Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy, Busy...Part II

 The correct granite arrived at my house on Tuesday.  I love it.  It goes so nicely with my cherry cabinets.  And it is THE correct granite, the granite I have now had to approve in person, twice.  At least they got it right this time.
 On Wednesday they installed my sink and faucet!!!!!  Okay I know I am overly excited but a sink to use in the kitchen, I am thrilled.  The garbage disposal broke when the plumber removed it so it was another day before we actually had a functioning sink.  I was in Orlando at my sons swim meet when it was fully installed, so when I returned home at 12:30 AM, the first thing I did was turn on this faucet.  Fun, fun, fun I'll tell you after all this time without running water in my kitchen.
 While at the meet I received 4 calls from my tile guy.  There has been a mix up, not enough border tile ordered, ten more days.......... whatever just give me somewhere to wash my dishes and put on a pot of water and I am happy.  What is ten more days at this point?
 The tile will go here, too.  But for now we get to look at this.
 The electrician comes tomorrow to fix all of these.
 My bathroom is almost finished.  The painter comes tomorrow to paint this room, and touch up all the hundreds of places in need of serious help after this renovation.  Some of them were in need of serious help before the renovation, but now  they look even worse.
 My laundry room is finished.  New floors and cabinets.
 My new kitchen floors look great against the cherry cabinets.
 And last but not least I have finished my last Rustic Autumn Shawl from Knit Purl Gurl.  I made this out of Red Heart Boutique Treasure and I have to say I am not in love with the yarn.  It looks beautiful but the yarn splits a lot.  So I would not use this yarn again.
This shawl is a Christmas present for my son's swim coach.  She is an amazing woman and has done so much for him.  I wanted to make her something special, something she would have forever to remember us all by.  I can never thank her enough for healing him mentally and physically, but I can knit love into this shawl, hopefully she will feel it when she wears it.

 This is finished project number 44 for me for the year.  Woo Hoo!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Meredith, what a beautiful kitchen and bathroom you have. The granite is lovely. Everything goes so well together. You sure have been busy. The shawl is so pretty, I know the coach will love it! And feel your appreciation. Hope you have a great week using your SINK!!

Rose Red said...

Your kitchen looks lovely! What pleasure you will have cooking in there!

And I have serious cupboard envy of your laundry! All those cupboards! All that storage space! Wow!

minaandme said...

It looks great!!! I'm sure you are enjoying every single beautiful addition :) Enjoy your new features!

by Teresa said...

Meredith.. how simply wonderful to have all these upgrades nearly finished! We had our kitchen re-done and it's so much nicer! We also had a totally new bathroom put in upstairs.. the kids had trashed the old one. The coach is going to love that water toned shawl!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hoo-Rah for your sink!!!
I love that you are knitting so much love in your coach's shawl. She will absolutely appreciate that, and it's such a beautiful gesture to make!!!

Suz said...

Hi sorry to hear about the kitchen delay, fingers crossed it's finished soon for you
Yep back to the old layout, caused so many problems for posting comments, lol was beginning to think l'd done something wrong and you had all gone off me lol
Thanks for sticking with me though
hugs x

Teresa said...

Isn't it fun to have things renewed? :) I know it, but I didn't know how much until I Started seeing things done and actually got to use my semi-new kitchen this summer :)
Everything looks gorgeous! And congratulations on your son's achievements (I've been checking up on you here and there, while "cruising" between computer programs and powerpoint presentations and lots of stuff that are a lot less fun than crochet and knitting ;) )

Babajeza said...

Well done. Now enjoy and relax!

Have a nice day


Toni said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Everything looks so lovely, AND YOU CAN USE YOUR KITCHEN AGAIN!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susanne said...

looks like everything is falling into place with all your remodeling. Love the counter top, it is so pretty. It sure can be frustrating when there are delays, but I am agreeing 100% on how it is when you finally get a sink and water hooked up again. You just don't realize how much you use things like that until you have to do without or make do with what you have. It looks like there is a light at the end of your tunnel. I think your shawl is going to be a wonderful unexpected surprise for the coach. I feel the same way about Lion Brand Homespun yarn. My daughter came to me with a crocheted shawl pattern from Caron Yarn and wanted me to make it out of the Lion yarn. There is no way I could crochet it with that wavy yarn. It is impossible for me to even see where the stitches fall from the previous row. I ended up making the crocheted shawl but out of the Caron yarn that it listed in the instructions. Homespun is not a crocheting yarn!! Have a good week.
Susanne :)

The Garden Bell said...

Fabulous. I can already tell this is the perfect granite for cherry. It's going to be wonderful. Having done our's a few years back I can tell you that you are in the final push to the finish line. I must also say.....hip-hip-hooray. If you didn't think I saw that GAS cooktop. I didn't think they knew how to do that down there. Every place we have been was electric. I grew up here in the Midwest only cooking with GAS. It's the best and only way to cook. Oh, that's right you are from the Midwest. I can't believe you were sitting pool side with all this going on. You go girl, very brave. Hope the swim meet went well and their times were good. Now, go and wash you some dishes.

Tina said...

Your kitchen is going to be FABULOUS! I am pea green!!! You have been a busy girl. (And I loved the post about Gramma---- made me smile!)

Lena said...

Well, now I'm having problems commenting here again. I'm pretty tired of all the Blogger hoops I've been having to jump through lately on so many blogs.

I love the colors you've chosen to crochet into that lovely and thoughtful gift, Meredith. I'm sure your son's coach is going to appreciate your kind regard so much.

Your home is coming along beautifully! I know it is hard sometimes to live through construction, but oh my, it's going to be worth it!


Susan H. said...

Hi Meredith,
Great to see your house is coming along. The floors and granite counters look very nice! Well worth the wait.
Your shawl looks very pretty, I love the colors in the yarn.
xo Susan

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Suz said...

Pleased to hear it is all coming together, you'll be all finished for all the celebrations to come l hope
Total admiration for the 44 finished projects in a year...well done, well done indeed
Hugs x

Kristen said...

Oh Meredith, it's all absolutely beautiful! The luxury of boiling a pot of water can not be overstated, I know. Almost there! I can't wait to see the big Ta dah. :)

MaryMargaret said...

Your renovations are coming along just beautifully!