Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mitts and Mumblings

I have had a long week, add my regular work week with two conferences I had to attend for work and I am plain tuckered out.  And let me just say my head hurts, so if you want a bright and shiny blog post today I suggest you look elsewhere.  I know my life is pretty darn terrific, I have a house, food, clothing, and a lovely family, but today with my head feeling like someone is hitting me with a hammer, I am not in the best of moods.  But I do have mitts to show you so lets look at these and see if they brighten me up a bit.

I have to be honest with all of you, I see loads and loads of mitts out there and I never quite understand them, I mean my fingers are cold in the Winter,  not so much my wrists. But after seeing this easy pattern on Wildflower Wool Knits,  from October 31, I decided to give them a try.  I made that pair for my SIL in green wool, but decided to make some more.  They are easy and fun, and great to embellish.

These are made from leftover Berroco Remix, yarn I used to make my Sawtelle Sweater ages ago. I decided to pull out some needle felting supplies and give these a fun flower.

This pair were made with the rest of the Remix, and they got a few crocheted embellishments.  I finished these last night.  Note to self, do not try and sew up mitts when your head is hurting, I got all whacked out and the thumb is not quite in the same spot on both mitts.  Really, how hard is it to sew a seam?

These mitts are fun, well if I don't show you both of them on at the same time, when worn together they just look wonky.  I will have to fix that darn seam today.

Maybe the wonky seam also had to do with the news I received last night.  I was planning a trip up to see my son swim at Ohio State next weekend.  He had a really big meet that would set the tone for the rest of the season.  I was so excited, I have not seen him since August.  I had planned for four nights away, it is a three day meet with prelims and finals.  Well the text I got last night stated he might not be swimming this weekend, he had sprained his ankle really bad and is on crutches, and is wearing some sort of boot.

Can I just say  that I think that deserved a phone call?  Kids these days do everything by text.  So I told him to call me and he asked if I was mad, mad at him from spraining his ankle?  No way, mad at him for texting me about it a day after it happened, yes!  He said at least it isn't broken, they took x-rays and it is only a really bad sprain.  Well  that doesn't make me feel a whole lot better.  He actually did it at practice, during dry-land training, so they were checking on it right away.  So I am frustrated right now, he was doing well this season and had big hopes for a very solid season.  I need to just send him positive healing thoughts right now and hope it isn't near as bad as I think it is.  He will be home for 42 hours over Thanksgiving, so at least I will see him soon.

After taking the mitts photo shoot this morning I turned around and went over to Her Highness, she was looking particularly fetching with water droplets all over here.  I wanted to remind her that Christmas is near and she should start blooming soon and look what I saw.....

She knows exactly what she is doing without a lecture from me.

Normally I don't take pictures of dead flowers on my pavers, but don't you think it is interesting that this picture is almost the exact color scheme of the mitts?

Watching the photo shoot and quite bored with all the camera activity is this boy.  Look at his wet belly from the wet ground.  He has been a bit upset with me being gone so much these past few days.  He might ignore me if I am home, but he wants me home to ignore if he chooses.

Well on the bright side of things, I have four days at home during a busy time of year that I was not expecting.  My son will heal, and he will be home very soon.   And eventually my head will stop hurting, see I am trying to look on the bright side of things.

Hope your Sunday is a happy one.


Teresa said...

I hope your head feels better soon. I find it hard to do anything when my head hurts. It makes it hard to concentrate. I hope your son heals fast! How disappointing for both of you. I hope you get to enjoy your four days off. I am not sure I understand the mitts either. My finers would freeze. Pretty though. Isn't funny how dogs know how to put a person on a guilt trip! Don't they realize thaat we must go out so that theycan eat! Lol. Try to hve a great day even with the head hurting (of course I hope it is better now). Hugs, Teresa

Bridget said...

Sometimes it just all seems like way too much, but I'm sure once you see your son at Thanksgiving it will all be forgotten.

I love the mitts- and your additions really make them look fancy.

Oh Max, you are a sweetie.

Feel better!

WildflowerWool said...

I'm glad to hear that your son's injury is just a sprain and that he will be home soon.
Your mitts look great with the flower on them!! I am working on a grey pair as well. I just may add a flower like yours to this pair to jazz them up.

RedSetter said...

What a rotten time you are having right now and I suspect your sore head is telling you to slow down, breathe and try to let go. The mitts are lovely but can wait. I suspect you need a wee lie down and a nap to let your body do what it needs to right itself for the week ahead. Offer Max an apology for abandoning him, towel his tummy dry and persuade him a cuddle is just what you both need.

Hope you feel better soon
Ps you are spot on about the wanting you home so that he can CHOOSE to ignore you, much better than pining for an absent owner!

linda said...

Sorry your head hurts Meredith, mine has been hurting all day too and on top of that I upset my daughter this morning which hasn't made it feel any better. Your mitts are lovely and the flowers finish them off perfectly, I like easy and I like the way they are made from side to side it will make them stretchy too, I will give them a try, thank you for the link. I have a mitt pattern to put on my blog hopefully this week and they are easy too. So sorry to hear about your son and yes lets be grateful it's not broken you will be able to give him a big hug soon. Lets hope the pounding eases soon for both of us Meredith, sending gentle hugs. xxx

kathyinozarks said...

Headaches are just the worse-hope yours goes away soon.
I love your fingerless gloves-someone gifted me a pair a couple years ago-and I just love them-they actually are really warm too.
Have a good new week

Babajeza said...

I hope your head is better by now. At least your son texted you. ;-) The mitts are lovely. I wish you a pleasant week without meetings and enought time to relax. Hugs, Regula

serendipity said...

Hope you're head's feeling better soon. Thank heavens your son's ankle isn't broken. Mine is still stiff and painful 3 years after breaking it, but at least I get to rest it a lot :)

CJ said...

Oh dear, I do hope your head's feeling better soon. Sorry to hear about your son's ankle, I do hope it heals quickly. Boys don't really understand the subtleties of good communication I think! The mittens are lovely, but I know exactly what you mean about wondering whether they'll keep you warm. A friend showed me a pattern for something similar last week though and I must admit I was tempted. Hope you have a good week, and I did enjoy your post despite what you said at the beginning!

Penny said...

Poor you, I hope you start to feel better soon and that these next few days of relaxation will help. I'm so sorry to hear about your son, such a disappointment. I hope he is soon on the mend too. It's really frustrating when we have plans and they get changed for reasons beyond our control. I'm pleased that you have Thanks giving at least to see your son.
Loving how you have embellished your mitts, really quite vibrant and cheerful for the chillier days. Take care and be gentle on yourself xox Penny

Handmade and off-centered said...

The mitts are pretty. I use mine most when I am driving. I need the fingertips for grip on the steering wheel but my palms get cold gripping the cold steering wheel during winter months. If its a walk your after then maybe these arent all that practical :)

I hope your head starts to feel better and that your spirits will be lifted with the four days at home.


forgetmenots blue said...

The mitts are gorgeous. I hope you feel better soon. What a lovely pooch x

Ana BC said...

Your mittens are very cute, especially with the flowers
I also have Christmas Cactus, and love it. Mine are already blooming :-)

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh goodness.. sorry you're stressed and achey. You need a vacation! Your mitts are some of the neatest I've seen. I've toyed with the idea of making them but haven't yet. We're just mostly goofing off today, the boys are with their other grandma for a movie and McDs. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

Meredith, I am smiling at you and sending you a hug. While I am sorry you have a headache, and that your son has a sprained ankle, somehow your sense of humor and appreciation of life won out in your post. For me you succeeded in looking at the bright side of things, and encourage me to do the same.

It is interesting that the flower blossoms on the pavers have the same color juxtaposition as the mitts you made! (Your reaction to wearing mitts reflects my own :)

Blessings to you and yours (including Max of course)
Gracie xx

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Meredith, I hope that you have had a chance to catch your breath, it's been a lot going on for you lately.

Maybe the next week will slow down a bit, and how on earth do you find time to knit those gorgeous mitts when you are so busy? Now those would be great for cold camera fingers in our climate. I am going to have to convince my niece to knit me a pair of those, I think she can knit, lol.

They are's to a touch of frost for you, so you can try them out in the cooler weather.


Jennifer said...

Meredith, I wish I could hug you and make you a cup of tea. It sounds a little stressful for you lately. I'm sorry to hear about your son, and I agree that a phone call would have been great. In fact, I would have thought that he would need to get in touch in order to go to the hospital, for insurance stuff, though maybe student athletes are under some other kind of plan. I hope you can relax and enjoy the holiday coming up. Your cactus is beautiful. I used to have a Christmas cactus that I loved, it was very lush and healthy, and I had to give it away when we moved cross-country. I've thought about getting another and maybe I will now that I've seen your beautiful specimen.

Joy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles this week lovely and hope everything is soon all happy and hip-hip-hooray again! Headaches are so debilitating, and of all the aches and pains that happen in this body a headache is the one thing that will 'floor' me, so I completely sympathise with you and hope that by now you are rested and well again! It'll be so good for you and Son to get together at Thanksgiving and hopefully the mending of the ankle will take place super-quick for him. I like that Max can make choices and I'm sure he won't ignore you for long - he's much too sweet for that! Your wrist warmers look really cosy and I love the little additions - so bright and cheery! Have a wonderful week lovely Meredith! Warm hugs, Joy xo

Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh Mere, I hope the headache is gone now. You are a stalwart woman to blog when your head hurts ... when I have a headache I get all whiny and lazy and useless, and do my best to hide in a corner until it goes away. (And poor Mr. M is not allowed to make any noise when my head is aching - which is very difficult for him as being a guy he is just naturally noisy.)

Love those needle-felted mitts - what a great idea for embellishment! I wear mitts a lot at this time of year - keeping the pulse points warm helps my whole hand to feel warm.

Hope Mr. 19 heals quickly, and that Max will soon forgive you for your absences. Take care and enjoy your days off! :)

Delia Ryder said...

Hope your head feels better today and that your son heals quickly. I can understand how you feel about hearing about the injury via text. Love your gloves there so sweet and the rose just make's them to be honest. Have a lovely week and enjoy Max, dee x

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Hope you are feeling much better by now!! Bummer on the trip, but good news about Thanksgiving visit coming soon. =)

I love those mitts, especially the felted flower ones! And, I love that you noticed the pink flower on the pavers... =) Here's to a better week!! blessings ~ tanna

Chrissie said...

I hope today is a better day for you! Ooo it did sound like a bit too much to bear for you, the headache then the added headache of worry over your son! Just tell yourself that one day he'll be a parent then he will truly understand. I'm always ringing my mom to apologize for something I thought was nothing when I was young, and now as a mother I realize would've made her crazy! Hugs to you, keep those pretty mitts on to give you a smile, Cx


Hello Meredith. Your mittens are so awesome.. Love them.. I wish you son a quick recovery.. Thank goodness his ankle was not broken... LOVE your Christmas cactus mind just started blooming too.. Such a lovely plant.. I wish you a wonderful week. Hugs Judy

Caroline said...

Love the mitts!

kathy b said...

Sending you blog hugs!!! i love your fingerless. Even better..I just bought a new yarn for a new winter vest for me...its REMIX!!! Now I can "SEE" it worked up a bit. I Love your embellished fingerless.

Here in Freezingviile I need fingerless from November to March..brrrr

Betsy said...

Beautiful mitts and they do match the flowers and the pavement! I hope that you're feeling much, much better today. I know just how you feel about the text. When Alex first moved to Japan permanently he was 19. About 3 months later I got a phone call from him that he was in the hospital with a broken back!!! Yes, it was really broken. He had been snowboarding and hit a pole. Long story, I wasn't able to go to him because of the reputation Americans have of being sue crazy. By me NOT going they took very, very good care of him and inserted a rod and six bolts in his back. A year later they removed them and he's doing great. Torture though, for this mom to be so far away. I'm glad your son's foot is just sprained although I know how disappointed you must be to have your plans changed.
I REALLY Hope today is better for you Mere.

Toni said...

Oh dear--hope your headache is gone now!

Honestly, I'm not sure anyone under 25 knows that phones can be used for actual conversations. At least you didn't find out via Facebook. :)

elns said...

The Mitts look great, and you're right, that picture totally matches them. However I LOVE the color of that dead flower, so vibrant, non? I'm sorry your son is injured (and didn't give you the news via voice) and you can't go up and watch him compete. Wishing your head and heart well. Wishing your son a speedy recovery!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Your hand mits are lovely!! I'm with you - they are neat- but it's my fingers that really get cold, so I have an awesome pair of leather gloves that I use when I'm out. Sorry to hear about your son's ankle. He is young and he will heal and how wonderful that he'll be home for Thanksgiving. Looks like you'll have blooms for Christmas on your Christmas cactus!! We had cool evenings early so Christmas cactus are now in full bloom. We've had such crazy fall so far --- so colorful though!! Had several compliments on my green leaf scarf yesterday :-}} Sooo soft and warm!! Thank you!!

Gillian said...

Those mitts are really lovely. I know just what you mean about the cold fingers, but when you are pushing a buggy with little kids and constantly wiping noses on the cold walk to school, suddenly those mitts seem quite well designed. And I am tall and have long arms and often sweaters are too short in the sleeve for me, so I like the wrist warmth there too!

I do hope your son's ankle heals well, and quickly. x

Susanne said...

Oh Mere, I know how you feel. Back when my youngest daughter was in college at BGSU she decided to go to Ohio University to visit a chum who she was in high school with. Low and behold she ended up down in southern Ohio in the ER with of all things CHEST PAIN! Did she call me, NO! I found out about it when the ER bill arrived to be submitted to the insurance company. I think they want so badly to be all grown up, but being responsible comes along with that package. They tend to feel they don't need to tell us all of their business, but I say no matter what age, we, the parents, are more upset when we find out after the fact. The hand warmers are cute. I think they came to be so popular in the last few years because of all the texting and cell phone use. I always liked mittens, my fingers get cold!
(((HUGS))) Susanne :0

Rose said...

Just catching up....I didn't know you were at Rhinebeck too! Loved the pumpkins but didn't buy one. I really love your jars of flowers with the little stones....very pretty! Also, our kids are challenging in a different way than when they were little, aren't they! But all will be well when you see him. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I had a migraine the other day -- sure can mess up your mood, but like you, I always try to look on the bright side and always try to at least be civil (there are some people that could try doing that on a daily basis). HA! :)

Sorry to hear about your son's ankle. Not much that can be done about it now. Sure hope it isn't so bad. When I sprained mine a couple of years ago, I thought it would never heal. I think I might have actually strained a muscle because it did take 5 months to be good again. But then, I'm old and he's not. :) I'm sure he will be fine in no time. Too bad you had to cancel your trip, but he will be home very soon.

My son and a buddy of his at school are going to meet a Kuwait friend in Denver for Thanksgiving. I sure hope there won't be much snow then as they will be travelling by car.

Big hugs to Max. Jingles has been sleeping the day away. Usually she is trying to sit right beside me. But I haven't seen her all afternoon.

Take care, Tammy

Acorn to Oak said...

Sorry to hear your son hurt his ankle. Sorry for you too that he didn't call you right away. I'd be upset too. We love hearing from our kids. Especially when things happen. On a happier note...I love your mitts. They're really cute. I like the pic of the geranium on the ground. It's pretty but I didn't even realize until you mentioned it that it was the same colors as your mitts. Doggy is so cute! Nice to have a companion/furry supervisor when you work. ;-)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh my goodness. I hope your son is feeling much better and is healing quickly.

I am so glad you will get to see him at Thanksgiving. Hang in there, it's only a couple days away.

Blessings always sweet friend.