Sunday, January 20, 2013

A sheep in the mail

Blogging friends are the best.  I have said it before and I will say it again, blogging friends are the best.  If you have not met Taci of TACIStudio let me introduce you.  She is gorgeous, and lovely, and so, so thoughtful.  And boy can she knit and crochet!  You need to pay her a visit to see her beautiful family and her beautiful creations, one of which I am the proud recipient of.  Are you as excited as I am to see what she sent?

You see in blog land people really do get to know you.  While out to lunch with a few blogging friends (Teresa, Gracie, and Betsy), Taci showed them the amazing sheep she had created.  After some discussion my name came up because I love sheep.  Taci also knows that I love sheep, so she made this special sheep just for me.  

I find it amazing that people I have  grown to care about, were talking about my sheep love, while out to lunch about 2,000 miles away from me.   

Maybe it is because every time they post pictures of their fun time together, I am jealous they are all able to get together and meet in person and frankly tell them this.  Or maybe they just know that I love sheep. 

Either way this adorable sheep made it to my mailbox yesterday.  I was so excited to open it up, and Taci let me tell you that it is even better in person!  I am so thrilled and touched that you would take the time to make this for me.   A thousand thank yous are being sent your way Taci. I will cherish this sheep forever.  Very soon Taci will be posting the pattern for this adorable sheep on her blog. so keep an eye on her blog and you can make one too, I know I will.

Now that I have my own table to work on in my bedroom.  I decided to make a little cush for my tush.  Even though this tush of mine has been expanding of late, I still wanted a bit of a buffer when sitting down. 

I used the remnants from the ripple blanket I am making for my family room.  Apparently my whole house is dark reds, greens and chocolate brown.  I must have been seriously into those colors when I decorated this house.  These colors go well with this stool for my bedroom/work table.

That is finished project number four for me, 40 yards of yarn used.  My total so far is 1,120 yards of  yarn used for finished projects.

Have a great day.


shari said...

How sweet....I am a follower already to Taci's blog and she is truly a sweetheart! The stool looks very nice, I also have dark colors in my home but here lately I have going more with brighten things up!

Emily said...

Ah, what a thoughtful surprise, so kind of her x

Danette said...

Meredith ~
I love your sheep!!!
Blogging friends are the BEST!
And your tush cush is awesome!
You need to head over to my blog so you can sign up for my Give Away. January 17th was my one year blog anniversary.
See you soon :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

That was so sweet of your friend to send adorable! I can't wait to see the cute.

I am glad you said you were jealous of the fun get togethers that they all have, I am always, too when I see their fun posts and read about the happy times they have together.

Love your stool cover! You are just gonna have to change up those dark colors in your house to bright sunny colors this year! :) I am thinning Attic24 here!

Hugs and blessings always dear friend

linda said...

I saw the little sheep she made for you over on her blog and am looking forward to the pattern. Love your cushion too :)

Kris said...

What a sweetheart she must be!!! I too, am green with envy that our Northwestern friends get to meet for lunch and yarny fun!!! I always imagine myself a fly on the wall, and getting to see about their fun via blogging is always a treat. The sheep is darling! The tush cush, is so cute! I have a barstool in my sewing room that I often sit at when I am at the cutting table. I have a tush cush on it too!!!

TACIStudio said...

Dear Meredith, I'm so glad you got your friend ... I'm so honored and touched by the kind words and compliments. You are such a sweetheart and I feel so close to you( no matter how many miles we are apart and the fact that we have never met in person ...who know ....someday?).
I love your stool cover and do love the colors on your ripple blanket ( I'm actually also working on mine this weekend when I have a minute ):)
So glad you got your packet and I hope you have a great Sunday. Hugs :)

Dee said...

Awwww...such a cute little sheep. Surprises in the mail are fun . . . at least THIS kind of surprise is. LOL

Love your granny seat cushion. That turned out great.

by Teresa said...

Oh Meredith, it was me who mentioned during our luncheon that you loved sheep - and we all smiled when your name was mentioned as we all love you! When would you like to fly over and have lunch with us? :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Babajeza said...

The little sheep is lovely. I would be excited too about it. And your stool looks fabulous. Great colour-combo. ;-)
Have a nice week. Regula

Betsy said...

Ooh! Let me know when you're flying over Mersdith so I can paln another visit to Portland too. I love the lunches we have....and sometimes we even go yarn shopping afterward! :-). I'm so happy that the little sheep brought you joy! It was so cute when we saw her at lunch. It's such fun to make new friends in blogland.



Betsy said...

Phones are so hard to comment with. Please pardon all the spelling errors in my previous comment. The keypad is just SO tiny :-)

Rose Red said...

Your new sheep is adorable! And I love your new stool cover, I have seen a few crochet covered chairs and stools in blog land recently, you are right on trend!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sweet surprise!!! Very thoughtful!! Yea, for 4 projects this year. Your seat cover looks great AND adds some cushion for the tush! blessings ~ tanna

Red said...

Love the sheep! Blog friends are amazing! I would love to be able to meet in person with a few just to "hang out" for a bit. Love the seat cover, too!

Tammy said...

Sweet! I remember when Teresa posted about their time together and the fact that she thought of you when Taci showed them the sheep. Too cute! Love the stool cover. By the way, I was partnered up for the heart swap with an Aussie felter. I thought that was rather ironic since you just started felting so here's her link if you want to check our her blog:

See, I was thinking of you, too. :) Hugs and best wishes, Tammy

The French Bear said...

That's very sweet of her, I love the little sheep.....hmmm another sheep lover. My heart melts when I see sheep, and it seems I find more friends that love them too as I blog more. I wish I had blogging friends closer too, I always sigh when I read how girls are getting together, I am happy for them but I do wish I was there with them!!!! what great colors you picked for your seat cover, and I love the way you are counting the yarn.... Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Claudia said...

The sheep is adorable and it was so sweet of Taci to send it to you! Love what you did with the cover for your stool, you talented girl, you!


delia hornbook said...

Such a lovely thoughtful gift. I agree with you bloggers are wonderful. Love your crochet stool cover to great idea :-) dee x

kathy b said...


Blog folk are so amazing.....

I love your new sheep. I love your tush cushion too!
Great idea to use your blanket leftover....perhaps I'll copy you and do something similar when my blanket is finished...

Nana Go-Go said...

You're welcome to my very modest abode for breakfast,lunch and dinner anytime! Yes, blog friends are indeed the best. Just wish there wasn't so much ocean separating most of them!!
ps I'm totally addicted to 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' - those women live on another planet but I just can't help watching their antics!
Have a good week, my friend and love your sheep.

Toni said...

What fun!!! That is just an adorable sheep!

Hindustanka said...

The sheep is shweet! :)hehe
liked the stool cover, looks very cozy and a great decor for a house.
have a nice day!

Crafty in the Med said...

How very thoughtful of Taci :-)

Lovely that me ideas!!!

No parcel received from Spain as yet then Mere???

Its taking its time!!!

keep well

Amanda :-)

Faith said...

Blogging friends are the best....who'd have thunk it eh? I'm guessing everyone when they started out blogging didn't realise how 'close' they would become with some fellow bloggers.

Your sheep is lovely, how wonderful to be so well liked, well deserved I say.x

Grayseasailor said...

I do feel blessed to be able to meet with some of my bloggy friends...but it is so much fun to at least get to meet with you regularly via blogging, Meredith :-)
I love Taci's sheep, too, and want to try to make one soon. I'm so glad she gifted you with one!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Love the stool cover! That's a great idea.