Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sadness, new yarn and a finish

The devastation in Oklahoma has been so sad.  My heart goes out to everyone experiencing the loss of a loved one, the loss of a home and the loss of a life that felt safe.  As I watch the news I hope that those lovely people, who have lost so much, can find peace and know that the country and the world are praying for them.

On to other things that seem a bit trivial at this time, but life continues to move on, even when it doesn't feel quite right for it to do so.

My yarn order came in from Patternworks yesterday.  There is really nothing more fun then a bag of yarn arriving on your doorstep.  I ordered the colors for the hexagon bag and a few more to once again tackle the Lucy bag from Attic24.  We know how my last one turned out, it was a disaster that I ended up felting trying to salvage it.

Having to wait on yarn makes you have to work on something else.  And boy have I been putting my nose to the grindstone trying to finish this.

This is the Sixteen-Button Cardigan by Cecily Glowik.  I found this pattern in the book Simple Style by Ann Budd.  I need to call mine the Fourteen-Button Cardigan as I only put on 14 buttons, or as it has been known on my blog for quite sometime The Blue Malabrigo Sweater.

 The ribbing at the bottom has some interesting details  It creates a lovely triangle shape on the sides and the back.

This sweater is made from the bottom up even though it looks like a raglan which is made from the top down.  It is made in one piece until the sleeve line.  Once there you start your sleeves up to the point where they will be attached, you then attach the front, a sleeve, the back, a sleeve and the remaining front.  It is once again knit in one piece with the ribbing decreases, which are very simple to do.  

Once you knit up the button bands, which I did in a 4x4 rib not the 5x5 as per the instructions, all you have to do is sew up the arm seams.  It all sounds so easy and effortless now that I am done, but a sweater is a big undertaking, especially for someone like me who lately has a very short attention span.

This sweater is made from Malabrigo Rios, in the colorway Azules which is darker and more vibrant than seen in these pictures.  I think the sun has softened the color, but sun was needed to see the detail.  I simply love this yarn, it is so soft and wonderful to work with.  It is pure merino superwash so it feels beautiful in your hands.  It has a nice weight to it, not heavy at all just yummy, the yarn is just  yummy.

 I used a total of 800 yards for this sweater and that was with making it a bit longer in the torso and arms, I am pretty tall and my arms are pretty long.  It really fits nicely which is a huge bonus after all the time and energy put into making it.  Energy strictly for perseverance not for the actual knitting.  Not a bad sweater to make if you are newish to knitting, the directions are straight forward and there are not a lot of seams to sew up, I am not a fan of seams. That is finished project 19 for me, and adding in the baby blanket I made for my great nephew that is a total of 8,820 yards of yarn used this year. 

Today Max heard that I had written about his little adventure on my blog, he not was not happy. I believe I have seen that look from my teenagers, translated it means, really Mom, could you embarrass me anymore?

Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

My prayers go out to all those dear people in OK. Such sadness.

Max is so cracking me up with that look. He's so cool. I love Max!

Ohhhh the sweater is AWESOME! Gosh, you've been so busy. I feel like a real slacker. You put me to shame girl, to shame!

I am looking forward to watching the progress on your bag. It's going to be so pretty with all those lovely colors.

Yeah, the only other thing better than getting a box full of yarn on your door step is a box full of floss....because you know, I am cross stitching again and well, a girl does have needs you know!

Sending you and my pal Max hugs today and bless you sweet friend.


Hello Meredith.

Your sweater is absolutely Gorgeous, and more Gorgeous and Exquisite in every way. It is wonderful to finish a project especially a big project like your lovely sweater. I could NEVER make even the simplest of sweater let alone one like you have made.

NOW I reckon you should stop picking on Poor Olde Max.. I am sure he has been greatly humbled by his now world famous wee mistake.. LOL

I agree, I can not even imagine what it must feel like to lose your friends and love ones let alone lose the place you call home and belongs too. My thoughts and prayer have gone out to these families daily.

Hugs Judy

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

Oh, wow! Your knitting is so perfectly even and professional-looking. That sweater in that color was a great choice. Love it!

The Faerie Factory said...

Such a pretty sweater I love the detailing on the ribbing and the colour is gorgeous. Sarah x

Teresa said...

That is a very pretty sweater! I love the color. Could you just imagine if you had all the yarn lined up that you used this year! How many skiens would that be. :) It would be a pretty sight though. It would probably look like a yarn store.
I really am praying for the people who have to go through the storms. here do you even start to get your life back together? Insureance (and getting the inspecters out there, etc) has to be a nightmare. Not to mention getting on the list for contracters , etc. But to lose friends, relatives and especially a child just has to be horrible. So much healing to do.
The look on Max's face says it all. LOL

Bridget said...

Between the pretty sweater and the skeins of yarn, this is a colorful post! The sweater looks lovely.

Poor Max - it's always shocking to know that other people know things about you that you wish they didn't ...

by Teresa said...

Being an Oklahoma born person whose home was blown to bits by a tornado when I was 6 weeks old - while we were inside it - I am deeply affected by the recent tragedy, especially the little school children. I'm with you on sadness for those families.

Your sweater is magnifique! I do hope you model it for us - you're so gorgeous. I hope you try a 2nd Lucy bag, I love mine and kind of want to make another. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Oh that sweater! There are no words to describe how absolutely stunning it is. We want to see you modeling it for us Meredith! Lovely, lovely.

Poor Max. He does look completely embarrassed doesn't he? The things we do to our "kids".

I'm praying constantly for those little children especially, who will never forget. I remember being on my knees looking out the back car window, (yes it was in the days before seatbelts), and telling my Daddy to "go faster because the cows are flying!". I was 8 or 9 and will never forget. I'm so glad to live in the wonderful northwest where we don't seem to have tornadoes after spending my first 32 years in storm shelters much of every spring and summer.

Blessings and love to you dear Meredith.

Gerda said...

Love your photo of Max, and the translation of his look! And your cardigan has turned out beautiful.
Groetjes, Gerda
And we in Holland are lucky not having tornadoes.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Meredith, you did it, that sweater is just lovely. The color is so soothing and the details are amazing. Great knitting my friend!
Love your new yarn, don't think anything is as great as a purchase of yarn delivered to your door! The hexie bag is going to be fab, love the colors, some of my favorite! I know you can master the Lucy bag too.

Oklahoma is so tragic. Mother nature sure has been testing us lately, thank GOD we are all coming together to help in any ways we can. God bless the Red Cross.
Take care, xoRobin

kathy b said...


YOUR sweater finish is amazing!!!! YOu are such an amazing knitter. I adore the color.

Max, so much like my Huck. I adore seeing his photos and his concerned looks!

Mrs. Micawber said...

That sweater is simply breathtaking. What a wonderful job you did ... and I can hardly believe it only took 800 yards.

I know just what you mean about Oklahoma ... it made me not want to blog at all, because that feels somehow shallow, when people are suffering so. But as you say life does go on.

Poor Max! He should start his own blog. Then he can tell embarrassing stories about his humans ... only I am sure he is too nice to do that. :)

Grayseasailor said...

In Missouri when I was in 6th grade I can remember kneeling with my dad and looking out my bedroom window as we realized we were looking at a tornado whirling toward us. It whirled away from us but totally swept our friend's home away and killed one of my classmates. Why him and not us?

Life is that odd combination of weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice...

Thanks for letting us rejoice with you, Meredith, in receiving your yarn and finishing your beautifully detailed sweater while we mourn with those around us who mourn and comfort and help those we can who are troubled, including dear Max :-)

Gracie xx

Babajeza said...

I've seen pictures of the storm in Oklahoma in our local newspaper. There is nothing left. Wow, I'm impressed (in a bad way). Your cardigan is super beautiful. I love the triangle bottom edge. :-)

Kris said...

The Oklahoma news is so terribly sad.
Your cardigan is gorgeous! I envy your knitting abilities!!
Good luck with the next bag you make. Beautiful yarns!!!
XO Kris

Delia Ryder said...

aahhh Max is so cute bless him. Wow your cardigan is gorgeous you have some great knitting skills. Horrible the news is at the moment and very sad. Take care, dee x

Elisabeth said...

Wow! Your cardigan is amazing! So pretty and so even.....I wonder if I'll ever be able to knit something like that?! :) Beautiful yarns too. I'll look forward to seeing the bag xx

Ladybird Diaries said...

Gorgeous yarn there, such lovely colours. Absolutely awful about Oklahoma, so tragic.
M x

linda said...

Your sweater have turned out so nice it's lovely, I love the colour too it will go with so many things. Lots of lovely new wool for you to play with I bet you can't wait to dive in there and get started :)

andamento said...

Wow, I really like your new cardigan, it looks fantastic. As non-knitter I think I'd be a bit daunted to try something like that, it sounds very complicated. I like the colours of your new yarn too, good luck with the bag this time...

Toni said...

Oh, the new sweater is lovely!!! And just in time for some cast-on fun.

Claudia said...

My talented sister, that sweater is gorgeous! I don't know how you do it, but somehow you do. Love to you, sister.


Deb said...

You are such a talented knitter! Love your latest sweater. Beautiful colour & pattern. I also loved your last post & think Max looks gorgeous with grey hair ♥

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That is one lovely sweater, I bet it looks stunning on the colors, the texture, and the way the little triangles come out on the folds.


shari said...

Your sweater came out really pretty Meredith, really lovin the color you chose. I so wish I could make a sweater like that. Maybe it's something I can try after I complete this blanket I a working on. Max still looks like a sweetie, It's funny how many "faces" he poses for you, he is such a character!
xx, Shari

kathyinozarks said...

your sweater is gorgeous Meredith-you are a very accomplished knitter-and poor Max-lol

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Yes, prayers still going up for those in OK. Such a sad thing... they are such resilient and positive folks. Inspiring every time I hear them talk of their experiences.

LOVE your sweater, Meredith. GREAT job!!

Poor Max. LOL! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. blessings ~ tanna

Tammy said...

I haven't had time to post of late and then with the news out of OK I thought it better just to stay quiet. I am counting down the days until summer vacation begins. Yusef's graduation is on the 2nd and I still haven't got a complete outfit to wear. I do not like shopping much at all but will have to venture out again tomorrow. The sweater is beautiful. Love the color. Your knitting is just gorgeous! Best wishes, Tammy

Faith said...

The news from Oklahoma was very sad.

Your new cardi is beautiful, I love the ribbing detail and the colour, really lovely.

That pic of Max in the previous post is meltingly gorgeous, he looks like such a big sortie. My Chester has gone into a doggy hotel for the weekend as we are leaving early tomorrow for a Couple of days away,i'm missing him already.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Your sweater is awesome! love the colors and the ribbing for the details!! Very nice!! You're going to enjoy wearing it!
Max is so sweet looking! Ohhh, all that grey!! Only on his face?? My Augie is getting grey all over. Like people - grey hairs are coming into his black hair/fur. But he has lost most of his hearing!! So sad!! So I'm signing to Augie!

Rose Red said...

Your cardigan looks great, such a nice colour and I love the ribbing detail.