Sunday, July 10, 2011


How has your day been?  Have you had some time to relax and regroup before another busy week?
 I started my day with some tea and the morning paper in my favorite spot outside.
 I took my favorite boy, Max for a walk in the hot, humid weather.
Isn't he beautiful?

I talked to a good friend.

I went to visit my parents.

I went and did some shopping for my youngest who is entering high school this year.  I am trying to help him transition from an 8th grader to a freshman in high school, not an easy task for someone who doesn't want to grow up.  A change in clothes and shoes was needed badly.

I watched the last two innings of the Rays getting beat by the Yankee's, again.

I visited with my oldest son and his girlfriend.  4 1/2 months and going strong.  It is cute to see him transform himself into a kind, funny, lovely human who can have a decent conversation, that is at least when she is around.

I sat down and knit a few rows of the new vest I am making.  I ripped out the sweater and have dived into the vest.

I am eating dinner with my family and feeling thankful we are all together.

How was your day?


rosieposie said...

sounds lovely!
i went to a body combat class, had a long shower and pamper, made a crochet flower for my sister's hair for her graduation, and cooked tea :-)

Sara said...

Playing catch up today. Cleaning, laundry, blogging, bills... Nothing exciting but much needed after a month of vacation. Wishing you a happy week. :)

Grateful4Crochet said...

sounds like a lovely weekend
I also had a nice weekend, involving picnics and relaxing, love the weekends!!!

BRSMaryland said...

Max looks like he is smiling! I guess he's had a nice Sunday too.
I started my day with a walk around the lake. I wish I had brought my camera as the water lilies were so pretty.
Then I did some laundry and general puttering around.
We went out to eat at a new-for-us restaurant. We liked it! And I think that it will become one of our regulars.
Now off to relax with some sock knitting.
Glad you had a nice day. It is nice to have a family dinner.
Have a good Monday too!

WildflowerWool said...

I spent the weekend at a local heritage show demonstrating knitting and my daughter has moved back home. It has been a wonderful weekend!!

by Teresa said...

I worked on my poor office.. there is way too much stuff in there that I don't know what to do with. Hopefully someday it will look nice enough to photograph. I did a before photo today but will most probably be too embarrassed to show it. LOL
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susan H. said...

Sounsd like a perfect Sunday! I can't believe it is time for school shopping already. Glad to hear you pulled out the sweater you were not happy with.
xo Susan

Toni said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Susanne said...

Your Max is a doll, look at him hamming it up to get his pic taken. Woe is me for having missed your giveaway. I have been a bit of a slacker when checking out what blogland friends are up to. I have been knitting and crocheting dishrags and decided not to quit until I used up all of my cotton thread. I need to finish my 2nd African Flower blanket, but laid that aside to prevent myself from suffering from boredom. Other than that we are trying to stay cool in this hot weather :)

Suz said...

Hug an xx for Max..cute boy
mmmm yesterday?..washing to catch up with, converted the swing from boring to prety, sat on the swing, laptop on the swing, hung washing, cuppa on the swing, more washing, more swing, lunch on the swing, rubbish to skips, more swinging, take away curry, little TV, more swinging, packed swing away for the night, and gardening at 9 pm lol....should have done that when l was swinging! oops
Hugs x

tina said...

The fact that I am reading about your Sunday on Wednesday should speak volumes! :) I'm getting caught up and back in the groove, that is all that matters! I love days like yours and need to schedule myself for one really soon. HUGS!

Floortje said...

Your sunday sounds perfect! Mine was too, my husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary and we went out for a lunch with our girls. And we talked about how happy we are together and as a family. Then we went for a walk along the beach and at home I did some crocheting... nothing to complain about eeh.... Hugs, Floortje

The White Bench said...

Handsome boy!
Kim sends kisses :)
I send belly rubs.
And hugs to you!
Monica xo