Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Good and Bad

 This has been an interesting weekend.  I took off Thursday to Orlando to watch my son in a very important swim meet.  I was so excited as I was going to be spending time alone in a hotel room, that is right alone!  I haven't done that since before my kids were born.  I had a lovely little suite at the hotel where all the swimmers were staying.  I was on swim duty, watching the meet, transporting kids, picking up lunch, etc.  My husband was going to travel back and forth to finals, so I was in charge of swimmer related stuff.  Isn't my little suite so cute!  Please note basket filled with crochet on the table.
 I was so excited to just spend some time alone, well that is any minute I was not being a swim Mom.

Here is what happened. One of my sons very close friend did not have a place to stay so he spent every waking moment with his team and every sleeping moment on my pull out sofa.  We were room mates.

 My son did not swim well at all as he is still not over his right ankle injury.  He went into this meet with a terrible attitude and frankly it showed, but is understandable considering how much quality training time he lost.
 Here is a picture of my boy stretching before the 400 IM prelims.  Sitting in the chair is Olympian Peter Vanderkaay who was in the lane next to my son.  He trains at the University of Florida with Ryan Loche (who was also at the meet).  Believe me Peter Vanderkaay cleaned my son's clock!

Not doing well made the meet longer and much less exciting for both of us.
 What I got to work on when I did have a few minutes of down time, and while waiting for my son to swim was my very first special order.  A flower scarf in the University of Tennessee colors, white and this interesting orange cotton yarn.  I blew up this picture sent to me by the woman requesting the scarf and matched the colors as best as I could.  They look like a perfect match with better lighting.  I had several people ask me what I was doing at the meet, I think they were bored waiting for their kids to swim.
 When I was trying to be quiet at  night time before bed, (so I did not disturb my room mate) I was able to look through this amazing Japanese crochet magazine sent to me by the very lovely and thoughtful Kathy B.  Kathy if you only knew how happy you have made me.  This magazine is just filled with crochet loveliness.  So sorry that Kathy's nephew bought it for her thinking it was a knitting magazine.  Kathy doesn't crochet so win, win, win for me!  Thank you Kathy for your thoughtfulness, aren't blogger's just the nicest people in the world?

So last night my son came up to my room with a buddy just before curfew.  Hugs and a bit of chatting and off he went.  Seven minutes later, frankly not even enough time to get my crochet out there was a knock at the door.  One of my son's team mates was at the door.  "Hi Mrs M, there has been an accident, Dave twisted his ankle walking down the stairs, it is pretty bad." Note, swimmers are generally not safe on land.  Okay rush down 5 flights of stairs to see my son pale, ice on what was his good ankle, the coach even paler and a baseball size lump on the outside of his ankle.  

Long story short, they packed up my son, I packed up myself and we headed home at 9:30 at night.  He is on crutches, we are scheduled for x-rays on both ankles tomorrow and heading off to see a very good Orthopedic Doctor/friend on Tuesday.

Please keep us in your thoughts. Me to get through this and my son and husband to have patience.

On a side note next time I am in Orlando and I am not on duty I would love to meet up with you Dee.

Hope your weekend was not as injury prone as ours.


Rose Red said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about your son's ankle. I really hope it isn't a bad injury, that's a real shame and what a sad way to end the meet for you both.

I love Japanese crochet patterns, they have a unique and quirky way of styling things and such fabulous ideas for ways to use crochet. And best of all, use charts, so you don't even have to be able to read Japanese!

MaryMargaret said...

What a terrible way to end a not-quite-what-you-expected trip! I'll be praying for positive x-ray reports tomorrow. On a positive note, the orange yarn will make a perfect Tennessee Vols scarf!

Mrs D said...

Oh, Meredith! Sorry to read the bad news. Best wishes to you and your family.

scarletknitter said...

Hang in there, Meredith. This too shall pass.

minaandme said...

Yikes! I will be keeping your son in my prayers. Injuries aren't good for anyone, much less athletes! I hope this next week is better for your family!

Petunia Pill said...

Heavens to Betsy! That just SUCKS! I DO hope the Doctor has good news! We have a foot injury in this house. And when one who is addicted to running at least 10 miles a day has a foot injury...ain't nobody happy! (I'm speaking of my daughter.) She certainly doesn't compete as your son does, but this has been a mentally challenging situation for her - and there are days that she is just wound tight over it! It's so hard to watch our children languish! Hugs, my friend. Will keep you all in my prayers! Annette

Dee said...

Hope your son is okay. Best wishes being sent for negative x-rays.

Would love to see you when you have some "down time" in O-Town.

You can catch my email address on my blog.

Will be thinking about you and your DS tomorrow.

Teresa said...

OH NO! What a way to end a weekend away! I hope he does well and it isn't anything too serious! I know he has already missed so much time with his other injury so this must really suck! Prayers for you and your whole family as you deal with this stretch of bad in your life. Prayers said.

Leah said...

Oh you poor things! The post started so beautifully with all that hotel-y gorgeousness and a basket of crochet. But to end with another bung ankle is just rotten. I can think of a million bad words to describe it but I won't type them! I hope he is on the mend at the x-ray doesn't show anything too terrible. Take care hon.

delia hornbook said...

Oh Gosh i am so very sorry to hear of your sons accident i hope nothing is broken and its a speady recovery for him. Patience you are all going to need in bundles. But on a brighter note your wool is lovely i love orange and your hotel room look very lovely. Take lots of care and will keep you in my thoughts, dee x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh Meredith, what a weekend. So many detours and unexpected events. Boy, that is what I have decided is the most difficult part in being a parent, best laid plans are always interrupted. I'm sorry you didn't have more free time. I do especially hope your son is OK and that he will heal fast.
Keep us posted. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, xoRobin❤

Susanne said...

That injury is truly a BUMMER! The old saying, "When it rains, it pours" comes to mind. I hope the x-rays turn out okay, and it is nothing too serious to keep your son from his practice and competing. How nice to have received the crochet book from a blogger friend. The Japanese books are always filled with such beautiful things, I know because I have 2-3 already and just splurged on Ebay and bought 6 more this past week. Even if you can't read a word in the books, they use diagrams of the patterns.
Susanne :)

Claudia said...

Oh no! Poor Dave. And poor you! I know we'll talk today and I'll be sending prayers Dave's way as he gets that ankle examined.


Pradeepa said...

That's terrible Meredith. Don't worry, everything will be alright soon.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

So sorry to hear that news Meredith. I know your son will be ok but it is just having the patience to heal now. That's hard for a young man his age, I am sure! Good luck at the Dr's appt!~Hugs,Patti

Kris said...

Oh NO!!! Hoping your son's injury will heal very quickly. Is he in high school? He looks older. I was a swimmer and spring board diver MANY years ago in high school. I used to sometimes practice where Greg Louganis did, under the coach of Dr. Sammy Lee. It was fascinating to watch him dive. Like ballet in the air! Truly!!! Love that orange ball of goodness...and how lucky to be the recipient of that magazine!!!!

kathy b said...

Glad to have sent a little light on a dark weekend. Poor son! Does he get a cake or anything???? Prayers for you all!

Red said...

I'm sorry your trip was cut short by such a horrible accident! I really hope your son's injury isn't too bad.

I love alone time. I mean, I adore my husband (don't get me wrong), but there is just something about being alone that rejuvenates me.

As many years as I was in Japan (3 total), you'd think I would have picked up a Japanese crochet magazine! I was missing out!!!

Sentimentally Me said...

Oh no!! So sorry to hear of the injury :(. . . hang in there!

PS: Isn't time alone amazing?? and I DO love that orange yarn! :)

moonstruckcreations said...

So sorry to hear about your son, hope he is up and about again very soon.


Annie said...

oh dear, that sounds a bit dire! Here's wishing him a speedy recovery. And you a peaceful time of it x

andamento said...

Rotten luck for your son, I hope all heals correctly and without too much delay.
I had to look up the meaning of the cleaning someone's clock, a phrase I'd never heard before.

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

My fingers are double crossed for you this morning as you head to the docs. What a bummer....both with attitude and then the second ankle. Those flip turns will be tough to get back, but getting the head back in place before college..icks..I know he can do it.

Love you pick of orange to go with the dots. Perfect. Hoping Pammy gets in tomorrow just fine. Trying to decide if to make an advance trip to the fancy yarn shop or stop with her after pick at the airport. Either way, I'm going this year. Thanks for the lovely weather here, I'm off to put my toes in the pool that is calling my name now.

Hang in there,

by Teresa said...

I am SO sorry to hear of the 2nd ankle injury. Wah. That is just rotten news. I used to sprain my ankle often and then I got just really super careful... I hope he don't have a real bad injury. Keep us apprised. I'm swimming today.. but you'd both laugh at my pace... do dee doo.. de do.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Liz said...

Oh Meredith, I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I hope he is not hurt too badly.

Wow... Lochte and Vanderkaay. I am a huge fan of swimming. Can't wait till this summer for the Olympics. My faves are swimming, diving, and gymnastics. I'm sooo jealous...Would have loved to have been there with you this weekend.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as possible.

Have a great week,