Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fun In The Mail

This morning Autumn is peeking its head out here in Florida.  No we don't have leaves changing, or pumpkins in the fields.  We had a very slight change in temperature and humidity levels.  Subtle would be the correct word.  I kept myself in bed a little longer this morning and when I got up and opened the back door, well let me just say the humidity didn't know my socks off.  Max and I went for a morning walk and I wasn't covered in sweat.  It was under 70 this morning and is supposed to only be a high of 84!  I know that is a heat wave for some of you but living in Florida it almost makes it feel chilly.  My youngest son asked what the smell was in the air, and I told him low humidity, it is actually a lack of smell in the air.  I think he thinks I have lost my marbles.  He may be right.

I am sending our local baseball team the Rays all the positive energy I can muster.  After an incredible season our little Rays have made it into the post season as a wild card team.  They have a salary of 41 million, take that Yankees at 204 million.  They remind me of the story of The Little Engine That Could..... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  It has been one very exciting season to watch.  Sorry Sox fans, (Claudia, my sister).   Keep your fingers crossed for them.

Now onto all the fun.  My friend Robin at My Nest of Yarn and Buttons is making some really fun crochet hooks.  She has just opened her own etsy shop and they appear to be selling like hot cakes.  Would you like to see the treat that came in the mail?
 Robin wraps each package in pretty paper.
 Each hook comes in its own special pouch.

Here they are!!!!  Robin made a special hook for me in size K, the size needed to make the Big Chocolate Yarn Sucking Blanket for my son.  Can you even imagine how much more fun it will be to crochet the brown blanket with a polka dot covered crochet hook?  When I went online to Robin's store to order my hook I just had to choose another one, too.  Size, G is a pinkish watercolor, wow.  Thanks Robin I think you are going to have many hooks to make in your future.

As always a special thanks for all your kind words.  Blog friends are the best, they send you love, prayers and positive thoughts from all over the world.  They make time for you even though they already have enough on their plate, again....thanks.

Happy Weekend, and Go Rays!!!!!!!!!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Thanks Meredith,
Sooo happy you are pleased. I loved making them for you with lotsa love. Go Rays, now that we are out!! (Red Soxs)
Happy positive energy is on it's way can you feel it yet, xoRobin❤

by Teresa said...

What wonderful hooks Robin made for you! She is so sweet and generous how she makes the bags too and adds a yarn needle. I hope she does super well in her Etsy shop!!

I'm glad you have more reasonable weather there. We are at 57 degrees and have our pellet stove blazing!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Suz said...

Hi..thanks for popping by
Hooky Time? family at home now to look after only the 4 cats and they get me up at 5 in the morning, so my day starts early, no work as such so time is free to play hooky when ever l want and l want lol so lots gets made
Sorry to hear about your Mum and Dad..getting old isn't always so great for them or you, been there done that, often look back and think 'how did l get through it' but you do, one day at a time
Thinking of you x
Hugs x

Rose Red said...

Those hooks are very cool! What a nice gift to yourself. And I love the way they are packaged, such a great finishing touch.

I'm sorry to hear about your mum, but great news about your son's swimming, I hope he went well on the weekend too.

Teresa said...

I've left you a little something at my place... not quite as nice as those hooks but hopefully it'll make you smile--and of course you're one of the special-cyber-blog-e-friends I mentioned :)