Saturday, November 12, 2011

Busy, Busy....Part I

This is a very busy time of year for everyone isn't it?  On top of having my MIL here for almost two weeks and my kitchen still under repair, we are in the midst of our high school swim meet championship season.  There has been stress, let me tell you, big stress.
 This is a picture of my two sons with their Grandmother.  Gracie is 93 years young and still going very, very strong.  They both adore her.  Having her visit with a non working kitchen was a bit of a challenge but we all survived.
 This is the granite that was delivered to my home over two weeks ago.  While very beautiful it is not what I ordered.  You can't tell much from this picture but it has a ton, and I mean a ton of gold in it.  Which would look lovely in a kitchen with dark brown cabinets, but since mine are cherry, this won't do.  This error put off completion of the kitchen another 12 days.
 Here is a view of my empty sink.  For 6 weeks I have washed any dishes we have had in my bathroom sink.  Oh how I have longed for a sink with a garbage disposal!!!!!  When I started this kitchen renovation I was determined to get it done before the end of our high school swim season.  They were supposed to start at the end of August.  Instead they started on October 4, demolition began with dust clouds everywhere.  My oldest son has mild asthma, he is the swimmer so I wanted all dust, glue, paint and mess done before his championship meets.  We are still not finished and his last high school swim season is now over.  So much for my plan.
 As a freshman my son was on a State Championship team.  That is an amazing feat.  He was able to perform at the State level and earn points for his team.  It was an amazing experience for all of us.  A boys swim team had not won states in our county since the early 1940's.  There were only two freshman on the team at that time that contributed, so for my son it was fantastic.  

The hoopla this year was that our boys had a big chance to win again.  Article after article in the paper mentioned it.  Last year they came in second with only 5 boys participating.  This year they had a bit more depth and with 3 seniors that are bigger and stronger they had a great chance.  

The district meet was two weeks ago, they sailed thorough looking strong.  We have one of the hardest districts in the state.  Last Friday we had our Region meet and they looked great, that is except for my son who came in third in both his individual events.  He was tired, sore and very worried.  He was a mess all weekend and felt the weight of the world was on his shoulders.  I don't understand swimming all that much but there is a science to tapering these kids, and if it isn't right they swim horribly at their one shot of success.  He was worried, and so was I.  These boys were under so much stress, so much was expected from them, and of course most of the pressure they were putting on themselves.  This was his last chance as a high school swimmer, it meant a lot to him.  
States was this past Thursday.  Here is a picture of my son's coach putting a medal on my boy for a first place win in the Medley relay (above).  It was the only gold medal they got. 
But my son did really well. Not as good as he wanted but well just the same.  Here he is with his haul.  A gold for the relay, a bronze for the 200 IM, a silver in the 100 breast, a bronze in the 200 free relay and one more a gold for another state title.

What a great experience for him.  Such a hard feat and to do it twice in his high school career is amazing.  

Swimming isn't over, he actually has three whole days off, then it is back to training for Jr. Nationals in Austin, Texas in December.  Then long course season and at the end of that he will depart for The Ohio State University.  Time flies so fast, and they grow up so fast.


Karen said...

Meredith, how exciting for your son! So many hours upon hours of training and hard work for an athlete, and to see it all come to fruition is just beyond words. Congratulations!

Both of your boys are so handsome. I love the picture with their Grandmother. It just makes me smile. Such a beautiful shot.

I feel your pain about the kitchen. You will be soooo happy to have it all put back together again!

kathy b said...

Your sons are lovely. THis is such a stressful time in their lives......and it continues to be for a bit.
I don't like gold in the counter tops either!! Last year at the this very time our kitchen was down to the studs and we were doing dished in the bathroom sink. ALl is can say is that it came out lovely and I tell my husband I love it every day. So worth the hassles! Hang in there.

Thanks for the felted wristwarmers embellishment ideas!! i just might put some buttons on them!

Toni said...

Wow--this is only part 1? You really have been busy! At least most of it is good, but I sure hope the kitchen renovation gets finished soon. Who would have thought that you will actually be GLAD to be doing dishes once it's actually in the kitchen?

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Wow Meredith what a busy, wonderful and celebratory time you have all had. You must be so proud of your sons. Your son who won all the metals has accomplished so much in his HS years. It is really a huge achievement and will help him in his future college days. Yes, they do grow up so fast!
Oh your kitchen mix up, what a pain BUT it WILL be BEAUTIFUL in the END!!

Take care, xoRobin❤

by Teresa said...

Your boys are gorgeous! And what a story of the swimming.. you must be so proud of your son. I swam yesterday.. I do so love it. But I just swim for fun and plug along.. do dee dooooo.... I remember being on the swim team and trying to go fast.. heart pumping..

I can't wait to see your kitchen finished!! I love my granite.. it's just tiles, and it's greenish.. but I love it, you're going to adore yours.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grateful4Crochet said...

Congratulations to your son!
That is such great news!

Rose Red said...

Congratulations to your son! And to you for all the support and encouragement you give him.

"Petunia Pill" said...

Oh a Mom, doesn't success and accomplishment just make your heart want to explode out of your chest? We worry for them, with them, after them...and the pain is excruciating sometimes - but when glory rolls around, it makes us weep with joy and feel feelings of accomplishment with them and for them that we're not even capable of feeling for own accomplishments! The power of a Mother's's quite indescribable! Congrats to your son...and big hugs to you, proud Mom! Without your love and devotion, his victory (ies) wouldn't be the same. I loved seeing that photo of your boys with darling Grandma...that's a treasure for their lifetimes! Kitchen poor, poor dear...but you are SO going to love your completed kitchen (and a sink and disposal) once this is all over! Think of the sheer glee you will find in doing dishes! (mwah-ha-ha!) =) Love ya, bloggy friend. Annette

Suz said...

Hi..great post congratulations for the wins
Wonderful picture of them and the Gran
Sorry you are having problems with comments been asking blogger to sort it for a couple of weeks now with no results
Back to the old layout l think, that's if l can go back now!
Hugs x

The Garden Bell said...

ROYAL BUMMER about the granite. Up here they make you go and look at every single slab before one thing is cut.

I so adore also hearing about the swimmers. From one Speedo to another...I get the whole thing and can smell the pool now. Rock the Visine.

BRSMaryland said...

Congratulations!! What wonderful accomplishments - bronze, silver and gold. I know you are very proud and I hope he is happy and proud of himself and his team too. He looks especially handsome in his OSU sweatshirt ;-)
Good luck with the kitchen. It will be so worth it when it is all done.

Rizzi said...