Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yarn Therapy

 Do you ever have such a crazy week, or weeks that you can't quite catch up for all the mess?  This has been the absolute, craziest last  few weeks for us at our home.  Nothing horrible, but lots of crazy let me tell you.  And when life gets crazy I used to go and buy shoes, not now it is purely yarn for me.  See above.  Beautiful yarn that I am not sure what to do with, but I am sure I will figure out.  As my life gets crazier do I try to focus on one project and get it done?  No, not me I have to start another.  Crazy = Attention Deficit apparently.

Remember when my oldest stopped swimming at his swim team of seven years, with the coach from he*l?  He is doing great, thriving to be exact, so we are so blessed by that.  My youngest decided to stop swimming 3 weeks ago.  Which at the time I was disappointed about because he has so much talent, the thing is he is very much like me, sensitive and not competitive.  It is hard following in his brothers shadow, even though we never put him there.  But I see now the  chance to give him a break has also given me a huge one.  I am no longer riding an hour to and from work every morning to turn around quickly, pick him up at school, and drive to swim practice.  His break has given me the gift of time.  Time I really didn't realize I needed so badly until I got a taste of it. 

So why the yarn therapy you ask?  The young man staying with us for the past 9 months, in order to train with my oldest sons,  previous, crazy swim coach, has been creating a lot of tension.  He misses my son at practice and I somehow feel he and his mother think my boy should be there for this ones benefit.  As I have told him a million times, you make the best decisions for you and my son will make the best decisions for him. The coach is filling his head with all sorts of horrible things about us, his crazy mother listens, and there you go, disaster. We have treated this young man so nicely these past 9 months.  Cared for him when he was sick, cared for him like family, and  kept a close eye on him and his ever present young girlfriend, (also here from Texas to train, and not with her parents). I have tried to be a good mother type figure to him, knowing his own wasn't always dealing with a full deck. 

 He left yesterday after school without telling us he was planning to go.  My husband actually pulled up as he was packing his car, they talked, he feels stressed and needs to move on.  At 17 that is a sad state of affairs, especially after he has been so happy here.  His coach and mother are pushing him, and making me out to be some kind of crazy woman.  It was time I know, but what a horrible way for them to plan this.  It should have been a nice exit, to a nice period in his life, so sad for him.  But it will be great to get my family unit back together, and not have the extra worry about a very active, teenager who is not mine.
 So yarn was in order don't you think?  I really don't drink, don't eat sugar, so yarn is the best retail therapy in the world.  I plan on sitting in my favorite evening spot tonight while the air is still nice from this little cool front we have had, and knit or crochet.
 I plan on looking at the beautiful evening sun as it lights up the trees in my back yard and be thankful I have a wonderful, intact family, I love so much.  I will send this young man positive thoughts on his journey, and hope that the last 8 1/2 months will end up meaning more to him, than the last crazy two weeks his coach and mother have created.
And I will send all of you, my dear friends loving thoughts.  Some healing thoughts for those who need it, thoughts of prosperity for those who need it, and of course thoughts of peace and contentment.

Have a lovely evening.


Grateful4Crochet said...

That sounds painful!!!
Hope the yarning makes it better. You have a lovely spot to crochet, and beautiful wool!!
Take care x

Teresa said...

You're absolutely right, Meredith--you have to do what's best for your family and not what other people think is best for themselves. You'll be better off, I'm sure, and the young boy will most likely look back in time and think how silly he was...
Yarn "craving" is great :) not nearly as expensive as shoes (I think...?) but certainly healthier than food cravings! Plus you always have the excuse that you're creating beautiful things around you ;)
Your yarn is beautiful! And thank you for your positive wishes :) everything is getting back on track now!

The Garden Bell said...

You are right. I did a little Yarn Therapy myself today. I feel so much better now. Great choice.

by Teresa said...

You are so sweet to think positive thoughts for others during a stressful time of your own. You were so good to care for that boy and to pay you back like that, trying to slip away without telling you... shame on him.

I also did some retail therapy, which I think you saw on my blog. Yay for us! LOL... hugs, Teresa :-)

Rose Red said...

Yarn therapy is the best kind - you get the pleasur elf buying it, the pleasure of choosing the perfect pattern, the pleasure of using it, and the pleasure of wearing.using it afterwards. What more could you ask for?

Sorry to hear about the young man and hope all will work out for him too.

Floortje said...

The yarn is beautiful and I can imagine o so well you needed it! You acted from your heart and that's the most genuine thing you can do. Sorry to hear it was not appreciated by all.... Have a lovely day. X Floortje

"Petunia Pill" said...

Oh Meredith, I have a pain in my tummy while thinking about this situation you've had to endure. I think there is nothing worse than trying to do a lovely deed and having it turned upon you to look like a negative! And you are indeed grace under pressure! God bless you for being so positive...and shame on the other Mother and that coach! Kindred spirits...hmmmm, I had another family's child living in my home for seven months...just left in April. But that child left a little more positively. He's a bit older so may have handled the situation with a more mature approach. Mom was completely hands off... the silence a bit odd, but decidedly better than outwardly sabotaging the relationship we built with him! Yarn therapy is a very good matter what the reason. Create beauty and wrap everyone in it! Sending prevails in all situations. Annette

Karen said...

Sending him good thoughts is the best thing you can do for him right now. You are a saint to take another teenager into your house, and with a girlfriend to boot! I don't think there is enough yarn, chocolate or wine, in the world for me to take another teen into my house right now! LOL

Seriously, we all need to have something to turn to to calm us during these times. You have a beautiful spot to go to, and you can take comfort in knowing that your boys are in the right place, making good choices.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, Boy, some people don't know a good thing, if it fell on them! You were so kind and that's the thanks. Well, definitely their loss. So you must enjoy your free time and don't let them enter your much deserved peacefulness. I think yarn therapy is the best. I gave myself some on vacation. Four balls of Sublime DK merino in raspberry and Noro-Taiyo Sock yarn in yellow-pinks-green pastels, soooooo pretty. Oh what fun and the best medicine!! Hope you have a restful weekend. Thanks for popping in to see me also. xoRobin❤

Sara said...

Sounds like quite a journey. Wishing you a happy weekend with some quite hooky time that sounds like it is much needed. :)

Sara said...

So sorry about all the mess and stress. Yarn is much needed and deserved!

Claudia said...

I know this week has been stressful for you (and me) but I'm glad your family can settle down to some sense of normality now. I wish only the best for M. The pressure being put on him by the coach and by his mother is not helping him and is not fair to him.

You did your best - I might add you went above and beyond the call of duty on this one.

Enjoy your yarn.


Claudia said...

Forgot to add: I'm watching the Red Sox and the Cubs play on WGN. Just saw Carlos Pena and thought of you.


Louise said...

Yarn shopping always helps!