Monday, February 7, 2011

This and That

 This is a picture of my beautiful boy during the Super Bowl.  He wasn't too happy that we had 19 people here for a party, most of whom were 13- 18 years old.  As I have said before Max does not like children.  As the children around us age he continues to not like them, just like when they were little.  If any of them come near him, he growls and starts to shake.  It is so sad.  I finally had to make him go into my room into my husbands closet.  He is safe there.  There was lots of yelling and screaming going on at my house.  My husband is from Wisconsin and I have lived there twice for short periods of time.  My children have lived there, and well we had a lot of friends who have become Packer fans because they are always around us.  It is catchy just like the flu!
 On a side note I am 1 1/2 hexagon away from being finished.  I am loving these colors and having tons of fun making these for my felted bag.  Well actually not mine, but a gift to the girlfriend of the young man living with us.  She turns 16 in March so I thought this would be a fun present.  Different than any other presents she will be getting.  She has been watching me make this but has no idea it is for her.  I made her a Queen Anne's Lace Scarf for Christmas and she loved it.  She even had some professional pictures taken over the Holidays and guess what she wore in several of them?  Yup, the scarf!
 Speaking of the scarf.  I had unheard of time to crochet yesterday.  I went to see my youngest swim in a small swim meet yesterday.  As he was only in two events I did not volunteer to help at the meet.  I got there for warm ups and began this Queen Anne's Lace Scarf, or as my sister and I call it The Obsession Scarf.  I think this is probably my 15th or so, but I love it all the same.  I crocheted away as the swim meet progressed and all through the Super Bowl.  As I was crocheting I was saying this little mantra in my head...."Come on Packers you can do it".  I think it kept me calmer than anyone else in the house and by the end of the game I was finished!!!!  A win and a scarf, what could be better than that? And finished project number 12 for the year.  Again, made from Mochi Plus yarn, a very fun color changing yarn perfect for this project.
We had two Packer cakes made at our local grocery store, these were gobbled up in no time at all.  Sorry for you Steelers fans out there, but I have to say while most of your team deserved to win, I thought your quarterback did not.  Considering how he started off the season in trouble, and possibly not treating young women right, I just couldn't stand for him to win.  Even if the Packers weren't in the game I would have been rooting for another team.  So there you are all caught up on a very busy weekend.  Oh, by the way my party Friday with  all those lovely ladies went very nicely.  My taco soup was a big hit, which is still a bit baffling to me.  I made a triple batch and there were only 3 bowls left at the end of the party.  Five people canceled Friday morning, thank goodness or I wouldn't have had enough.  So onto a busy week.  Hope you all had a wonderful, safe weekend.


Claudia said...

Feel the same way about BR the quarterback. I told Don he was an A****** and that he didn't deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Feel the same way about Michael Vick. We did watch the last quarter and a half of the game and ended up cheering for the Packers. They really played well.

I think I have that colorway of Mochi Plus for the next scarf I am making.

Poor Max. Aunt Claudia would have gone into the bedroom with him and stayed with him.


Sara said...

Go Pack Go!

Poor Max.

Sara said...

A golden not liking children??? I can't imagine. Our golden likes anyone who will love her. She reminds me of the dog on the movie Up. If you even look at her she will love you. Your hexagons are so pretty! And what a lovely gift. Thanks for you nice comment at Tangled Happy. I am trying really hard to find projects the girls can do with me. Its so easy to get sucked in to a project on my own and lose track of time. Seems safer if we work together. :)

Karen said...

I'll bet Max was happy to wake up to a quiet house today!

I love the Queen Anne's lace scarf. I've done a little crocheting -- very little. Is it something a beginner could do?

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

I love your hexi's. The colours are mesmerizing!! It is going to be stunning. What a lucky girl. And the Queen Anne's lace scarf is so pretty, that self variegating yarn is fantastic. I have yet to make one. It must be addicting, by the sound of it. Great game on Sunday. We watched most of it. Sorry about your sweet doggie, that's sad, but hopefully he felt safe and protected in the closet. Have a great week. xoRobin❤

Kat said...

My dog is the same way just when I'm watching games. As soon as I start yelling at the TV she hides under the bed. She thinks I'm yelling at her. Nice cake - even if it is a Packers cake. j/k :-) I'm also loving the hexes. How many did you make? What size afghan are you making?

Beth said...

I can't wait to see the bag before and after pictures! The colors are great and I'm sure the young lady will like it.
I was rooting for the Packers too. I like the Steelers, especially their coach, but felt the Packers were more deserving. BR needs another off-season (and maybe full season) to prove to me he has reformed!

by Teresa said...

I need to go to my fancy yarn shop and get some of that nice silky alpaca dyed like that for a QAL scarf. The ones I've made so far are itchy!

Hugs, Teresa