Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your very kind comments about my flower shawl.  It is so fun to share with people who can really appreciate your hard work, and frankly your obsession.  That is another reason I love blogging so much, so many wonderful, creative people who are just as obsessed as I am.  And who do not think I am crazy at all for spending any spare moment I have doing something with yarn.
 As I had quite a bit of yarn left over I decided to make a flower scarf.  I ended up making 11 flowers, with various color combinations.  It was fast and so fun.  This is more of the original pattern I received for the Japanese Flower Shawl.  I tweaked mine to make the shawl, so it was fun to do something a tiny bit different for this scarf.  I can imagine myself wearing this scarf all spring and summer, can't you?  Such as easy project to make if you just want to experiment with the flowers and different colors.
 And what could all this grey be doing all rolled up and ready to go?  You guessed it shawl number 2 is already getting started.  I am using two strands of the light, and two strands of the dark grey held together to make the same thickness as the variegated grey located on top.  I can't even tell you what brand the solid alpaca is as I bought it directly out of the shipping box from my LYS.  The variegated grey is Cascade Farms Eco Duo in color 1703.  This is the same yarn I made several Queen Anne Lace Scarves with, and I am still as in love with it as I was before.    It is made from 70% baby alpaca and 30% undyed wool.  It is so soft you just want to hold it forever and never let it go. 
 Six flowers are complete already.  This shawl will have a totally different feel to it then the Berroco Primo Cotton shawl.  Each flower will be constructed the same exact way, the color change will be subtle and only on the outside, petal portion of the flowers.  This is where I am using the Cascade Farms yarn, so the changes will be enough to add interest, and depth but still be very subtle. 
 These two flowers are a great example of the slight color variation.  As these flowers are made of thicker yarn, I decided to add one more round to the pattern, so I will have three rows to the pattern instead of four like the first shawl.  I have gone from using an H hook to a J so that in itself will make a bigger flower. 
I'm not sure when the flower obsession will end,  Actually I'm not sure I want it to.

How are all your projects coming along on this fine Tuesday?


Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Meredith.. **LOVE** the greys and I am in love with Alpaca right now too. I'm with you, I'm going to be doing flowers for quite some time. They're so pretty!

Hugs, Teresa

Lena said...

Oh, this one is my favorite! Grey is one of my favorite colors to wear, and the variation in the shades makes the prettiest motif. Very pretty, Meredith. Subtle, but so nice.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, I love your 1st scarf and your 2nd one is so pretty and I'm sure really soft! I can't believe you are on your second one already, I need to get into this flower craze too! They really do look fun to make and quicker then most things. Maybe after my cozy. You do such nice work and you inspirer me! Have a lovely week. Thanks for visiting me...love your comments. xoRobin❤

brsmaryland said...

Beautiful and very elegant. You are on a roll!!

tina said...

That scarf may be gray but honey, I am pea green! :)

Rizzi said...


Sue Pinner said...

Hi Flowers are looking great love the greys as well as the coloured ones
Hope you are enjoying THE FLOWER BED?...some fabulous flowers and patterns are appearing already
Know what you mean about the garden...love it in the Spring the best
Hugs Suz