Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is a tale about my husband.  Keep in mind I love him to pieces, but it's just, well.....he is a man.  A few days ago I was talking to my very dear friend Lynda on the phone.  We were exchanging amusing stories about our spouses and generally having a good laugh.  These stories consisted of things like, he will empty the trash but not replace the trash bag.  Or, he will vacuum the kitchen but not the family room.  He will put away some of the dishes, but not all of them, you know how this goes, I'm sure you have had the same thoughts.

Well I finished our conversation with, did you ever notice that when your husband drops something all over the floor and it breaks into a million pieces you jump up to help.  But when you drop something and it makes a mess, he continues doing whatever it is he was doing and doesn't blink.  Ha, ha, big laugh and we were done.

This brings me to last night.  While my husband was cooking, yes he is our main cook and I am our clean up person, I decided to clean the floor as it was pretty gross with the mess he was making.  He was outside grilling so the coast was clear.  That is until he came inside and opened the refrigerator and one of our shelves broke.  Out tumbled a jar of cocktail sauce, a jar of tarter sauce and a jar of pickles.  The jar of pickles remained intact but the other two shattered all over and left a heaping mess.  We both got down on the floor for a second, and I began picking up glass and wiping up the mess.  My husband got up after about 10 seconds and said, "I'll get the vacuum".  Great idea but you can't vacuum up this mess, until all the tarter sauce, cocktail sauce and big pieces of glass are picked up.  Which I informed him. 

Then as I was telling him the story of Lynda's and my conversation, I looked over and what is he doing?   Reading a cooking magazine.  Seriously, while I am talking to him about men not cleaning up their own mess, he is reading, while I clean it up.  Does this sort of thing happen to you, too?


Claudia said...

You know it does. We've had many conversations about this!


Emily said...

Ha ha - it's the same the world over! I am endlessly puzzled by the difference in meaning when I say 'I'll do the dishes' - I wash, dry, put away and clear up the sink area - and when he says 'I'll wash the dishes' he means that, literally, he will wash the dishes.
But then he does go out in the evening and get me chocolate when I can't be bothered to move from the sofa, so I guess it works both ways!
Emily x

The Garden Bell said...

Classic. Adore the part about vaccuuming up the tartar sauce. They do love to watch, don't they. Unless I write out a list in big bold letter for weekend honey-dos nada would get done here, except maybe he could give me an update on that lastest stupid 14 yrs old boy movie that is out.

You just gotta love these stories and it's so nice to know your not alone.

Oh, I forgot sorry to hear about that shelf. Bummer.

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hi- the box arrived today!!!
I can't tell you how much I loved everything you sent- well I am going to try to now on my blog!!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Annaboo said...

Am totally with you on this one.
Same species, the world over.

"Petunia Pill" said...

Ohhhhh, my. This is going to be a post with no less than many juicy comments! I read this a couple of hours ago when you first posted and was then distracted away from the computer. Sometime later, I am returning and, after leaving this post, anxious to see the comments that await. I am going to guess that we are all married to someone similar to that man of yours! It's in their genes...the ol' "if she'll do it, I'll just let her!". And we DO do it, because we want it done right! Therein lies our fatal flaw! We should have NEVER done it the first time and we should never care if it's only a half ass job! If some wise old sage could just tell me how not to care! LOVED this post! Misery loves company and,'ve GOT COMPANY! x&o, Annette

Rose Red said...

Oh yes, I hear you! If husby does the dishes, he will always leave several things unwashed (usually the hardest things, like the frypan and saucepans). One time he cleaned the bathroom, and did a really good job, although he omitted to clean the toilet! But I mostly don't complain, because he mows the lawn and puts the bins out etc.

by Teresa said...

Ya'll need to train those guys better! :-)
My husband has spoiled me rotten and cleans up all the messes and does dishes and things. I got a flat of raspberries yesterday after swimming and hubby actually made his own raspberry freezer jam!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

WildflowerWool said...

I can totally relate!! Apparently they are the same no matter where they are from!!

honeycat said...

Love him dearly but totaly unable to multitask or use common sense in the kitchen. I chuckled about the kitchen bin and bin liner, the times i have bit my tongue on that one. Love your blog and your dog is adorable. Melanie x

Regula said...

I know exactely what you are talking about. We came home from our vacation yesterday. My husband informed me that he would disappear for two hours in his room and do all the necessary things later. I wated for two hours. However, there was no later for a looooooooooong time. In fact, his stinky stuff is still in the boxes and in my car, which is not bad. It could be EVERYWHERE.

It does not work, the woman-man-thing.