Monday, May 20, 2013

Random thoughts on a Monday

I am all over the place today, I don't have to work because one of my little ones is very ill.  I don't want to get sick or bring an illness home for my son who is about to move into finals, so no work for me.  On a day like today, no work is a bit of a surprise, I am not quite sure what to do with myself.  So I feel like I am all over the place not really settled if you know what I mean.

So random thoughts are on my mind, a bit of this and that is swirling around my brain waiting to come out.

 Last year Max and I made a pact, we decided we were going gray together.  He has been going gray since he was 3, you know he has a terribly stressful life here taking care of all of us.  I decided to stop low lighting my hair a year ago and let it go.  No more long expensive hair appointments for me.  I have to say that we are both doing well in this pact of ours.  I now have long gray hairs all over but a very big streak of gray just over my left eye.  My Mom had a streak over her right eye, I like it.  When I pull my hair up which is how I wear it most days the whole left side of my hair is gray, while the right is not.  I look like a puzzle with pieces that don't exactly match.

 The African Flower Bag remains just like it was last time you saw it, please Patternworks, get my yarn order to me so I can finish this!

Would you like a weeding tip I read about in my paper for sidewalks and pavers?  Mix one gallon of vinegar with one cup of salt, and one tablespoon of dish detergent.  Place on your problem area and before you know it you have a bunch of dead weeds.  I should have weeded before this little trick, so now I have a bunch of dead weeds in cracks in my pavers.  It took a total of 5 gallons of vinegar to do my whole walkway, but it is still pretty inexpensive and not so harsh on the environment as store bought weed killer.

 It is soooo hot here already that some of my flowers are beginning to die.  Good bye beautiful petunias that lasted all Winter long.

 I re-potted Her Highness a few weeks ago.  Last year she did not grow very much and her flowers this past Christmas were few and far between.  Everything I read about Christmas Cactus' does not seem to work for this one.  She loves to be outside, she loves to be in the hot and humid weather, and she loves to be re-potted.  So we are going for what works for us and not what I read about.

There are little tiny leaves already growing.  I am thrilled.

I am thinking of making The Tranquil Tank Top by Lion Brand.  You can find it on but I seem to be having difficulty loading the pattern link for you.  It is currently an KAL with Lion Brand, I won't be knitting along, I just may be knitting at my own pace.  That is when I finish this.

The blue Malabrigo sweater is almost done .  I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the finish line, the big celebration at the end.....just not yet.  Patience and perseverance are not my strong points.

My gardenia's are still in bloom.  I have to enjoy them from outside as I think the strong but lovely fragrance is stuffing up my nose.  They are so beautiful but I think I would give up a couple of my of bushes for some gorgeous lilacs.  I miss those beautiful flowers every single Spring.

And to end this post I have to tell you a little tale about my Max.  This is the door from my garage into my kitchen area.  My Max is so well behaved, he never and I mean never walks out this door unless he is told he can do so.  He might put his two front paws out, but his behind is definitely in.  I can leave the door open for a long time and my boy will not move.  Well that was until last week.  I was cleaning and pottering around my house in the late afternoon when I saw the back door open.  This is not unusual because our door often does not close tightly, but it was wide open which was a bit strange.  I closed the door and went on my way.  About 20 minutes later my husband came home and yelled my name (not an unusual occurrence) and said that Max had greeted him outside by his car when he pulled in.  He heard the thumping of Max's tail on his car before he opened the car door.  That little sneak pushed the door open and decided he could go out and have a little smell-a-thon all on his own. When he came in he looked at me and put his head down and tried to walk right past me.  The nerve of that sweet boy.  We had a serious talk and he swears he won't do it again.  Look how innocent he looks!

If you are loving the Miss Maggie Rabbit so many people have made in blog land I suggest you pop over to Alica's blog at Posie Gets Cozy and order yours before this shipment gets all bought up.  I ordered mine last week.

What random thoughts are swirling around in your head just waiting to get out?


Kris said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk Max!!! He does look innocent if you ask me!
I too love gardenias! I have one planted in the planter in front of the house, and you can smell them as you walk to our front door! Heavenly!!!
Enjoy your day off!!!
xo Kris


Hello Meredith,

One year before I retired I decided to let my hair go along its natural way. Like you for 30 years plus I always highlighted it.. I was surprise to see I was not as gray as I thought I was but in the 1 1/2 years since it is pretty much all gray now.. YOU will get use to your new look and like it allot.

Thanks for the tip on getting rid of the weeds along the pavers.. I will try this soon..

Your Christmas Catus is very pretty.. I have one I got from my MOM because she no longer wanted it..

I think Max is smirking.. LOL because he knows he was a naughty boy...VBg

Have a lovely holiday weekend down there in the hot South. Hugs Judy

Grayseasailor said...

Well, I'm delighted I happened to open up my blog and found that you just posted another newsy post, Meredith! I'm headed off to the dentist soon for a regular check-up, and I just had a good conversation with my oldest sister on the phone. My older Grand Girls came calling, pushing their happy baby dolls in strollers through my room with some little girl chatter and giggles...Hope you have fun as you find projects to fill your unexpected "free" time :-) I enjoyed admiring your plants and your Max and hope you receive your creative bundles promptly! Hugs from Gracie :-)

Teresa said...

I LOVE the pictures of Max and the story! He reminds me so much of my Tiffy! Coloring, etc. Still hard sometimes since she passed away. My Christmas cactus is doing great. Mine also thrives on neglect. Jeff bought it for me last Dec. Now to see what it does next Dec. Hopefully it will bloom. It is getting a lot of new it can't be to unhappy. I have a Tanner story for you. Spoiled brat! Jeff fertilized the backyard yesterday. He fences in an area for Tanner in the top flowerbed so that Tanner doesn't walk on and get into the fertilizer. Suppose to be safe...but. Anyway when I took him out last night before we went to bed he would not do anything. Kept running for the other door. I kept bringing him back to the door I wanted him to use. Then I took him to the front yard. Still no results. We ended up bringing him to the back flowerbed (over the fertilized part) where he proceeded to do him job immediately. So I guess we will just make sure that he doesn't have anything sticking to his feet until we get rain. He can be SO STUBBERN! He likes routine. We are on puppy watch. 1 more month until they are born! Friend contacted me yesterday to let me know that her female did take. Have a great day, Teresa

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh I think Max was just trying to head my head to help me out. You know he's my pal and well, one look at his adorable face and I feel better already.

Love the bag you are working on. The colors are so pretty.

Your flowers look so nice. I remember how hot and humid it could get in what you have growing is awesome!

I think you should head to the beach and enjoy yourself...maybe go visit some yarn at a shop...get a fancy coffee...just enjoy the day all by yourself. :)

Hugs and blessings always dear friend.

by Teresa said...

Hi Meredith! Have a fun day off! I'm finally at rest after 3 days of activity. Will post in a bit. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

shari said...

Hello Meredith,
I sure can relate right along with you. So glad for you that you have the day off, Even thought I don't leave for work each day, my days are so full. I am pulled in every direction, right down to the kids, taking care of Billy's mom...she is a elderly woman and slowing slipping from us, to all the house cleaning, cooking and running to from school to school for Lauren's volleyball games and practices...she made the Varsity team again for the up coming season so more busy days to come.
I haven't been able to post any thing new on my blog for it's just been so crazy for me lately, but did have a minute right after lunch to check in a say hello and I hope you have a wonderful week!
Max.....he is just to sweet....even if he went wondering about alone....that made me smile!
xx, Shari

kathyinozarks said...

I love weed tip, someone had told me there is an industrial grade vinegar but have not seen that yet-will try your recipe for sure.
I love your violet squares, and I really miss having a lilac bush too-I need to plant me one here.
Max must have been wanting to go exploring-have a great day off

Neicee said...

Max look so sweet I must comer over and meet hime sometime. Its nice to have a day off now and again. I love Maggie Rabbit! Have a great week ....I am not even gunna tell you what is swirling around my head!

serendipity said...

I bet Max thought he'd had a big adventure! Glad he knew not to go far. If Lottie escaped I don't think we'd ever see her again, too many rabbit to chase :( xx

kathy b said...

Max!!! Goldens are so rarely naughty that it is funny when they misbehave.

I was all over the place tip to settle yourself: make a list!

Ladybird Diaries said...

Max looks very sweet!
M x

linda said...

A lovely post Meredith, I hope that you had a lovely day off, I'm the same when it happens unexpectedly, I can't seem to settle to do anything constructive. I need to plan my days or nothing seems to get done. a great tip for the path weeding I will have to try it. Bless him Max is so sweet you would have to forgive him anything,have a great week :)

moonstruckcreations said...

Aww Max! He is a real cutie.

I had a nice Christmas cactus for a couple of years, but it has now died, not sure why...

Hope you enjoy your time off.


Betsy said...

Hi Meredith! I'm so happy that you had an unexoected day at home to potter around and do bits of this and that.
Love your Christmas cactus. She's beautiful. Mine finally died this year after almost 20 years of coddling.
Poor Max looks so innocent-just like my Chloe. I'm sure he just wanted to say hi to Daddy and forgot the two paws over the doorstep rule. He'll do better next time. :-)

Babajeza said...

I used to dye my hair with henna for years because I liked the red shine. When my hair was getting more and more grey, it became very exhausting as I had to do it every four weeks. I had my hair cut short (which my husband doesn't like ;-) at all). Funny thing though: Women always say: Grey looks good on you but me, I couln't wear my hair grey. But after a while, most of them do. You have to get used to the thought of getting grey and old(er). ;-) It doesn't hurt!
Have a nice day! Regula

EMMA said...

Ah Max, what a beautiful dog. I'd forgive him anything.
Thanks for sharing your weed killer recipe, we have a wee weed problem just in front of our garage, so I shall be out there 'zapping' them very soon.

Sentimentally Me said...

Ohhhh. My random thoughts:

Yay for you on the hair. I'm not brave enough, though I wish I was. So tired of the $$ and time every 4/5 weeks . . . ugh.

Max - I'm in love. Don't tell my hounds.

Thanks for the weed recipe.

I ordered my bunny kit yesterday * woohoo!!

Hope you have a perfect day, my friend!

xo P

Dee said...

I have had a grey streak at the front for many years. Stephen calls it my Elvira stripe.

Now it is joined by many more grey spots, but once upon a time it was all by itself.

The back of my hair is very stripey grey.

The Faerie Factory said...

Ah bless Max for wanting to go on a little adventure. Sarah x

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love random thoughts...they move all over, and most of them are good.

I guess getting up so early has put your day off kilter.

Hope it gets better.


Tammy said...

I haven't colored my hair in a year either. I never did permanent color -- only on the roots, and did a glaze on the rest. But my hairdresser moved back to the States, and honestly, the gray was coming out within weeks of coloring, so why spend all the money? We do get older and the gray is bound to be there. So be it! That Max ... I bet he was thinking woohoo, freedom! Good thing he knows to stay close to the house. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

Rose Red said...

Oh naughty funny Max!

I have only had my hair dyed once (or maybe twice), and it's been steadily going grey over the past few (or even 10) years. I don't mind it at all, and often receive compliments on my hair colour (which never fail to amaze me, since it's slat and pepper light brown and silvery grey!). One thing I have done though is to stop wearing yellow gold jewellery - silver looks so much better with the grey hair!