Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gracie's House

This Thanksgiving was very, very special. Gracie, my Mother-In-Law had Thanksgiving in her home for the last time. We had 31 family and friends there to celebrate. Thanksgiving has always been Gracie's favorite Holiday. My Brother-In-Law and his family do not celebrate Christmas and Easter, with all the holiday presents and decorating. Until recently they would not even acknowledge birthdays, but they always had Thanksgiving with the family. As their beliefs have softened, and their children have grown and started families of their own, Thanksgiving still has remained the time that the Morgan family has gathered. We always fly up for the extended weekend and join in all the fun. It is my children's favorite holiday as they get to see all their family, especially their cousins.
Gracie is 92 years young. She is an amazing person in every way. After Thanksgiving this year she packed up her house and is moving into a independent living apartment. It is so tough for her. She has lived in this big, beautiful house for 61 years. She has raised her children, nursed her father and husband here. She has lived alone for 30 years and remained amazingly active. This house has been her friend during dark cold winters, and bloomed again every spring. Grace has weathered many storms in this house, made thousands of meals for her family and friends, and laughed a thousand laughs in this house.

I feel sad for Gracie even if this is the best decision. I have a feeling that the house feels so very sad, too. Gracie has been the heart and soul of this house for so long. She wanted to die here, and I can't blame her. This will always be known as the Morgan's house. And I don't think it will ever be the same without Gracie living in it.


Claudia said...

Bless Grace. I know this is hard for her. I can't even imagine the thoughts going through her head and she prepares to leave her beloved home. 61 years. I have an image in my mind of a house crying. Hopefully, another loving family will come along and fill it with laughter.


by Teresa said...

What a beautiful home and the story of a wonderful woman. I wish she didn't have to leave. :-(

tina said...

a lovely story. I hope and pray that her memories sustain her and her family continues to bring comfort and joy.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Meredith,
I am visiting you via your sis..
I love your blog and have become a follower.I love all kinds of needle work and also knit and crochet.
Have a sweet day,

A. Warped, knitter said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of Gracie with us.

BRSMaryland said...

What a beautiful tribute. It takes a special person to make a house a home, filled with so many happy memories.