Friday, February 11, 2011

13 1/2

 Just a quick post today to introduce you to my thirteenth completed project of the year. I took this pink scarf off my loom a couple of days ago, but did not have the time to post about it.  The yarn is Joann's, Angel Hair Sensations.  A very soft acrylic yarn that is fun to work with.  This scarf is for me, and let me tell you I have been wearing it every day.  It is 50 degrees out and grey.  While that sounds like a heat wave to most of you, 50 degrees in Florida is very chilly, the  humidity makes it feel a lot colde,r and damp, damp, damp.  I am still working on the perfect scarf length on my loom.  This is a bit wide and long, perfect for me and my almost 5' 10 height, but long for anyone else. 
 I have spent any spare time available this week crocheting this very fun hexagon bag together.  I am ready to felt it just as soon as I get all my regular laundry completed.  I am really looking  forward to seeing how the bag changes with the felting process.  Right now it is about 15 x 15.  I have some handles to put on after it is done.  So that is why I am at only 13 1/2 projects completed at this time. 
Doesn't the bag look lovely with a bit of tulip fun?  I just love, love, love tulips in all different colors.  These Valentine tulips are a bit a cheer on my kitchen table.

Off to clean.  The young man living with us is getting a visit from his Mother this weekend.  She is staying with us in our playroom on a futon.  I better make sure she has a nice clean room to stay in.  With three boys using it you can only imagine how cluttered it can get.  She flies in this evening and stays until Sunday afternoon.  So nice she can spend time with her son, and I only have to mother two boys for a couple of days. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


by Teresa said...

Hi Meredith! Love your scarf and the hexie bag! I'm getting some phone calls made today that I should have done earlier this week, but I've been spending a lot of time with my grandkids this week. Priorities!

Hugs, Teresa

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith,
The scarf is so lovely, wish I was 5'10". I'm short 5'2" and my husband is 6'1" so I really look like a shrimp. Can't wait to see how the bag turns out, please show us. Have a great weekend. xoRobin❤

Kelly said...

Hi Meredith! I laughed when I saw the 50's were chilly. I was talking with my friend in Tampa and she said it was in the 60's and she turned on the heat and had the kids in sweaters, thought that was hillarious. We are expecting it to be in the 30's finally and I think that is warm, considering what is has been here. It is all what you are used to. I can't wait to get to FL! Anyway, LOVE the scarf and bag, gorgeous. Love your color choices! ♥

BRSMaryland said...

You are rockin' the projects - very cool!!
Hope you have a nice weekend with your family and visitor. I'm sure his Mom will be thrilled to see her son and is so thankful to you that he is doing well in his 'second' home.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
xo beth

Sara said...

The bag is so beautiful now! Can't wait to see it felted. :)

Clara said...

Your scarf is so pretty. The hex!

Lena said...

Your scarf and your bag are both so pretty, Meredith, and the colors look very nice with your beautiful tulips.

I think you are so talented, and I'm amazed at how quickly you make things!

Monica@The White Bench said...

OMG! You've been a busy bee :))
Just lovely!
I love tulips too, even in multiple shades.
Monica x