Saturday, November 9, 2013

Life is Busy

I cannot recall a week that I have not been on my blog to at least visit you my friends.  Unless I am on vacation somewhere, I do not believe I have ever missed this much blog time.  This week has been so busy.  My work load got all mixed up and on top of that I have been getting my house ready for a party here this evening, for my husband's work.  And I have to ask why is it usually up to the wife to get all this done? I am just saying I am exhausted already and we haven't even had the party yet.  My husband, who has done just a tiny fraction of the work will be full of energy tonight and I will be dragging around limp as a rag.  You know how one thing leads to another when you are having a gathering of people you don't really know.  You have to clean all the furniture outside, and everything inside.  Oh wait I need new plants out front.  Ooops, is the front door and walkway clean?  Hmmmm, what about all the mold and mildew on the fireplace outside?  Oh no the windows are dirty!  Yikes, when was the last time I cleaned the front of the kitchen cabinets and polished the counterpoints?  So this has been a week of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, and let me just say I like a clean house but this is ridiculous. 

There has been minimal knitting time.  By the time I can sit down I have actually fallen asleep on the sofa in front of the TV.  And don't even put a book in my hands right before bed, not a page has been turned.  So early mornings, lots of work and now an almost clean house have done me in this week.  I can't wait for a rest day tomorrow.  I plan on knitting, watching football, reading blogs, and having a great, big, relaxing day.

My latest leaf scarf based on the Vite Cowl got finished early this week.  I am still so in love with this pattern.  It is easy and fun, and I have plans for many, many more.  This scarf is for my SIL who lives in Wisconsin.  Made from Mesa, from Ironstone Yarns, stash yarn I have had for years.

I used two skeins at the same time, to make it more bulky.  This is going to be a sturdy scarf, for the cold Wisconsin Winter.  My SIL is such a lovely person, she is a great Mother, Grandmother, and a full time caregiver to my husband's brother, who has a very advanced case of Parkinson's Disease.  One of the things she loves to do is walk outside.  She is of sturdy stock and walks no matter what the weather.  I hope this scarf will help her to stay nice and cozy on those cold, wet, and chilly Wisconsin days.

I also tried my first attempt at mitts, this basic pattern can be found at  Wildflower Wool Knits, on the October 31, 2013 post.  I added a couple of leaves, which of course do not show up clearly in this picture.  You could embellish these mitts in all sorts of fun ways, needle felting, crochet flowers, embroidery, you name it.

This will be packed up and shipped out early next week.  My SIL does not celebrate Christmas with presents, so every year I try to make a little something to send  her, just to celebrate the great person she is.

Max and I finished another nesting ball last weekend.  I hung this one  where I can see it easier than the last one.  It is funny how during the fall he sheds less when I brush him, but appears to shed more in my house.  Or maybe I have just noticed more dog hair in my house due to my cleaning spree.

I have missed all of you so much.  It is funny how you take the easy exchange between your blog friends for granted.  I miss taking a peek into your lives, seeing how you and your families are, and seeing what you have been up to.  So I am hoping to get a chance to visit you all tomorrow.  I can't promise to catch up with a whole week of happenings, but I am sure going to try.

Hope you have a blessed day and wish me luck tonight when I have a house full of people I do not know.  I am pretty shy by nature, so this is not easy for me.  I wish I drank alcohol, that would help a bit I think.

Okay, back to cleaning and party prep work.  Have a great day and hope you are all well.


Penny said...

Well done with all your cleaning. I know what you mean when you start to clean one thing you see another, then another and next thing you know is that you are perpetually cleaning! I hope it goes well for you tonight and that you can relax and just enjoy after all your hard work and I am pleased to see that you managed to get some knitting done. Your SIL sounds like someone who needs to be well celebrated, I am sure she will love these gifts made with love for her xox Penny

Babajeza said...

Hello Meredith

I'm sure the party is going to be a great success. Make sure you have fun too. You deserve it!!! And make sure your husband does the dishes!!!!! Hugs to you!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

YIKES MEREDITH! You have been busy!!! Hope the party goes well! Your husband is very lucky to have you. xoRobin
Love the scarf and mitts......have a scarf on my needles now : )

linda said...

I feel for you Meridith, I have been there many times in the past, usually around the Christmas season, I would
spend ages cleaning the house and preparing food and usually making myself ill into the bargain, I always seemed to be full of cold when the big day arrived. I am quite a shy person too and had to deal with a language I wasn't fluent in. You never enjoy it yourself because you are hoping that everything will go ok and everyone is happy. Having said all that it usually is ok and everyone does seem to enjoy it which I suppose is the main thing. You make yourself beautiful and enjoy your own party I'm sure it will be a great sucess. Your sister in law is going to love the gifts I'm sure. Just think you won't need to clean for ages now! Have a great night :)

Susanne said...

I know, I know, we women who are the glue in our family have always carried the burden of the "details" that need taking care of before any small or large event that involves people coming to our homes or planning for a trip. When it came to trips, my husband did 2 things, packed his own bag and gassed up the car. It was up to me to make sure I was packed, the kids were packed, the mail was stopped, the dog was kenneled, the water softener was set to vacation setting, and the list goes on and on. I actually made a check list of all the things I had and needed to do.....then the graduation parties, he went and bought the beer and ice, set up horse shoe game out in the yard and I did the invitations, ordered the tent, tables and chairs, the arrangements for the hog roast and fixed tons of food, the porta potty to be delivered, the cake, the cleaning of the garage (he helped a bit there), I bought the soda, and the plates and such. Then 2 years later I did it all again for our younger daughter. i was even asked by a neighbor if I would hire myself out to come plan and cater her daughter and son's graduation parties. All this basically was planned for 3 months in advance. I felt the same way, my guy was fresh as a daisy and I was the wilted, wore out soul who smiled and made sure everyone was fed and watered. The man came to start the pig at 6am and finished up at 2pm when the party started. It lasted till 4am, I had more than enough, I finally told my husband, "Get these people out of here!" The party started at 2pm, I got to sit down and eat at 7pm. My husband was out and about enjoying himself....oh honey, I know how it is, my house was picked up, but thank goodness the party was outside. Women do basically ALL the work, it is like the men are just a part of the guest list, lol
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Susanne said...

P.S. Your scarf for your sil is beautiful, sorry I neglected to comment, I was on a roll in the above comment, lol.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the party tonight. When it's all over, take a big deep breath, a cup of your most wonderful tea and pick up the needle(s) or a good book. You deserve some Meredith time!

The scarf and mittens are beautiful. The look SO soft and I love that mix of colors. That could make the greyist Wisconsin day bright.

Kris said...

Oh dear. Though we are not hosting a party, you have described how I have been feeling. Life has been so terribly busy, with one thing after another. I am also feeling like a limp rag! So true about the men. Tee hee.
Love the scarf!!
I hope your party goes off without a hitch! And tomorrow you can sit on the sofa all day and knit!
xo Kris

CJ said...

You're a star doing all of that for your husband. I hope it all goes well. Maybe if you sit in the kitchen and knit some interesting people will gravitate towards you. Have a wonderful Sunday, it is very well deserved.

Teresa Kasner said...

You're so right about guys not participating too much in party planning and prep. But I know you'll perk up and have a good time too.. and you'll be so proud of your beautiful home. We have some work to do around here to get ready for xmas decorating.. it's kind of a big huge mess! Love your scarf, you're such a good woman. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mrs. C said...

Been there, done that.... and starting again...I always host the holidays at my house( don't mind I love to cook and it means i don't have to travel anywhere! ) But it does mean that the yearly "clean the house from top to bottom, every room event" is ready to begin! I started thinking about it this weekend...If i do a little bit of organizing every day I might not be so stressed out at the i just have to actually do it and not wait until the week before! Have a great party! :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Gosh, I hope the party goes well and you can rest up tomorrow. The next time Hubby has a party, he needs to have it at a restaurant so you don't get stuck doing all the work!

Love the mitts, too.


Nana Go-Go said...

Man brings home the bacon, Woman cleans the cave - we've not come very far really, have we? I suspect your party with still go ahead with great aplomb and you'll definitely be the hostess with the mostest!
Lovely knits too, as always. Enjoy your

Nana Go-Go said...

Man brings home the bacon, Woman cleans the cave - we've not come very far really, have we? I suspect your party with still go ahead with great aplomb and you'll definitely be the hostess with the mostest!
Lovely knits too, as always. Enjoy your

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

We have already started cleaning in preparing for the crowd for Thanksgiving. I can't even imagine cleaning and preparing for a party at this time in November!!
Your SIL's scarf and half gloves are lovely. Please don't feel pressured to do mine. Do them when you have nothing to do --- well - I know you're always busy!! But, when life is easy and you're wanting to "just knit"!!
Enjoy the party!! AND yopur free time on Sunday!!

Toni said...

Oh my! I certainly hope the party turned out well after all of that work!

Teresa said...

I hope your party goes well. I know this is hard. I know that I would have problems doing this. We are our own worst critics aren't we. Why do we think everything has to be perfect? I am lucky as Jeff would be helping me. Sometimes I don't think I let him know how much I apprieciate him. I hope you were able to relax and enjoy yourself. I hope your wore one of your beautiful knitted pieces. I bet it helped to start conversations. Let us know how it went. The pieces you made for your SIL are beautiful! They will keep her toasty warm this winter. Now relax and do something you want to do!

gaia said...

I wish you good luck with the party!

Joy said...

What a lot of work to make sure everything is just right - I do hope your Hubby spoils you on Sunday, AND that he does the cleaning up afterwards!!!
Hopefully you were able to relax and enjoy the fun night!
What a beautifully worked gift for your SIL - you are such a kind and thoughtful person Meredith, and I'm sure she recognises and appreciates that - poor lady has a lot on her plate!
Nice and easy does it for you today lovely!
Warm hugs, Joy xo

Elisabeth D said...

I'd been missing you Meredith! I hope you enjoyed the party in the end.
The gift you've made for your SIL is so lovely.
I hope you and relaxing and enjoying your sunday :) xoxo

♥´¯`•.¸¸.Linda Dawn´¯`•.¸¸.♥ said...

Hi Meredith, I hope your evening went smoothly last night after all your hard work.

Loving the gift for your SIL, it will certainly keep her protected against the elements this winter.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I hope the evening went well. I would feel the same way about it as you were. I definitely noticed your absence from blogland and I'm glad you're getting some time to relax now. I hope life settles down a bit for you now. Take care and enjoy your down time. :)

Annette T. said...

I'm sure your party was a big success and your husband loves you for making it so wonderful. The scarf and the wrist warmers are beautiful. Your SIL will be so happy w/them. You've inspired me to try that pattern out, so printed it off and for the wrist warmers too. I love your ball of yarn you made and put outside, could you elaborate on that? I have a dog that sheds so much, this would be great to make for the critters outside.

Lynne said...

Gosh all that party prep reminds me of getting ready for Thanksgiving. It's hard work, and once your done, you can find yourself too tired to enjoy it! A good strong cocktail usually helps :)

Ana BC said...

Great way to use your stash :-)

Chrissie said...

I hope that as you read this you are relaxing after a successful soiree! I had my youngest's birthday party yesterday, and I'm exhausted too - we go through such great lengths to completely shine up a house for strangers, but when I visit a new friend for the first time, I swear I've never even thought to look at baseboards for dust...Your SIL is a lucky gal indeed, with that lovely parcel on its way to chilly Wisconsin! Chrissie x

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Mere
Many thanks for your comments on my latest post.

I am sure your party will have been a great success however I so know what you mean when you say we always take the brunt of the preparations. In your case I don't know but in mine I have tried umpteen times not to worry so much and not to feel the need to clean my home from top to bottom before a dinner party. I am my own worse enemy I just don't seem to be able to just concentrate on the meal which is more than enough extra work as it is. I want my home to shine as well....daft really!!!

How thoughtful of you to send an early Christmas gift to your SIL! That yarn looks lovely and cosy and I do like the marine colouring. It looks as if it is interwoven with seaweed colours.....beautiful! I am sure your SIL is going to love it too.

keep well

Amanda :-)

kathy b said...

Aww Thanks Mere. I miss my blogs too when i have to step away. I LOVE your gift knits to sis in law. She will use them ouT!!! That pattern is so lovely in biggy yarn

Nothing like a party to make me clean up and spruce up~

Here's hoping you get some knit time soon with Max at your feet

Pooch said...

You are a peach to your husband and SIL. The set you made is lovely! Hope you enjoyed a restful Sunday after all the preparations! I understand exactly how you feel about all that. I go through the same thing just preparing to have the ladies over for cards!! Maybe this week will be a sloooow one for you.

Linda Gilbert said...

What a lovely post where you truly show what a lovely person you are too.
I am sure your SIL will love her gifts.
Thank you for taking the time to pop over to Chalky's and leave such a lovely comment about Dubai.
Hope you soon get over that cleaning blitz x

Terriea Kwong said...

Having guests is time to do some households, some clean up and a bit decorated. We want guests feel respected, we want to show all perfect. Exhausted but all rewarded.

Delia Ryder said...

Bless you I can understand just how you are feeling. But all the hard work is down now try and relax and have a lovely evening. Your scarf and gloves are gorgeous. Enjoy your you time tomorrow to :-) dee x

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I do hope that you had a moment to yourself to relax after the party, and take in all of your hard work.

And that you had a good time.


Anonymous said...

Why oh why does it fall to the wife? Maybe because we know how to do it all and they don't... that we care enough to do the windows, the walkway and so on... and they don't! :D It has been a mighty task but I know it all feels so nice and sparkly now!:D Look at it this way... you got a great head start on Holiday cleaning!

I love that scarf and the mitts so much so that I might have to put down my weaving, gasp! and set to making a few scarves and mitts!

I know I said I was cutting back on my blogging for a bit but you are so right... I miss everyone already and even if I can't keep up with everyone that follows me I do so enjoy reading and commenting with the ones I can keep up with! :D

Don't be surprised if you see a new post on my blog soon-ish!
Hugs and get some rest... post party of course! :D

sweetpea family said...

Dear sweet Meredith I do hope you have enough energy to enjoy yourself. We do work so hard to make sure everything is perfect which I'm sure it will be and even though you have been exhausted you still made time to knit perfect gifts for your SIL. You are a very special women so please take care and rest up tomorrow x.

Mrs. Micawber said...

I hope it went well, Mere ... and I hope your husband appreciates all the hard work you put in! (Though I am not holding my breath on that one.) :)

The scarf and mitts are perfectly lovely - she will LOVE them. Good timing too, as our temps have dropped suddenly and it feels really wintry out there.

You can spin dog fur into yarn, you know.... :D

Gillian said...

I really hope you were able to relax and enjoy the party after all that hard work! Your house must be spotless. I love the mitts, they are so pretty. x

Karen Pior said...

I so hope your party went well and everybody commented on how wonderful your house must have looked. Time for some 'you' time now and calming, relaxing knitting!! Cheers, Karen

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I know exactly what you mean about busy life taking up your blogging time... and how much you can miss that connection... Hoping life slows down a bit for you soon, Meredith (and you enjoy that super clean house while you knit)!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

kathyinozarks said...

I can totally relate to cleaning cleaning that leads to more cleaning-that's usually what I do when we have a houseful for hunting season, but this year instead of a houseful we just have one-so I really slacked off and just did the basics.
I really was not up to all the cleaning this time so worked out for me.
I really love the leaf pattern too on the mitts and scarf. do you know how many ounces of yarn it takes to make the mitts? I have that thinner weight wool yarn that I natural dyed that I am thinking of using for mitts-looks like enough so I am thinking of asking a friend in nc to knit me a pair.
hope the party went well hugs Kathy

Rose Red said...

Oh dear, all that cleaning! I hope the party went well and that you weren't too tired to enjoy yourself.