yarn, and more yarn. I love the way it looks, feels and smells. I love to knit, weave and now to crochet. I can calm down just walking into a yarn store. I love all the different types of yarn, and all the amazing colors. I have been knitting since I was 22. Now that I am pretty old, that is a very long time. I was taught to knit by three lovely women I worked with in Lynchburg, Va. In my very first job out of college. They used to knit on their lunch hour and I was fascinated. They taught me how to knit a dish cloth. And let me tell you they were relentless, if I made a mistake they ripped it out with a laugh, right in front of my eyes! They will never know how they have changed my life.

2. Yarn, (please see above). I know I love it so much I had to add it in again. I learned to crochet from my Grandmother when I was very little. I made a granny square blanket for my stuffed rabbit Peter. I still have Peter and the blanket. I didn't crochet again until a couple of years ago when my lovely sister Claudia of, refreshed my memory. And lets just say she has had to refresh it several times since.

3. And of course at the very top of my list is my family. This picture was taken a couple of years ago in Antigua. Yes, I am holding a giant sting ray. My family means more to me than anything. I am so blessed to have them even if they do drive me insane! My sons are 17 and 13 1/2. They are growing and thriving and for the most part very typical teenagers. While I think they should text me their where abouts more often, put away their laundry and get better grades. They are good boys and I love every single cell in their bodies.

Along with my boys and husband, I am thankful for all my In-Laws and my Niece and Nephews, and all their children, and all my extended family.

4. My husband and I have been married 18 1/2 years. We are still going strong which I am very, very thankful for. He is a great friend and a fantastic Father. We met on a blind date. I was working with a friend of his who pestered me for 3 weeks to go out with him. Our first date was a disaster, but my co-worker lied to him and told him that I really liked him and thought he was wonderful. As is typical of most men, he couldn't resist calling me after he heard this. I wasn't to thrilled to hear his voice on the phone, but after chatting for an hour I thought I would give him one more chance. We have been together ever since. As in most marriages everyday is not a piece of cake, but on the whole we have a very solid marriage. He makes me laugh and cry. He is solid through thick and thin. In this day an age a marriage of 18 years is to be celebrated!

5. I am thankful for my health and the health of my family. Minus the fact that I have a bladder infection at this time, I have been really healthy. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Type II Hodgkin's Disease. After 9 weeks of pretty brutal radiation, and a year of waiting I was cancer free. I don't mind getting a year older because that is proof that I am still here.

6. On the same thought I am so thankful that my next door neighbor is home from her bone marrow transplant and is doing well. She had Hodgkin's Disease 15 years ago and came down with Leukemia due to her treatments. She has recently had a scan and is free of cancer at this point. She is getting stronger everyday. But now is the hard part, waiting and waiting and more waiting. I'll be here for her every step of the way.

7. My parents are still here and my Mother is now home from the rehab facility. It has been a long, slow process but as of this moment she is doing better. I know that this is a slight reprieve because she has been getting so much therapy, but I'll take what I can get. Its hard to see your parents declining a little at a time.

8. My sister Claudia is always here for me. She comes down to help take care of my parents if I ask. And even better she listens to me when I am totally going crazy. She calms me down and just lets me vent. My parents are difficult at best. They are lovely, but they are getting older and more needy. They aren't able to filter their thoughts and words as much so now there just seems to be more agitation between all of us. Claudia helps me remain calm through all of this storm. And I have to add that Claudia is probably the funniest person I know. When she starts laughing I can't control myself. Her laugh is beautiful and her smile is even better. Along with Claudia I am thankful for all my friends. This includes the ones I talk to all the time, and my college friends I talk to every few months but can call day or night. And of course all my blogging friends. You all have a special place in my heart.

9. I am thankful for my home. I am blessed to have a lovely home, filled with antiques, some of which are family heirlooms and some I have found. I would love to live on the water, or in the mountains. But for now I am happy to be here in my home with neighbors I love, making mostly happy memories as we go along.

10. I really love my job. I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist. I work mostly with babies exposed to drugs or alcohol in utero. I have seen some unbelievable changes in these babies. To think that I have had a part in molding their future is a gift to me everyday. Not all of them get better, but I can try to help them function at their highest level. Not every day is great, some days are pretty tough, but on the whole I have picked the right career. And only working 4 mornings a week helps me stay fresh. Taking care of my family is a full time job, so my therapy work is icing on the cake.

11. Wait I know I said 10 things, but I need to say something about Max. Max is the most wonderful dog in the world. He is a crazy sensitive, has food allergies, a bad hip, a disease that makes his facial muscles atrophy, and he happy pees when he is really happy to see someone. I wouldn't change a thing about him. It took me 15 years to talk my husband into a dog. When he finally said yes, we got Max the next week. He was the runt of the litter and has had more vet bills than I ever care to add up. He now weighs 85 pounds. But we are glad he picked us to be his family. He blesses our home every minute of the day.

Hope you all will write 10 things you are thankful for. Teresa, thanks for picking me and I hope I did you proud!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


by Teresa said...

Hi Meredith! What a heartfelt list of thanks. I'm going to think of some things to be thankful too... hugs, Teresa

Claudia said...

That is the best list, Mer! Well written and very moving. I think I might take you up on your challenge, sister!

I'm thankful for you, for the deep love we have for each other. I'm grateful for your friendship and support every day. And I'm thankful for John, Dave, Jake and Max!


BRSMaryland said...

I love that yarn was #1 AND #2!!!
What a nice twist to the 10 things list. We all have much to be grateful for.
Have a wonderful day with your family.
hugs, Beth

A. Warped, knitter said...

I'm thankful that this world has strong women, like yourself. What a lovely list.