Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fumblings

Thank you all for your Max well wishes.  After visiting the vet and giving him medication, rice and chicken, (he thought he had died and gone to Heaven) he actually had a reverse in his problem if you know what I mean.  The poor boy could not go to the bathroom, it became a constant source of conversation here.  Did he?  Not yet?  Walk after walk, lots of time outside smelling around and nothing.  Finally when I was about to call the vet again he had success!  So he is feeling quite proud of himself and we are relieved.  He was feeling so great today he had a nice bark at the pool when it turned on for the morning.

I am fumbling around today, not getting much done.  I had a migraine last night and my head is foggy today.  I am so lucky as my migraines do not really hurt that much anymore, when I was younger the pain was unbearable.  Now I just get the visual disturbance, which gradually clears up and I am just left being tired, foggy and off balance.  Today it feel like the world is moving at a faster pace than my brain can keep up with.  I ran a quick errand and realized that I should not be driving so I came home right away.  Lucky for me my patients canceled today so I did not have to work.  So I plan on being cozy in my house and spending the day trying to get caught up on paperwork.  

I am not sure needle felting is on the agenda today, foggy + tired = needles poking my fingers, maybe I will try tomorrow.  For now I think I will work on my ripple blanket.  This blanket is for my family room.  I am not in love with the colors, but it will fit right in on my brown leather sofa.  I have cherry wood floors and a reddish rug with lots of green in it.  My family room is homey and dark, so the blanket works.  But I have to admit that crocheting with these colors is a drag...... the colors in my family room make for a warm cozy room, but are not fun to work with. I envy all the bright colored blankets I see in blog land, they are so fun, but just don't fit in my house.  So drab will have to work for now.  I am crocheting nine rows before I change colors.  Each color will be used three times, the drab beige will be used four.  This is made from Plymouth Encore yarn.  This yarn is not something I am in love with but very cost effective for a blanket, especially when purchased at 25% off.

I am off for now, my fingers and brain do not seem to be connecting at the same speed so typing is very interesting right now.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and I hope you find time to do something you really love.


kathyinozarks said...

Good afternoon Meredith, good news about Max. Our pets are part of our family so I know what you are going threw being concerned.
Migraines are not good-I used to get such bad ones years ago that I had to leave work, and then once home try to sleep it off. Hubby usually had to fix his own supper on those days.
I love your blanket and I can see it going well with leather-you will love it once completed.
I am loving the sunshine, but I can hear the wind howling now-need to get outdoors and feed the wildlife critters, and see if our Nikita is up for a walk-she is quite old now so I leave it up to her if she is up to it now.
hope you will be feeling better soon hugs Kathy

shari said...

Happy Friday to you to Meredith, get plenty of rest, watch movies and hook that needle a little bit at a time....sometimes I crochet so much it by itself will bring on a headache...take it easy, Hugs and get well wish to you!

Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear Max is better. I love cozy days at home, enjoy yours!

Dee said...

Right before I read you didn't like the colors, I was thinking how pretty there were together. LOL

Glad Mr. Max is feeling better. He looks like such a sweet guy and I am really glad he keeps you safe from that evil pool pump.

Dee said...

P.S. Hope your migraine goes away quickly.

Knitting Nix said...

Great news about Max, sorry you are not feeling great though :( I quite like the colours of your blanket, that red is fabulous :)

kathy b said...

GOod to hear Max is feeling better and on his normal poop schedule! Poor baby! IN the future, a little glob of vaseline for a treat and he'll be having an easier time of it
HUCK loved vaseline...

SOrry you are not too good. What's with us????
Im knitting with similar colors....but with a little more pop!

Melanie said...

Glad to hear that Max is feeling better!

I can understand how you feel about working with darker colors, especially in the winter, but this looks like it will be very cozy once it's done!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

So glad Max is feeling better...and I hope you do, too...soon. :)

Love the ripple. I keep saying I've gotta do one...I'll add it to the list. :)

Hugs and blessings always dear friend.

Kris said...

So glad that Maxy boy is better! Nothing fun about being all backed up!!!
And poor you. I had a migraine when I was pregnant, and thought I would die. MURDER!!! So glad I don't get them anymore!
I love the ripple. Pretty!!
xo Kris

Pammy Sue said...

Congrats to Max for a good pee! Poor thing.

Your crochet colors can make such a difference in your motivation and enjoyment of a project. Of course, any project you finish is always a good one! I kinda like those dark colors. My whole house is browns and fall colors except the master bath which has a paisley blue and white wallpaper I'm beginning to loath -- but not enough to re-paper it. It was here when we bought the house.

I got the Eco Duo last night and ooo'd and ahhh'd over the softness and feel of it. Don't think it will work for the owls (too dark), but I will use it for something. I should have written you an email. Oh well! Have a nice cozy weekend.

Cache-Mire said...

So glad to hear Max is better! But sorry about the migraine. I discovered aspartame was my nemesis. Now I only get one if I accidentally eat something with aspartame in it. Hope you feel better soon.

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

You have my deepest sympathy in the migraine department. I used to get them horrifically, too, but now it's only once in a while. Good to hear Max is feeling better.

I envy the pretty colors in blogland, too, but they don't go in my house either. The colors in your ripple are really rich and cozy looking, though. Can't wait to see it finished!

Have a great weekend!

Grayseasailor said...

3 yr old Molly just came by, picked up one of the flower coasters you made for me, waved it and told me, "I like your flower!"
Gma said, "I like it, too!" Then I turned the computer toward her and pointed to your picture and told her, "This is the lady who made the flowers for Gma."
Molly asked, "What's her name?"
Then she noticed Max. "What's he doing?"
Gma answered. "Max is barking at the water in Meredith's pool."
"What's he saying?" Molly asked.
"I don't know."

Ahhhh the sweet mysteries of life.
May you and yours be well, Meredith.
[Your blanket is progressing elegantly in my opinion.]

Betsy said...

Hello Meredith! I hope by the time you read this you will be feeling quite yourself and no more fogginess or pain. I've never had painful migraines, but have had what is called octocular migraines where I o completely blind for a few hours. Very scary the first time it happened but now that I know what they are it's is not so frightening.

I'm glad Max is better. It's no fun when our furry kids are sick. They can't even tell us where it hurts.

Your colors are lovely and muted, but very cozy looking. Just the thing to curl up on the sofa with on a cold day.


by Teresa said...

I'm so glad to hear that Max is better.. and hope you get all well too. My gd in Ohio is having the same problem as Max.. they are even going to have to xray her! Poor baby. We found a vintage "bridge" lamp on craigslist today and went and brought it home. I'll show pix tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mrs. Micawber said...

"We are all relieved" - especially Max! I don't suppose you meant that for a pun but it's a good one. :)

Hope that migraine is all cleared up now. (I get them too - usually at a certain time of the month - and especially if I get dehydrated. No visual disturbance, but nasty pain, sometimes nausea, and the urge to keep eating carbohydrates. It seems to mess with my blood sugar somehow.)

Your ripple afghan would go perfectly in our living room too - somehow we ended up with a sage green and burgundy and brown colour scheme, and now I just have to work with it -despite the fact that my soul cries out for coral and turquoise and green and rose and yellow. :)

Have a great weekend, and Max - you go, dog!

Toni said...

Oh dear! I hope you feel better soon, and VERY glad to hear Max is well enough to be back to pool guard duty! :)

moonstruckcreations said...

Good to hear that Max is back to his usual cheeky self, but sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Hope you are feeling fully better now.

I love your blanket!

Babajeza said...

Hopefully, you are feeling better today. I like your blanket. First thought was "wow" althought I am not a fan of dark colours especially working with them. But I am sure the blanket looks beautiful in your family room. Happy weekend. Regula

Annaboo said...

Well, I think that ripple blanket is lovely and you're right, it will look perfect on a dark coloured sofa.
Glad Max is on the mend- it's so worrying when a pet is poorly.
Have a lovely weekend- hope you're on the mend too.
Sarah xxx

Sue Pinner said...

Hi, good to hear Max is feeling lots better and sorry you had to suffer a migraine...stopped drinking coffee for same reason.
Hope you enjoyed you free Friday too.
Hugs x

Nana Go-Go said...

Poor Max and Poor You! Be good to yourself this weekend, Meredith and slow down!!We're snowed-in here so have no choice but to go's looks pretty but oh-so pesky!I love your Ripple Blanket and don't think it's drab at all. What about bordering it with something brighter if you really feel it's too dark or you could accessorise it with bright cushions but I love it just the way it is.Hoping for a chilled weekend for you, Meredith, we're definitely having one here!!xxx
Big Hugs to Max too x

Sharron said...

Hi Meredith,
Really glad to hear Max is feeling brighter. It's such a worry when a beloved pet gets sick,and worse as they can't tell us where it hurts with words. Sending healing thoughts to you too, sorry to hear you've been feeling yucky.

I love your ripple, I can just imagine it fitting right in on your leather sofa. I have a similar colour scheme in my family room (living room, as we say here in the UK)so I understand your frustration when it comes to choosing colours for accessorising a space with darker furniture. You know me, I love my bright colours, so I totally 'get' your feelings working on something that doesn't feed the senses, as it were.

Keep going with it and I look forward to seeing pics of it situated in it's new home sometime soon. Happy weekend x

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I'm glad to hear Max is feeling much better and hope that by now, you are too! Your ripple throw will be beautiful when you're done. You will be glad you trudged onward. blessings ~ tanna

Claudia said...

Ripples are especially nice when you're not feeling well - easy, repetitive, and sort of comforting.

Love you, sister.


EMMA said...

Glad to hear Max is feeling better. My dog also had a stomach bug over the christmas holidays - very messy indeed. She got over it in a couple of days with the help on some very expensive vet pills and then went on to eat a packet of elastic bands and got sick again!
Your ripple looks cosy. I'm waiting for my yarn (also bought on sale) to arrive to finally start mine. I had a hard time deciding on colours and have ended up going with a sort of mint choc chip theme - greens, brown and white.
Have a good weekend.

WildflowerWool said...

Sounds like a crazy few days at your home. Hope everyone is feeling better :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I suffer from migraines too. I have had them since I was 16. I was at the mall and walking out of Sears when suddenly I noticed a man walking toward me had no head! Actually I had experienced my first visual disturbance and my friend had to drive me home where about 30 mins later my vision returned to normal but the headache began. So it went for years and still does. Now that I am older they are so much less painful and I don't have to go to bed hoping I wasn't going to throw up. I seem to have them more often now though...not sure why but as long as they don't waste my entire day of having to lie down in a darkened room I can put up with it. Like you though, I feel foggy and sometimes it hurts my head to cough or shake my head the wrong way the next day. Glad Max is back in the "groove" so to speak! I watched a video of the wavy stitch. I think I will have to try it at the same time though to see if I would be successful at it. Sun is shining here today but really frigid temps are on their way tomorrow and the first few days of the coming week. Doing some house cleaning today after having my 3 yr old granddaughter for a few days, then off to Columbus tomorrow to celebrate my husbands birthday with our boys. Hope you have a peaceful weekend! ~Hugs, Patti

Tammy said...

Hi Meredith, I hope Max continues to be well. I know what you mean about all the bright colored blankets -- they just wouldn't fit in here either. I have such a hard time picking colors to make anything. Hope your head is better. Hugs, Tammy

Monica said...

Oh so glad Max is well! Sending hugs to you both xoxo