Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Christmas Crochet Crazy

My behind is sore, that is right it is.  I have been sitting on my behind at my kitchen table crocheting like a mad woman all weekend long.  I have watched far too much football to entertain myself, while my hands have been busy crocheting, and crocheting some more.  This is coming from the woman who swore she was not making a thing for Christmas presents.  It started with that Star Table Runner.  I made the bulky one for myself, and then had to make one for my friend.  I am five stars away from that being completed.  Once you make something for one friend, well you start thinking about others and before you know it things have gotten out of control.  Now I think everyone I know needs something I have made, whether they want it or not!

 This is my current obsession.

I know I am a bit late to the crocheting jar covers party, everyone has done it by now, but I thought it might make a fun little present for friends.  Pop some sand into the bottom, grab a candle to put inside and you have a nice little gift.

  Once I figured out the bottom, the rest was a breeze.  I used cotton string we had in the kitchen for my first batch, then switched to Sugar and Cream cotton yarn for my second batch. I used a size J hook and for both the string and the yarn.

Once you are done with the crochet you pop in a ribbon, and then you are all set.

Here is the first batch looking lovely in the sun.

The second group got completed when it was much darker out.

I also made up nine of these smaller ones with some Berroco Pure Pima yarn that I had in my stash.  

I just have to go get red ribbon to put on these and they will be all done.  I have four more of the larger jars to complete today and then this Christmas project will be finished.  I think they might look lovely with the candle light shining from inside. 

My youngest son thinks I am a nutter bringing these outside for a photo shoot.  He just shakes his head at my weirdness.  Well of course he thinks I am a nutter and weird, because he is 15!  Mr. 19 year old comes home in two days for 52 hours.  That is all we get him this Thanksgiving.  I bet he isn't home much of that time, he has plenty of friends to see. I just want to quietly open his bedroom door while he is sleeping and peek inside to see him sleeping in his own bed.  Sort of like I did when he was a baby.  I can't wait.

How was your weekend?


Teresa said...

Those are really pretty! Is there anything you can't crochet? Is the string to make the yarn stiffer? Am I right that you are using both yarn and string in one project?
Enjoy the time with your son. I wonder how different he will be after his time away at school. I would imagine that he will be so glad to be back home. Family, good cooked meals, etc. Have great time.

Floortje said...

The tricky bit of being creative.....becoming obsessed with a project! Happens to me all the time ;) This weekend I was really spoiled by friends of mine who run a very luxurious Bed and Breakfast to stay over for 2 nights. But it poored! all weekend. So I crocheted and crocheted some more, just like you! Sitting by the fire on a big and soft couch. So spoiled after all and no sore behind. I love your jar cosies! And your star table runner (the second in the making too!)
Have a lovely week Merdith!
Hugs, Floortje

Bridget said...

How lovely! I'm quite certain they'll be a big hit.

I really need to learn to crochet ...

moonstruckcreations said...

what thoughtful presents, your friends and family are going to love them!

Have a wonderful time when your son comes to visit, how long does he get away from college at Christmas - hopefully much longer!


Babajeza said...

Wow, so many!!! The are great. what a good idea. I once had a teacher how told us that she can only knit while walking around (this might be the Spanish way of knitting). Maybe you should walk around while crocheting .... :-)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Love the jar covers...sorry about getting you sucked into the star runner. :)

Oh, I am so happy Mr. 19 is coming home for Thanksgiving...and you know, I don't have kids but I totally understand why you want to peek in and see him in his own bed are such a cool Mom!

Hugs to you and my pal Max, too.

blessings my dear friend always

Sentimentally Me said...

Ha! What does Mr 15year old know?? (Just kidding, we have alot of that around here too!) yesterday I announced that a knitting blogger that I follow knitted socks for the LINCOLN movie. Not a single person in my family was impressed! :)

Love love LOVE those stars! So far I've printed out the pattern from the Red Heart website, but that's it. Must. Get. Going. . . . enjoy Mr 19 year olds visit, even if you just get to watch him sleep, that's pretty awesome still!~

Dee said...

The jars turned out really cute!

I was going to ask if Mr. 19 was coming home. I'm glad to hear that he is.

Spoke to my sister and her son is going to his girlfriend's for Thanksgiving. She is pretty bummed about that. :-( My Mr. 29-1/2 will be her from Wednesday until Saturday.

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

The covered jar candles are a fantastic gift idea. Your friends are lucky you decided not to stick with your not-crocheting-for-the-holidays plan!

kathy b said...

WOW you can be productive!!!! Mere. you are amazing! I love the crochet candle gifts and i"VE never seen them.
They will be adored.
No one coming home for THanksgiving here...but for Christmas! Wheee.
ENjoy your son

by Teresa said...

I'm happy your son will be home for the big dinner.. lucky you to have them all home with you. We may never have all our family around the Thanksgiving table ever again.. my daughter informed me that they had NO plans to ever come here for the holidays.. as why would they want to come here during the bad weather? Hmph. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Now don't forget I am suppose to remind you not to do this next year! Actually the little crochet jars are darling! I have not ever made any of those yet...hope I can figure how to do that. Love the ones you did out of string! Glad your son gets to come home for a few hours anyway...My sister wanted me to come down to Sarasota but not enough time or $$ for me to do that at the moment. Hope your Thanksgiving is a happy one! xo, Patti

Shari said...

Oooooo, I really love these Meredith. What a great idea! Thanks for inspiring me again today!

Grayseasailor said...

You are such a good storyteller, Meredith! I am sitting here smiling at you after having chuckled reading about your obsessions in your last few posts :) I LOVE your star runners and candle jars! [more items for my to make list...sigh :)] I am so pleased that you received such a lovely gift from a friend in Switzerland! And I think that your Thanksgiving time with your family sounds wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!! xx from Gracie

Knitting Nix said...

Your jars are beautiful. xx

delia hornbook said...

aahh bless you thats brought a little tear to my eye about you opening the bedroom door to see your son sleeping in his bed i think every mum will relate to that. Have a magical time with your sons. Love the little candle covers your friends will love them, dee x

Karen said...

How sweet these are! I'm sure your friends will love them. I would:)

I love how you still peek at your kids when they're sleeping. I do that, too.

Sue Pinner said...

Some great pressies you have there, hven't started mine yet must get a move on now we are back.
Hugs xx

Tammy said...

Okay, now I know what you meant about the jar cozies! They are lovely. I made some more last night. So easy to do and will make such a nice little gift. Yes, handmade is always best. :) Hugs, Tammy