Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm Thinking About.......

Don't we as women always have so much on our minds?  Today I am thinking about lots of things.  I am thinking about those poor people who have lost so much in the Philippines.  The devastation is so horrific.  So I am sending my prayers over there, if that is any help at all, and of course a donation.  I read today about the need of victims of huge disasters.  These people do not need old clothes and old shoes, the relief organizations need money, just a thought if you are interested.

I am thinking that I am pretty lucky to have a home that is intact, a family that is healthy and a beautiful centerpiece from my party still making me smile.

I placed little jars filled with rocks, flowers and berries from my holly tree all over my house.  I love them.  Did anyone notice?  I am not sure, but I am thinking I will do this again if I have a party this time next year.

Simple and pretty don't you think?

I am thinking that this felted pumpkin I bought with my sister at Rhinebeck still makes me smile.  Could I make one?  Maybe, but I love this one so much I don't even want to try.

I am thinking that Thanksgiving is coming up pretty quick, and then you know what......Christmas!  I better start getting my thoughts for gifts in order.

I am thinking this chair is looking pretty cozy with my knitting basket tempting me every time I walk by.  I hope to get some knitting done this afternoon.

I am thinking not much makes me as happy as a basket full of knitting. Oh and I am also thinking about chocolate, but I am always thinking about that!

What are you thinking about today?


Bridget said...

I'm thinking about a lot of the same things that you are. Also, I'm thinking about how fun it will be this weekend to visit with some family in Baltimore.

Jennifer said...

I'm thinking of the same sorts of things myself. Did you know I grew up about twenty minutes from Rhinebeck? That is a very cute little town.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear chocolate??? Sorry, I do get carried away with good chocolate. It is getting time to start pulling down my chocolate molds so I can get some candy making done for the holidays, eeek, the holidays?!#$%##! eeek, eeek!

I like that little basked with your knitting... I've been on the lookout for some baskets for just that purpose but haven't seen what I'm looking for yet...do I even know what I'm looking for? I'll know it when I see it comes to mind!:D

I'm sure people noticed all of your little Mason jars with those lovely flowers... one would have to be totally insensitive to eye candy if they missed them! sheesh, what kind of guests did you have anyway if they didn't even comment on all your hard work for those little extras that make a party a success?!!! Oh, that's right, you said it was a hubby business thing didn't you... well, that explains it sweetie pie! :D

I finally figured out my rectangle loom... yes, yes, it took me this long... I am a sorry case sometimes! I just ordered some silk ribbon that I am going to play with weaving it into my shawls/wraps... what is the difference between a shawl and a wrap anyway? Cultural, regional...? I always thought a wrap was bigger and more substantial than a shawl but now I'm wondering... ?

Well, sounds like you survived the party at least!

Can't wait to see your next weaving project... hint, hint!

Talk again soon number one blogging sister!
Beth P

Anonymous said...

in case you noticed I can't spell either. It was supposed to say basket not basked! duh...
Hugs again

CJ said...

Well now I'm thinking about chocolate too. Is there any room on that sofa? I'll sit and knit with you for a while, it does look inviting. You are right that we always have a lot on our minds, we are the organisers, the carers, the homemakers. Always so many lists. I'm thinking I need to do some outside things tomorrow when the sun shines.

linda said...

I'm thinking about those poor people too Meredith and being grateful for what I have and realising how lucky I am. I love your centrepieces they are so pretty, I hope that your party went ok and you managed to enjoy yourself in the end. I must say your home looks so clean and tidy, I see your knitting basket on your chair and comparing it to the mess on mine, oh yes I have a knitting basket on there too, but there is also several balls of yarn, scraps of wool spilling over onto the floor, crochet hooks, pins scissors, haha need I go on I'm sure you get the picture. :)

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about what I should pack for my trip to Philadelphia. It's been a long, LONG time since I've been up north in the late fall. I'm thinking I should probably knit something heavier than what I have. LOL

Your flowers are lovely. Hope the party was fun for you too.

kathy b said...

THose flowers are great!!! Perfect joyful cuttings.

I love love love my knitting too.
Im thinking about having to go to work 4 hours tonight. I dont really mind, but I'd rather knit.

Im thinking I love reading my blog pals posts about our simple lives

Joy said...

I am thinking too of the situation in the Phillipines - the loss of life and devastation and of how shocking it must be for those left behind to pick up the pieces and start again - there don't seem to even be any pieces to pick up! And I am being more and more grateful for my life and happy circumstances! I love your flower displays Meredith and your cosy inviting chair and knitting where I'd love to join you!
Wishing you loads of happies lovely Meredith,
Warm hugs, Joy xo

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I am thinking about the double take I just did ... just for a moment, before my eyes adjusted to the perspective of the 'comfy sofa' shot, I saw a very small woman walking away into the room beyond. And then I realised she was probably a statue on a table. Silly me.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, I sure would have noticed your lovely ball jar flowers, they are brilliant and stunning! May have to copy that idea sometime. Yup, I've been thinking a lot lately too. Life is really tough sometimes but we are all so fortunate to live where we do and to have what we have. But life in general is a challenge and one has to be strong!
I will be praying for the Phillipines and sending $ too.
Chocolate, oh yes, that always helps too, xoRobin

Shari LeBlanc said...

I am thinking that I wish I lived closer to you so I could give you a great big hug for just being the sweet Meredith that you are! Giving a donation to the ones affected by that terrible storm is so thoughtful of you!
They will need all the help that they can get! Also....I am thinking that I wish I had some chocolate in the house and I don't...I just told my husband...I need chocolate chip cookies!!
Hugs to you...Shari

Susanne said...

Now that I read the word "chocolate" I am thinking about that too, lol. I love what you did with the flowers for the evening with guests. Maybe the men wouldn't have noticed, but the women always do, we notice everything and that might be why we work our butts off to make sure the house is in tip top shape before any female steps one foot inside. I hate when a fun project keeps calling me from across the room.....like you, I would much rather be crocheting, knitting, or maybe sticking my nose in a good book. It seems like it has been ages since I opened a book and read it in 2-3 days, anymore I read in increments, and it could be weeks before I start and finish a book.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Teresa Kasner said...

Meredith, I bet everyone that came to your party felt at home and enjoyed your cozy decor.. it looks so homey and comfy there! I love your jar vases and rocks.. just my kind of thing. I also love the autumn-y colors in the yarn in your basket. I'm thinking of the holidays - we went to Costco today and got a new tree that lights up either white or colored.. all in the same bulbs.. I thought it was amazing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kris said...

I love the flowers! And I love the basket with your knitting, just tempting you to sit and get caught up in the comfort of needle and yarn.
I am thinking, that I would love to sit there, in that cozy room, with you, and knit, crochet away!!!
: ) XO Kris

Faith said...

I'm often thinking about knittting (I'm nearing the end of my jumper now although it's getting so cold I'm not sure it'll be too late) but I've beeenn thinking about some of my new crafting toys and I am itching to get
started, it can't come we too soon. I am thinking abbouut how many words if gone back to retype and why autocorrect does some and not others. I am thinking about the German course course I've started and how I don't understand any of the grammmer...soooooo hard!

Faith said...

Honestly I blame it on fat fingers.

Teresa said...

I am thinking about how strange it is (what are the odds) that Jeff (hubby) and I both had a relative pass away on Sunday. His uncle, my aunt. Their funerals are at the same time on Thurs. Their write ups were next to each other in the paper. What are the odds of all this happening!
I am also thinking that we won't be able to put off winter too much longer. :( It went down into the teens last night!
I am also thinking that I really should climb into bed! Good Night!

Babajeza said...

I'm thinking about how everybody wants to sell something in our little store but doesn't buy anything. This is not how market functions. I've already written the thoughts down in a way that nobody is offended but gets the message. I've been thinking about this a lot lately.
I'm thinking about my neighbours who lost their beloved dog yesterday.
I'm thinking about going to the thriftstore and looking for sweaters to make swants as soon as my husband is out of here. ;-)

Have a nice day and enjoy your flowers.


Hello Meredith. In the last few days I have been thinking of how very grateful we all are to live in this wonderful free country and thankful for all that serve our country to keep us free. It is extremely sad to see the tragedy in the Philippines and I even thought of somehow going over their to help..
Your centerpieces are all lovely especially the wee felt pumpkin... Today I am thinking I must continue working on some Chrissie Pressie I am creating for family.. Hugs Judy

Chrissie said...

A wonderful post, it shows how even the smallest gestures and most fleeting thoughts add meaning to each day. We have lots to be thankful for! Chrissie x

kristieinbc said...

You are so right. We always seem to have so much on our minds. That's one of the many great things about being a knitter - it is very helpful to work through al those thoughts and worries while we stitch away.

I love your jars, and that felted pumpkin is adorable!

Caroline said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love catching up with you and Max every week. Your knitting spot looks the same as mine...good taste in furniture!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

I'm always thinking about chocolate :-}}
We are very blessed when you think of those in the Philippines. Every morning when you wake up - nothing has changed or little has improved. This is the type of foreign aid that I feel is right and needed. I've had to quit listening to the talk radio as I'm driving around for my job. It has been upsetting me and I've been Thinking too much over something I have no control.
Fantastic idea of using the mason jars for flower vases. I'm having a house full for Thanksgiving and always love flowers everywhere!! Your knitting chair looks wonderfully comfortable and no fringe is fine!! Please-- no rush -- but I AM getting excited!!

An Aussie Felter said...

Hi Meredith,
All those displaced and injured people. Such a tragedy. Where will the next disaster be? You're right - we are blessed with the safety of our homes and families.... on another note, I do hope you had enough energy to enjoy the party! x Tiffane

Penny said...

I too am thinking about the tragic devastation that has happened in the Philippines and how it keeps my troubles in perspective. I am also thinking how happy I will be when the weekend comes around again and I can get busy making for Christmas. I don't fuss too much, but I do like to make some of my presents. Oh and then there is all the thinking that has to happen in my job 9 - 5pm everyday! xox Hope you have a good rest of the week with your fair share of knitting and chocolate :o) Penny

Mrs. Micawber said...

I am thinking that is some gorgeous yarn in your knitting basket.

And about chocolate, of course. Also about butter and brown sugar ... which I like (in combination) about as much as I do chocolate.

Christmas - ack! But this year I will NOT design anything new for presents. I will work from existing designs. That will take a lot of pressure off. :)

I can't imagine living through what the poor Philippines are living through. It boggles imagination.

Lynne said...

I'm thinking I like how you think. Those alstroemeria are my favorite flowers. They last forever in a vase.
I like the idea of the rocks.
I am so happy every single day, to wake up in my comfortable bed, with a roof over my head, lots to eat, and my family all around.
Lots of prayers being sent to the Philippines.

millefeuilles said...

And I am thinking that you make me smile! That yarn basket would be calling me like the sirens and making me scowl just a teeny tiny bit as everyday life calls me away. And chocolate? Why, of course! Although I am trying be reasonable about that these days. Now good coffee and tea? Oh yes please!

I cannot, try as I might, get my head around all the suffering happening in the Phillippines. It's impossible to equate our luck with their misfortune, isn't it? And yes! I find the multi-fragmentations of thoughts in my mind pretty overwhelming at times.

Warmest wishes,


Pradeepa said...

I am thinking that some things happen now and then to make us realise how lucky we are.

Delia Ryder said...

I am thinking about picking up to greyhounds on Sunday and bringing them into our care and then trying to find new homes for them. I am always thinking of chocolate to :-) Your flower displays are lovely and see is your home. I can't believe it will soon be Christmas again this year has flown by. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Our hearts go out to those poor people, I can't imagine being without food, water, shelter, for so long. Thankfully they have said on the news that the aid agencies are finally getting to them.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm thinking that you always make me smile. :) That little felted pumpkin sure is cute. I had grand plans for Halloween crafts but never did a thing. Now November is halfway over and I've not even thought about Thanksgiving. I sure as heck am not ready for December or Christmas. :/ Hope you have a great weekend. And that you have found time for knitting. I haven't been very crafty in a while. Hugs, Tammy

Pooch said...

Beautiful thoughts.
Beautiful flowers.
Beautiful decorations.
Beautiful Meredith.
God bless you, sweet lady.

Ladybird Diaries said...

Yes, I think we women are big thinkers. I have been having some similar thoughts to yours.
Marianne x

Gracie Saylor said...

My thoughts are traveling in some of the same directions as yours, Meredith. Friends who live a little north of the worst destruction in the Philippines typed that one of the hardest parts of the situation is the difficulty in communication and discovering whether loved ones are alive.

Your holly berries are beautiful and seeing them reminds me I should check our holly bushes in the woods to see if we have some red berries, too!

I just posted some of my thoughts and photos last night. I have much for which to be thankful...I hope to make time for more crafting, and enjoying chocolate seems to drift through my thoughts with alarming frequency :)
Love with hugs from,
Gracie xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Meredith,

You have got to check out these adorable little felted snails.


So cute!

RedSetter said...

The news form the Philippines is so horrific it is hard to contemplate.

Your flowers are lovely and I'm sure they added a lovely accent.

The pumpkin is lovely but your chair looks sooo inviting. My holy grail for years was to get an 'eat me' chair - one which just seems to swallow you whole and feel like a big hug. I finally got one last year and your chair looks just like an eat me one too. Hope you enjoyed your knitting.

kathyinozarks said...

I love all your flowers-so pretty-and the felted pumpkin is too precious!

elns said...

I always feel like I can read the size of your heart Mere. Large and warm it seems to me. I love the flowers from your party and that knitting basket is tempting me!

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Acorn to Oak said...

We are very blessed, indeed! I like how you put rocks in the jars of flowers. It's a nice touch. You have a cozy, inviting spot to knit. I love that table and the lamp on it. And, I always love a basket of knitting! There's just something wonderful about it that's hard to explain. Happy knitting!

Oh...right now, I'm thinking of a wonderful weekend with my daughter who is visiting from college. I'm so happy to see her! :-D

Have a wonderful weekend!