Thursday, November 21, 2013

Claudia's Birthday and Mugs

You all know that my sister Claudia is very special to me.  Well today is her birthday so I hope you will take a minute to visit her blog Mockingbird Hill Cottage, and wish her a Happy Birthday for me.  If you already read her blog you know how wonderful she is, if you don't well you are in for a great surprise.  Let me let you in on a secret, Claudia is about a million times better in person if that is even possible.  She has been there for me every step of my life, she is truly amazing.  So will you go over and wish her a special day just for me?  And little message for you my sister, you have been such a blessing for me.  I appreciate and love you so much.  Everyone should be this lucky to have someone so special in their life. As we all know not all siblings are equal.

Now onto bloggy news. Every year I say  I am not making things for Christmas presents.  I said that the year I made 17 felted bags, the year I made about a million drop stitch shawls, and of course the year I made mittens for everyone I know.  Last year I decided to keep it very simple.  I made little jar cozies, plopped a candle in and wrapped them up.  Again this year I said no presents, and then it hit me like a lightning bolt, cup cozies.

These are so simple to make and oh so fast.  I have been accumulating simple cups for a few weeks.  I bought most of them at my local Target, but see them everywhere.  I used some of the buttons I already had and bought a few more at Joann's. 

Crochet a chain just slightly smaller than the width of your cup.  Double crochet 7 rows (or as many as you need to cover most of the cup).  Single crochet a border, making two chain loops in opposite corners of the rectangle, sew on buttons and you are done.

Or in this case make a large chain loop that will fit over the button and the cup handle from the top and bottom of one side of your rectangle.. 

I am using a size H hook and Cascade 220 Superwash Paints for these cup cozies.  This is a lovely yarn I have had in my stash for several years.   I will fill these up with packets of hot chocolate, tea or frankly just some chocolates.  Just a little treat to tell my friends I am thinking of them during the Holidays.  I have six completed, I know the picture shows five, I made one more last night.  I have at least 8 to go.  They are so fast to make I should be done in no time at all.

Wouldn't you know the sun peeked out right after the photo shoot?  My cups look a bit drab in my photos, so imagine them even better than they look.

A special thanks for all your kind words in my last post.  My headache is gone, the sun will shine again and my son will heal.  He is off his crutches but tells me his foot is still swelling up like a balloon.  I thank you for sharing your stories of being away from your children when they have been hurt, and frankly I just thank you for sharing.  I have always said I do not have a big blog, but I have a very personal one and I cherish everyone of you. I would rather have a blog where we exchange information than one with a ton of readers that I can not connect with.  If you have no reply comments I can not reply to you, but know I read and reread every comment I get.  If you comment and I can reach you, you will get an email comment in return from me.

 I am about to start my four days off in a row, yes I should be packing for my trip to Ohio right now but that is not going to happen.  So I am going to make the most of this weekend.  I am tethered to my house today with lots of people coming over to check things, the air conditioning/heating person, the pest control person, the sprinkler guy,  I know that sounds funny to most of you who live in cold climates, we have to have our sprinklers serviced year round here in Florida. The days you are forced to stay home, well I just love them, I can get so much done and out of the way so I can have some time to do fun things this weekend.  Even if that involves sitting on my ever widening behind crocheting, that is just fine with me.

Hope you have a blessed day.  Are you making gifts for the Holiday's?


Bridget said...

I will definitely wish your sister the best, there is nothing like a good sister!

Those cup cozies are absolutely adorable, and I think just the perfect kind of thoughtful gift that makes the recipient feel happy rather than awkward or obliged.

Enjoy your day to yourself, as well as your days off!

kristieinbc said...

I plan to go wish your sister a happy birthday as soon as I'm finished typing out this comment.

I love your cup cozies! I really need to learn how to crochet. I keep seeing so many great projects on people's blogs. :-)

Chrissie said...

What lovely gifts - fun and easy for you to make, but what special handmade treats for your friends! Thank you for sharing, I'll go visit your sis now... Chrissie x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, I will definitely going to wish your dear sister a H.B., right after I say hi to YOU. I love your cup cozies. That is a great idea for a thoughtful gift and really the sky's the limit to what you can put in them.
Love the photo of the Sunflower!!! So glad you are feeling better and your son. Hope all your "men" come on time, I always seem to wait and wait, But it is a good time to have ME time too!
Take care my friend, xoRobin

gilly said...

Such lovely gifts, and you're sooo organized! Well done :-)
Going to pop over and see your sis now - I LOVE my sis too, they really are a blessing aren't they?
Hugs xx

Kris said...

How, oh how did I miss you last post? Even when I know I won't have time to visit all, I scan to see who has posted and did not see your post. I am so sorry your son got injured! I hope he heals quickly. A sprain can sometimes be very involved. I know, because my son and husband were basketball players. MANY sprains here!!! Ouch!!!
I had to smile when you posted the fallen flowers on the gray pavers. It did match the mitts!!!! Bloggers eyes, we have!!! LOVE the mitts. Must try them. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cozies! Hope you won't mind if I make a few myself for gifts. Sounds like the perfect little something to make!
Hoping your headache is long gone now, and you are eagerly anticipating your trip to see your son.
I will head over to wish your dear sis a Happy day now.

CJ said...

Wonderful cup cosies, what a great idea. Lucky friends! You are right that there aren't any sprinkler service people here, and no need for pest control (usually, touch wood) and no air conditioning. It's all very tame! Now that it's so cold and dark here I am envying you your Florida warmth. It is good for curling up with a little wool on a long indoor evening though. I do hope you have a lovely four days, with plenty of crochet time.


The cuppa cozies are very pretty indeed.. Best Wishes to your sister on her birthday.. The sunflower photo is wonderful.. Sunny and bright unlike here in Michigan.. I wish you a wonderful week. Hugs Judy

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Fun cup cosies :)

I found your blog through Claudia's :)

I sometimes have trouble commenting there so don't as often as I used to but I will try especially hard today x

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

How wonderful for anyone to receive a handmade Christmas present from you. Love the cup wraps - such a neat idea. Especially for tea!! I drink my coffee - but sip my tea!! Once you have all the service people behind you - you're going to be thrilled to be done with them and to enjoy your family home for Thanksgiving!! Have a great one :-}}

Teresa said...

I was just over on Claudia's blog. She aways has such words of wisdom.
4 days off!! WOW! I wish I could do that. I hope you have a wonderful time, no matter what you do. You have been so busy that I hope you "schedule" some rest in there.
I hope your son heals fast!
The tea cosies are so fun. They are so pretty. What a great idea for gifts! Home made is the best!

Betsy said...

Hi Meredith,
I love Claudia's blog and try to read it every day. She does seem to be a great sister because it's obvious that she loves you just as much as you love her!

The cup cozies are beautiful and what a great idea.

I feel the same way about my blog. I don't have tons of followers, but the ones that do read it seem interested in my life and I'm interested in theirs and we just connect somehow.

Blessings my friend,

Babajeza said...

So nice! Your friends will love them. :-) I only have a younger sister. But she is taller than me and earns more money. Hihihi! Enjoy the day! Here it is snowing .... Hugs, Regula

forgetmenots blue said...

Love the cup cosies there so sweet and look great. What lovely blooms x

karen said...

love your cup cozies, and that they are hugging warm drinks :) I agree with you on having a personal blog, where there is a relationship. I love meeting new people and seeing others lives through blog posts. Such fun!

Teresa Kasner said...

So you get to go do some mothering of your son.. yay! I hope his sprain leaves fast.. I had issues with ankle sprains when I was a young mother, but now I just am very careful where I step. Enjoy your 4 days off! I will go with C a happy day.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Hannapat said...

These are gorgeous and I am sure your sis will cherish and love them. I always wanted a sister, it is a special bond. Popping over now to wish her a happy birthday xo

Jennifer said...

The cups look so nice in their cozies! I am sure she will love them. I had no idea she was your sister! I don't know how I missed that, but I've read her blog for a long time.

elns said...

These are beautiful Meredith! You really are going to make me give the crochet a go again, aren't you? I'm curious. Just to try one. I also love the presents you made in previous years. Such wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing! I think, just not obligating yourself to do HAVE to make gifts, makes it possible. Does that make any sense? I know when I feel obligated, I can feel overwhelmed. Will go wish your sis happy Bday. My sis is Nov. bday girl too :)

linda said...

Hi Meredith, I have just been over to visit Claudia and wish her a Happy Birthday, I was 61 yesterday so we have something in common, she has a lovely sweet face and I will visit often now that I have found her blog, I always wished that I'd had a sister. I love your cup cosy's, that's a great gift idea. I have made my friends my string tote bags and because I'm in full blown scarf mode at the moment will make some cowls and scarves too. Glad your son is on the mend,I met up with my eldest in Newcastle yesterday, it's months since I've seen him and he was having stomach pains, he is seeing his GP tomorrow if he can get an appointment so I'm going to be worrying about him too. Us poor mums will we ever stop worrying. :)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

So cute and cosy...I love the idea of those cups, and the recipients are going to love them too.

Going over to say HB to Claudia.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Just enjoyed a fun visit to your sister's blog. I can tell you are sisters. In a good way. =)

Those little cup cozies are too cute. I actually saw some of them in Target! not as cute as yours.

I hope you enjoy those four days... blessings and hugs ~ tanna
ps I love these connections, too. ;)

Joyful said...

Beautiful! I love these little gift ideas. I hope I can remember it for another year. I've almost got my gifts ready for this year and several of them are home made. It is difficult o make things that take time if you don't start early. Thankfully I started early this year.

Susanne said...

I will pop right over and wish your sis a Happy Birthday. yesterday would have been my husband's 68th birthday. My girls and I spent the evening together and had a taco pizza. Your cup cozies are cute. It is hard to keep from wanting to make things for the people we care about. I do that too, swear each year that I am gonna keep it simple, but sometimes it just snow balls and I find myself trying to do things at the last minute. I have just the 2 girls and one grandson, so immediate family is never a head ache. It is always the extended family that insist on "nothing" but that ya still feel you need to do something.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Olga said...

First of all, a very happy birthday to your sister (I'll stop by her blog).
Cups and cup cozies are a great Christmas gift idea. They look so pretty and the pattern sounds quite easy.
I'm glad to know your headache is gone and your son is getting better.
Enjoy your days off!

Sharron said...

The sentiments you shared for your sister are just lovely Meredith. The cosies are a great idea, and you've done a beautiful job with them. I'm in a similar position to you today with various maintenance issues to deal with. Feels like it all happens at once doesn't it? Ah well, better to get it all done and dusted in one go eh?! Sending my best x

Ladybird Diaries said...

Your cup cosies are just lovely and will make perfect little Christmas gifts.
Marianne x

WildflowerWool said...

What a wonderful gift idea. I am finishing up some socks for a gift then I have a few hats to knit.

kathyinozarks said...

I love those cup cozies-especially love the buttons on them too-
I am a day late but I will stop by your sisters page-sisters are so special-I miss mine every day (I lost her back in the '70s from a drunk driver)
hugs-enjoy your weekend Meredith

Toni said...

Enjoy your time off! I'll admit, year round yardwork sounds like a nightmare to me--even though it's 22 degrees here right now. :)

Linda Gilbert said...

Well we would fit together nicely then when it comes to Blog fixing. Thanks for leaving a comment tough and if you pop back to Chalky's you will find even I managed to sort the word cloud.
I absolutely live your mug cosies. I never had a sister and would gave always liked one x x

kathy b said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Your cup cozies. I may have to modify and make some now..look what you've done!

I'll go wish your great sis a happy one

Joy said...

Hello again lovely Meredith - I just had a quick visit to your sis but will go again soon when time is not so rushed for she certainly is lovely and very interesting - just like you!
I love your mug jackets and your friends will too, I'm sure - it's a lovely idea that I might adopt, thank you!
Pleased to hear your son is going on alright with his very sore foot and hope it continues to heal well - and quickly!
I'm running late this time - hope all your maintenance jobs were successfully carried out and that your weekend is peaceful and relaxing, lovely! Hugs, Joy xoxo

Mrs. Micawber said...

Happy birthday to your sis - I will hop over there in a minute and leave a message. Your cup cosies are perfect, and they look glowingly beautiful on my monitor. What a gorgeous yarn. I really like your 2-button design too.

Oh, yes, I'm making presents for Christmas. Can't seem to help myself. (Unfortunately it makes December stressful but I never seem to get the ideas until November at the very earliest. Ah well.)

So glad Mr. 19 is getting better.

Hazels Crochet said...

I understand how it is to have a very good sister, as I have sisters that I love to bits :)

I have made some christmas presents, but I haven't went too crazy :)

Tammy said...

Oops! I missed Claudia's birthday but will head over there now to leave a belated birthday wish.

Every year I say I am going to make presents for all the holidays and every year the holiday passes me by and I've usually not done a dang thing.

As for you being too old for Instagram and the rest, ha! You are not that much older than me. I have resisted everything so far but the switch to an iPhone in March has been fantastic (that was forced upon me by my husband :) And I only started Instagram to get updates from a yarn shop here but have found so many other things - markets, restaurants, new shops -- that I never even knew about. Plus, Instagram is one photo at a time, with or without text. I don't care about hashtagging to everything in the world like some people do. For me it is just like having a blog, but on a smaller scale. Pretty cool! I will never do Facebook. Or Pinterest. Or Twitter.

I love your cup cozies. I did one last year and gave it as a gift. Said I would buy a bunch of white mugs from Ikea as they are inexpensive and make a bunch for teacher gifts but never did. I should work on that from now.

Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! You have a LOT of comments! :-)

Anyway...your mug and cozy gifts are cute. I love the yarn you chose too. The color is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I was just looking at some mug cozy patterns on Ravelry a few days ago. I'm trying to figure out what we're giving for Christmas gifts this year.

Such a brilliant pink geranium. :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing the cup cozy pattern, Meredith! I think it is very clever! I have been out and about the last two days so missed visiting you, but I will blog hop over to wish Claudia a belated Happy Birthday. I hope to make some little crocheted wreaths as gifts for Christmas :)
Gracie xx

Karen Pior said...

That is such a lovely idea for a gift. Since the real gift is our love and kindness the physical gift is a mere talisman. Those who understand this will be so grateful for your treasured gift. Xx. Karen

Lisa (Needles and Wool) said...

those jar cozies are really nice! they look good together all in a row. I love the colors and the buttons are an adorable touch.