Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Tale

I am sure that here in the Morgan household we are like most families across the country and all over the world. How are we so similar you ask? The answer is that I am in charge of 95% of all things Christmas, and my husband is in charge of 5%. I am sure you are getting the gist of this blog post already. I am in charge of getting ideas for presents, shopping, wrapping, shipping, decorating, taking the annual Christmas picture and writing cards. Maybe I should tell you what I am not in charge of.......putting up outside lights (I gave that up a couple of years ago), getting the Christmas tree and putting the lights on it, and shopping for my own present. Oh I forgot my husband cooks Christmas dinner, thank goodness because if I did we would all be ill.

My husband (who I love very much), hired someone to put up the 10 strands of outside Christmas lights this year. Not a bad move as this person has a small child and really needed the money, so that left him with one less task to complete.

I have been working on Christmas for several months. Maybe it was through making a gift or just the unbelievable amount of time it takes to get ideas for people. I have been on the web, looking in stores and catalogs. I have been ordering and checking my list, again and again. I decorated before we left for Thanksgiving and have been shopping almost on a daily basis.

That leaves us with last Monday. Husband goes out to buy a Christmas tree. He comes home with a 6 foot tree, which I have to say is a tiny bit small for my house. He put one strand of lights on and realized we didn't have anymore. Tuesday, I have a Christmas tree with one strand of change there (husband working till late so I am cutting him some slack). Wednesday, Husband decided he might actually have to go out and buy lights, comes home with 2 boxes of 100 lights and begins to put them on the tree. Here is where I come into the scene......

ME: "Uh.... I don't think you can put lights with a white cord on a green Christmas tree."

Husband: "Really...does it really matter?"

Me: "Yes I think it does....."

Husband: "They don't have anymore lights at Target!"

Me: "Well you might have to go somewhere else like Walgreens, CVS, Home Depot, or Lowes"

Husband: "S*#t."

My thoughts exactly.


Claudia said...

Same thing happened to us last year. We got lights with a white cord. No good. Had to go search for white lights with a green cord.



A. Warped, knitter said...

My husband, being a use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without kinda guy suggests using a small can of green paint and a little tiny paint brush on that white cord. Not liking to throw anything away, he thinks he has some in the garage that he could lend you...

by Teresa said...

lololololol! I can sooooo relate to your post! I do all the holiday planning, the cards, the addressing, the decorating, the present buying and wrapping, etc. Hubby does bring the boxes down, puts up the fake tree and complains a lot. :-)