Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Scarf and Update

 My first special order is complete.  Some University of Tennessee flower loveliness.
 My son's early departure from the swim meet and various Doctor appointments put me a couple days behind on this.
I so hope the lovely person requesting it has fun wearing her college colors in flower form.

As for my son I thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and concern.  Sprained ankle number one is still healing and has a bit of range of motion restrictions.  In comes Mom the therapist to try and save the day, much to her son's total dismay.  He hates it when I have to work on him non stop.  I try to tell how lucky he has to have me...... well we will remember he sent my flowers in his more grouchy moments.

Ankle number two has a Grade II sprain and needs rest, rest and more rest.  Just about when I get number one under control, number two will be ready for me to go to town on.  I can just envision the lovely time I am about to have with my darling boy, who hates to be injured.  After I get more range and all the swelling goes down we get to start strength training!!!  At least at this point nothing appears to be torn or broken, so there is good news.

Have a wonderful day!


kathy b said...

Remember , my therapist told me long ago, we are not responsible for our family's just feels that way, I say!

The Tennesee Vols scarf is lovely. I was sad to see the lady vols beat our lady blue demons monday night in the tourney. Depauls best team is their lady ball team!

Annaboo said...

What a cheery scarf- beautiful colours!

Mrs D said...

I really like that flower pattern you use for your scarves. And if your son has to be injured, it's fortunate that he has you to work on the therapy with him. Best wishes again.

Sentimentally Me said...

Nothing Broken is a GOOD THING :)

Love the scarf, too! :)

Crafter's Delights said...

I looooove the scarf! It's so perfect for Spring! I now know you're an occupational therapist! That's really cool! I'm actually studying to become a physical therapy assistant. :-) xoxo, Amy

Dee said...

Glad to hear (read?) that you son is on the mend.

The scarf turned out beautifully. I know the recipient will just love wearing it.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Great news that your son's ankle is not broken.........although i know you will have your hands full with the rehab!!
Love the scarf, such a pretty color combo. I'm sure it will be a hit!! : )

MaryMargaret said...

Poor guy- it must be miserable to have TWO busted ankles! I hope he heals quickly and it back in the water soon.

The scarf is fabulous- orange is such a happy color.

Rose Red said...

The scarf is lovely, I am sure she will love it - what a great way to wear your school colours without going the traditional striped scarf route.

Glad your son's injury isn't worse, and that he's got you on the case for his recovery. He really is very lucky, even if he doesn't always remember it!

by Teresa said...

I am so glad to hear the 2nd injury is not worse!!! He is lucky to have such a talented and devoted mom! Love the flower scarf. I am **VERY** pleased with the red cotton scarf I got on your Etsy shop!! Thanks. Hugs, Teresa

serendipity said...

The scarf is gorgeous, very pretty colours. Hope your son recovers soon. xx

Petunia Pill said...

Ohhhhh, to be loved so unconditionally and to have a Mom who cares so has to be a TERRIBLE BURDEN! LOL

Love the scarf! That flower pattern is adorable!

I keep seeing you pop up everywhere...what with all your creations being purchased and shared by fellow bloggers! Yaaaay! You're a raging success! Your pieces are beautiful!

Hugs from me to you!

WildflowerWool said...

Hope your son heals quickly! Great scarf, I love the colours!

minaandme said...

I really do like that scarf pattern. I might have to try one! Mine will be in different colors though, of course ;)

Hopefully your son will heal quickly and you all can get back to your "normal" lives. It is frustrating to be down due to an injury! Keep your chin up!

Rose said...

Love the scarf! Sorry about your son, hope he recovers soon.

Rizzi said...


Annie said...

Nasty things Grade 2 sprains. My severe Grade 2 sprain (so nearly a Grade 3) still isn't right after 18 months. I obviously needed you on my rehab team!

I know nothing about US team colours but I love the scarf :D

Susanne said...

Your son is so very lucky to have a mother who cares. When ever my kids rolled their eyes over my fussing about them I reminded them that I could be sitting on a bar stool guzzling down a beer and not giving a crap about them. They still have their moments, but now I hear how I was am "good" mom and how lucky they are to have me. From reading your blog I know you are raising strong and good young men with character and respect. You too are a good mom. And, by the way, the scarf is pretty and the receiver will love it.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Caroline said...

Darling, cheery scarf!

vicki said...

Meredith- your crochet flower scarf is fabulous! I'm totally in love--

I can only imagine how "not fun" it would be to be Mom the therapist! I hope your boy is mending well.

Hey girlfriend- I just clicked your Follow button!