Thursday, February 3, 2011


 Life has put a small damper on my ability to get much done on my crochet hexagon bag.  Yes there are 14 very fun hexagons pictured here, but if I wasn't so busy there would be a lot more.
 I am using Noro 100% wool for the centers.  I do the first and second round in the Noro and continue on in Cascade 220.  I am really having fun with this project that is when I get the chance to actually sit down and crochet.
 I love the subtle color changes in the Noro yarn, so each hexagon is slightly different.   I think this will felt beautifully.  I have never felted with Noro yarn before, but I have used Cascade 220 and it felts up just lovely.
 The colors make me smile, as I glance at my project basket while getting a million other things done.  I may actually have to make a date with myself in order to get some crochet time. 
Tomorrow I am having a clothing party for a friend of mine who is fairly new to this business.  It is like Tupperware or Pampered Chef but with expensive clothes.  I have been cleaning and making a big pot of turkey taco soup.  The problem with encouraging a friend to try a new business is that you now have to have parties for her.  I guess that is what friendship is all about.  I am expecting around 25 women at my house tomorrow at 11:00, wish me luck that my cooking doesn't make everyone ill!  I am not known for my cooking skills that is for sure.  I think I would rather be known for making a really cool felted hexagon bag if I ever get the chance to work on it.

Hope you are finding time in your busy day to do what you love to do.
Have a wonderful day.


Claudia said...

I know we are overdue for a talk! With snow (a foot) and then ice, I spent the last two days dealing with the mess. Today and tomorrow I'm in Manhattan. I haven't been able to get to my crochet, either.

Lots of other stuff going on - all stressful. But work is fun!


by Teresa said...

Hi there, I've been doing way too much too. You're a VERY good friend to have a party with 25 people coming.. yikes! Take photos and share with us, hugs, Teresa

Clara said...

The hex bag is going to be beautiful!

Wow, hope the party went well, that is a lot of work but I'm sure your friend will appreciate it and all of your help and encouragement too.

Lena said...

Goodness, I'm not sure I'd even know 25 women to invite to a party like that. I hope you all have fun. I bet you'll enjoy seeing everyone, and certainly friends are worth the effort, always.

Your bag is going to be really nice. I like the other one that you've shared, but the colors are especially nice in this one. I like the yarn you are using for the centers.

Take care.

Karen said...

These colors are beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Thanks for you comment about P&P. I loved Colin Firth in the King's Speech. Would love to see him play Mr. Darcy!

Louise said...

Hope the party went well. What you have crocheted looks great - nice and bright and cheery!

Janet said...

Hi Meredith,
Found you on Toni's blog, A little Yarn on the Side, enjoy reading your comments. And, yes the Noro does felt nicely. I made an Entralac bag and felted it down, using the Noro. Turned out wonderful.