Thursday, September 29, 2011


Since the end of August my head has been spinning with all that has to be done.  My Mother was hospitalized twice and went into rehab.  My Dad is not doing well with her absence.  She was supposed to be discharged yesterday on my Dad's 88th Birthday, but is instead going to be placed in the nursing home portion of the facility.  She is declining, and it is hard to see from every angle. My sons started school and now my youngest is now in a home bound school program as he has been ill.  Everyday when I say, "What could possibly happen now?"  Something does.  So today is a day to find things to be grateful for.
 Max is always available for a belly rub, a paw holding, or a nice walk.
 Beautiful flowers to remind me a Autumn.  I usually decorate for Autumn and Halloween, Halloween being my favorite holiday, but this year decorating has been put on hold because we are finally starting a kitchen renovation next week.  It is 6 weeks late, but it is starting.
 My friend Lynda who lives in North Carolina presses fall leaves for me every year.  She keeps them until the next Fall then mails them to me.  These beauties arrived the day after my last post, when Max and I went looking for Autumn.  Who knew we had to look in my mailbox?
 Family changes as your kids get older.  You know less and less about what your kids are up to, you just hope they are making the right decisions.  This little angel hangs in my family room, she reminds me everyday to be thankful for my family, whatever shape we are in.
I have been so busy that crochet and knit time is hard to find.  So when I am able to even get one row of my son's Chocolate Yarn Sucking Blanket done I am so grateful.  We are at a whopping 48 inches long, I get so excited until I hold it up to him and realize I have at least 24 inches to go. 

My oldest was in his high school conference swim meet this past Saturday.  At the meet there were 7 records broken and he was involved in 4 of them.  Two relay records and 2 individual for him.  His 100 breast stroke, broke an 18 year old record!  He is looking strong, healthy and swimming well for this point in the season.  But best of all after breaking his last record, his coach ran to him and they hugged right on deck, the biggest hug you have ever seen.  That is worth all the grief has has had to put up with in the past from his previous coach.  He is off to LSU this weekend for his second recruiting trip, send him positive thoughts if you have any to spare.

I think I am going to try and find some more positive things to blog about, I think it really helps. Hope your Thursday is calm and full of love.


by Teresa said...

Oh, congrats to your son and it's so GREAT to hear the new coach is so good to him!! I will be thinking positive thoughts for his trip to LSU. You need to spread out that blanket so I can see the pattern, looks pretty! Yep, counting blessings is definitely better for your psyche than thinking of the bummers. ((hugs)) for your Mom and YOU!
Teresa :-)

"Petunia Pill" said...

That's it! I'm getting in the car RIGHT NOW and driving down to FL to give you a big hug! OK, well, that's probably a bit of a fabrication...but I want to!

Oh, Max. They are THE best, aren't they? ALWAYS unconditional!

So very happy that your son is doing well - most especially in light of the c _ _ _ he was put through!

Finding your joy will help you through these days...don't forget to love yourself and do special things for you! Sending light and blessings...and hugs...Annette

Annaboo said...

Bless you- I am amazed that you find the strength to even try to think of positive things, let alone find some to be thankful for.
What a lovely thing for your friend to press leaves and then send them to you the next year- a beautiful gift to receive!
And that blanket is looking gorgeous, too.
Well done to your son for doing so well. You must be a proud mummy.
Best wishes to you this week - you are one inspiring gal.

Sara said...

Hi Meredith, Lynda sounds like the most thoughtful friend! And a kitchen renovation... Exciting! Always happy to see you at Tangled Happy. Thanks for all of your kind words. :)

Emily said...

Sending you a big bloggy hug and lots of positive thoughts
Emily x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith,
I'm so happy you are able to think of some happy positive things in your time of aging parents. It is so hard, but you need to take care of yourself too, and keeping optimistic is one of the things we can do for ourselves. I think I'm talking to myself too! I'm so thrill for your son and his swimming achievements. You and your husband must be so proud. I will send lots of happy thoughts for him next week. I will try to post more fall photos on my blog soon. Take care and I hope you get something soon in the post!!! xoRobin❤

Rizzi said...


Susanne said...

I can truly understand where you are coming from with all the uncertainties right now in your life. It is hard to not worry, but I find it is positive thoughts that keep us sane during difficult times. There are so many things out of our control and I keep telling myself that it is all in God's hands, part of his plan. Parents get older, they decline in health. Our children do grow up and we pray that they remember all we taught them about people and who to trust, and about using good judgment and common sense. I am so happy for your son and the coach. He sees value in your son, it gives your son a boost in self worth (the other coach was a complete looser). I am sure this new experience has renewed your son's faith in good people being out there. I hope your sick son gets well. Sick children are always a mother's worry, 24/7. Leaves here are starting to turn, just slightly, but it is getting cooler and days are getting shorter...they will be beautiful. The blanket for your son is looking good. I know, you are wanting to be done with are a soul sister, I hear ya!

Regula said...

All the best for your family. It helps to count the positive things I'm sure.

Pradeepa said...

Hi Meredith, my prayers for your mom and dad and positive thoughts for your son. I love those pressed leaves your friend had sent for you. Take care of yourself.

Teresa said...

It does help counting our blessings, my friend. Some people find me odd, because that's what I do. Whenever something goes wrong, I try to see the positive side of it--a bit hard to do with some of the "wrong" things that have happened... but I manage to bring myself up and others!
Stay happy, stay calm, you're a beautiful (inside and out) person and blessed with a wonderful family--Max included!--and a wonderful blog friend!
A big hug coming your way all the way from the other side of the ocean :)

MaryMargaret said...
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MaryMargaret said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom- it's so hard to see someone you love like that. But what amazing things you have to be positive about. Sending you lots of warm, happy thoughts as you head into the weekend!

Karen said...

Meredith, I got tears in my eyes reading about your son's success! It is well deserved. What a great coach!

How exciting to be doing a kitchen remodel! I think that is as exciting as having a brand new house. Really, how fun for you!

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I've been following the updates on Claudia's blog, too. It's so hard to watch as our parents become frail and decline. Prayers for you and your parents.

I love your 'family guardian angel'. What a lovely way to be thankful and to be reminded that prayer is essential in raising kids, no matter how old they are or where they are.

Have a good weekend!

Knitting Days said...

yes,yes! you got it!when we are thankful, and magnify the good in every sytuation, more good will come.sowing and reaping is an universal law,it works for everyone.know what I am talking about,applying it to patients on hospice I see the law at work.many of those patients get better and off hospice. be encouraged and encourage your parents. blessings to you.

andamento said...

I like your positive ways of thinking. I also like those beautiful Autumn leaves. I'll need to try pressing some this year, I never realised it could be so effective.